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Data Services for your Tech/AI Platform

We provide reliable end-to-end data support services – from data collection, enrichment, and validation to data annotation and management.

We Deliver Data that Matches your Needs

Data is the lifeline of tech platforms and AI solutions. Even the most capable tech platforms need authentic, appropriately structured, and accurate data to perform correctly. This is where we can assist! Our data management team collects data from internal and external sources. We have subject matter experts (SMEs) who clean, structure, format and label the data to fit the precise requirements of your tech platform/AI solution. 

We're proud to be the Humans-in-the-Loop for your tech platforms/AI solutions. This is amply manifested by the trust our clients have reposed in us, evident in certain projects that have grown to over 200 FTEs and some clients who have been with us for over 10 years. Our teams have learnt, suggested, adapted, and expanded, becoming an integral part of our clients' workflow. We provide reliable end-to-end data support services – from data collection, enrichment, and validation to data annotation and management.

Our Data Services

Our Data Service Offerings

Data collection

Data Collection

We capture data from the web and various offline channels and process it. This involves identifying the right data sources, collecting relevant information, validating, and formatting.

Our data collection services include:

Data management

Data Management

We use secure data management practices to build, optimize, or manage large databases. This ensures a unified data lifecycle while enhancing data usability.

Our data management services include:

Data processing

Data Processing

Our team processes data in multiple formats and delivers a clean and structured outcome that is verified, organized, and ready for analysis or further use. 

Our data processing services include:

Data annotation

Data Annotation

We have a team of subject-matter experts who create appropriate labels and use them to tag your datasets. These precisely annotated datasets can be fed to AI or machine learning models (without any further processing needed) for training purposes. 

Our data annotation services include:

Data entry

Data Entry

We offer accurate and fast data entry services. Our data entry experts collect information (in multiple languages) from authorized sources, enter them in your preferred format or system, and ensure accuracy through data validation.

Our data entry services include:

Marketing and sales

Marketing and
Sales Support

We assist your organization's marketing and sales support activities by handling, scraping, managing, processing, and formatting all related data.

Our data services for marketing and sales support includes:

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