React Native Application Development Services

Launch responsive iOS and Android Apps simultaneously with a single codebase

React Native Apps with Extensive Platform-Specific Customizability

Looking for seasoned experts to develop user-friendly iOS and Android apps for your business? Our React Native development services gather the right mix of development components for real-time debugging, enriched UI creation, and timely product release.

Capture both iOS and Android app market segments with SunTec India’s React Native developers:

  • Expertise in all React Native component libraries
  • Fast-tracked App development
  • Customizable chatbot options
  • Reproducible metrics for better conversions
  • Real-Time compilation for better debugging
  • Flexible framework implementation

Our React Native App Development Service Offerings

Our React Native development services unlock several business benefits driven by precise implementation of specific libraries and feature integrations.

Performance-Optimized React Native App Development

Our React Native app development company in India is proficient in carrying out checks for your native app’s performance on various devices and on iOS and Android platforms. We continuously measure the rendering time for each of your app’s elements to resolve the related performance issues in real time.

Rapid Application Development

Our React Native experts expedite cross-platform app development by speeding up every step of development. We make use of a shared data layer, hot reloading for previewing UI changes, and we quickly bridge codebase elements to the current device platform.

React Native Visual Continuity

Our seasoned mobile app developers have in-depth expertise in developing React Native apps that follow platform-specific UX standards. We diligently follow benchmarked style guides such as Android Material Design and Apple’s Human Interface guidelines to create great app experiences for your customers.

React Native Client-Side Security

Our React Native app developers utilize specific native security features such as iOS Keychain and Android SharedPreferences for data encryption, as well as duplicable features such as SSL pinning, and advanced code integrity checks.

Advanced Testing

Our developers can iterate faster by utilizing the hot reloading characteristic of React Native to get platform-specific quick previews of code changes, allowing for more precise testing and quick bug fixes. We ensure better maintainability and reliability of app test implementation.

React Native Performance Efficiency

We ensure that your app utilizes CPU and memory efficiently through the implementation of React Native’s Virtual DOM for dynamic interface changes. Our React Native app development company in India utilizes pre-built components that can improve the performance of apps at runtime.

Ready to Hire React Native App Developers in India?

Share your expected platform-specific business goals with us and we will create the perfect React Native app development team that delivers iOS and Android-optimized apps for you.

Why Outsource React Native App Development to SunTec India?

Our React Native app developers create native apps across iOS and Android platforms with extensive customizability so that you can develop apps that exceed the expectations of your target audience. Grow your user base by releasing apps both, on the App Store and Play Store, and experience guaranteed ROI with long-term customer loyalty through our partnership benefits such as:

  • Strict adherence to NDAs

  • 24*7 Timezone Advantage

  • Fast time-to-market

  • Maintenance & support post-launch

  • Cost-effective Multi-platform implementation

  • Choice of engagement models

  • Enterprise mobility management

  • Automated app updates

Accreditations & Recognitions

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Learn why React Native app development is best suited for your cross-platform business expectations. Find out about code reusability that leads to adherence with Android and iOS app UI/UX style guides, modularization, integrations, and app marketplace trends.

Want to Know How you Can Save Up to 70% in Development Costs?

Share your project requirements and we will match them with a React Native app development expert team aimed at native platform ROI for your business.

Discover Platform-Optimized React Native Apps for Several Industries

Whichever industry-specific target outcome you are aiming for, our React Native app development expertise helps you realize it through an expedited and reasonably priced technology partnership. Leverage our React Native expertise across industries such as:

React Native Healthcare Apps

For developing apps that deal with sensitive workflows such as that of the healthcare industry, we ensure that the focus of our React Native development services is clear codebases that eliminate the possibilities for error. We develop native apps to facilitate remote care delivery, online doctor consultation and appointment scheduling, radiology analytics, and more that perform equally well, securely, and error-free on iOS and Android platforms.

React Native Ecommerce Apps

We optimize user engagement and conversion rates for your ecommerce apps by leveraging deep links to your apps, developing detailed product pages, and in-app experiences conducive to the respective platform they are developed for. Our expert React Native development company in India utilizes reusable components and lazy-loaded lists for building high-performance ecommerce apps that scale well to accommodate the growth of your business and product catalog.

React Native E-Learning Apps

Using system-standard navigation, assigning content wrapping to React Native code, and lightweight caching for educational content, our React Native mobile app development company builds native apps that vastly enhance learning and training experiences. We build apps that help make your educational app’s content more accessible through robust interfaces that simplify instruction and collaboration while providing seamless curriculum creation.

React Media & Entertainment Apps

We develop apps encompassing your target audience's entertainment needs, from on-demand video streaming to social media. Components for enabling enhanced navigation across these apps, post promotion on social media apps, support for saving and downloading content, optimizing uptime, and load balancing are optimized by our React Native mobile app development company. Capture Android and iOS audiences with uninterrupted entertainment experiences.

React Native Travel & Tourism Apps

Our React Native development company in India builds travel and accommodation reservation apps, navigation apps, and tourism guides that can invigorate your travel & tourism business. Witness up to double-digit rates of conversion gain as our experts port your app to React Native enabling quick integrations with partner offerings, identification of demand patterns for competitive pricing, and end-to-end travel planning and booking capabilities on Android and iOS.

React Native Food and Groceries Delivery Apps

We develop iOS and Android apps using React Native that offer your customers a seamless experience in ordering food and groceries. App workflows consisting of restaurants, grocery stores, delivery partners, and customers’ interfaces are streamlined, with the UI smoothly translating between Android and iOS platforms. Essential features such as accurate GPS routing, delivery partner management, periodic order fetching, and payment gateway integration.

React Native App Development Services: FAQs

Our developers bridge the gap between iOS and Android platforms by utilizing a single codebase and deploying it across distinct platforms. We leverage the bridge that React Native uses to communicate comprehensively with Android and iOS APIs. This enables in-depth access to native platforms and device features like the accelerometer, gyrosphere, camera, NFC, and GPS.

React Native provides mobile app developers with a wide range of native app development capabilities but it comes with its challenges as well. Here are the pros and cons associated with React Native app development:

Pros of React Native app development Cons of React Native app development
Cross-platform native app development capabilities with a single codebase Some complex native components may need native-specific module development
Reusable components and shorter app development cycle Performance of the apps might be slightly lower than fully native apps
Much of the codebase is the same for both iOS and Android apps Many native APIs are inaccessible for React Native
Changes in the code can be pushed directly into the apps without considerable app store intervention Android and iOS-specific platform updates might have to be separately updated in the apps
Use of a single codebase reduces development costs Cost of training developers on React Native might undo the cost-effectiveness
Many open-source libraries can be leveraged to make platform-specific UI enhancements UI components might sometimes not match the underlying platform's look and feel
p>We will sign an NDA with you at the very initiation stage of the project and you will also have 100% ownership of the project IP. Our Indian React Native app development company comes with full transparency and constant updates and feedback throughout the project implementation.

Both hot reloading and live reloading are mechanisms that allow developers to see code changes in real time without having to build or compile the app. The major difference between the two is that hot reloading automatically reloads only the parts of the code that have been modified whereas live reloading reloads the entire app after a code change. Both these mechanisms are utilized for live debugging, ultimately leading to faster app development workflows.

There are several reasons to choose SunTec India’s React Native development services. With React Native as a development framework, we help you:

  • Develop apps with faster load, startup, and UI rendering
  • Create user experiences that are in line with native platform UI
  • We leverage native APIs to optimize the app for iOS and Android
  • Hot reloading and live reloading allows for more in-depth debugging
  • It is cost-effective and reduces effort as you can reuse the once-written code for developing both iOS and Android apps
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