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End-to-End Amazon Virtual Assistant Services and Support

Amazon Virtual Assitant services

Grow your Amazon business with continuous support from a dedicated Amazon VA. Our Amazon virtual assistant services free you from time-consuming store management tasks so you can focus on improving business value and ROI.

With a team of proficient Virtual Assistants for Amazon who carry profound knowledge of the latest market trends and Amazon's regulations, we help maintain your online store at cost-effective prices. Our Amazon store virtual assistants provide unparalleled support for store management, maintenance, and support. We also offer specialized VAs to handle inventory management, product listing optimization, FBA management, customer support, order processing, product photo editing, data entry, and other growth-focused activities.

Outsource Amazon virtual assistant services to SunTec India and get multiple benefits at once.

  • Diverse Amazon tasks managed with finesse and precision
  • Significant cost savings
  • Quick and custom results
  • Access to experienced VAs with a diverse skill set

Case Study: Our Amazon VAs Helped a Client Gain 25% More Sales Via PPC Management

The client, a UK-based eStore owner, wanted to launch PPC campaigns for their apparel business. We assigned 2 Amazon VAs who handled bid management, ad creation, keyword research, campaign tracking, and related updates. The project ran for three months, and the client recorded a 25% increase in sales through PPC and a 12% decrease in their ACoS. As a result, the client extended the team to 5 Amazon VAs and renewed the contract tenure.

Here’s What you Can Expect from our Amazon Store Virtual Assistants

When you outsource Amazon virtual assistant services to our team, we direct all our resources to create value for you. Our Amazon VAs become an attuned extension to your in-house team and seamlessly carry out various tasks to simplify their challenges.

Amazon VA for Product Data Entry Services

Our Amazon virtual assistants collect product-related data from authorized sources (manufacturer’s websites, similar listings, etc.) and create listings with accurate and updated details. We have the necessary resources and infrastructure to simplify and manage the entire product data entry process. We also have an advanced setup to perform bulk product upload, categorization, and SKU cataloging in a short time.

Amazon Virtual Assistant for Account Management

Seller Central Account Management

Scale your Amazon business with Seller Central account management support. Our Amazon virtual assistant services are designed to maintain a robust seller account and optimize your customer's experience.

Vendor Central Account Management

Our Amazon VAs have expertise in managing first-party sellers and the Vendor Central interface. We handle everything from continuous optimization to sales strategy, catalog improvement, and analytics.

Price Monitoring

Our Amazon experts consistently monitor market trends and the changes in your competitors' product prices. We use this data to optimize your prices in real time for maximum conversions.

Order Processing

Our virtual assistants can maintain order records, manage shipping dates, process invoices, regulate unfulfillable orders, and handle refunds/returns accurately and precisely.

2X Store Sales with Dedicated Support from Amazon VA

Amazon Virtual Assistant for eStore Optimization

Product Listing Creation & Optimization Services

Our Amazon listing experts create unique content, keyword-rich descriptions, concise bullets, and attractive titles for your product listings. We also handle backend search terms, images, meta, and other rank-enhancing factors for your listings.

Amazon Product Keyword Research Services

Our Amazon listing specialists conduct thorough research for relevant keywords through various keyword research tools. We integrate the most contextually critical ones in your listings to ensure higher visibility, engagement, rankings, and sales.

Product Image Editing

Listings with high-quality product photos attract a better audience and sell more. Our Amazon listing specialists are trained to edit and enhance your product images for better impact.

A+ Content Creation

Make the most of A+ content with our Amazon virtual assistants. Our Amazon listing experts use rich text, high-quality multimedia, integrated videos, engaging layouts, and multiple content types to enhance your listings’ utility.

Virtual Assistant for Amazon Advertising Services

Reach your target audience across diverse channels with our Amazon virtual assistant services. We increase the success rate of your PPC ad campaigns with a team of well-trained PPC experts who skillfully optimize strategies to balance ad spend and reduce ACoS. We choose the best combination among ad types- Sponsored brands, Sponsored products, Sponsored display, video, audio, and custom ads - and use appropriate media, content, and keywords to enhance product viability and inspire audience engagement.

Virtual Assistants for Amazon FBA

We offer Amazon FBA virtual assistants to help you manage multiple FBA activities, like product sourcing, order tracking, review request generation, etc. They can process orders, returns, exchanges, and payments and will coordinate with Amazon for shipping purposes. You can also align these resources with customer support needs.

Get Guaranteed Performance from Amazon VAs through a Robust Monitoring System

Assigning critical business tasks to a remote resource can pose trust-related challenges for businesses. At SunTec India, we manage all such concerns related to project progress, resource timesheet, goal achievement, and potentially fraudulent activities with a tried and tested resource monitoring system. Our monitoring system offers the following attributes to help you know the project status and progress in detail.

  • Time tracking for individual resources
  • Color-coded, task-based timeline
  • Daily task reports and worksheets
  • Assignment and delivery matching report
  • Task-wise progress breakdown
  • Project roadmap updates
  • Collaboration reports
  • Performance effectiveness reports

We can also provide customized monitoring and reporting based on your preferences or requirements.

Hire Amazon Virtual Assistants in 3 Steps

We make it exceptionally simple for our clients to hire the right resources for their needs while ensuring that the process takes the minimal possible time.

  • Share your requirements for an Amazon VA.
  • Assess virtual assistants through virtual interviews.
  • Pick your VA and sign the contract.

Unlock Potential Opportunities with our Amazon Virtual Assistant Services

We are more than an IT outsourcing and support company; we are your partners on the journey to growth and success!

With 20+ years of experience, we have helped many global businesses with all-inclusive support across various fronts. So, when you hire Amazon experts from us, you tap into a rich pool of expertise, experience, and excellence.

Here are a few reasons to choose us as your outsourcing partner:

  • 12-24 Hour Response Time
  • Up To 60% To 70% Cost Savings
  • Complete Amazon Store Assistance
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Flexible Pricing Models
  • Encryption-based Data Security
  • Enterprise-grade Amazon VA Monitoring Systems
  • Frequent Performance Reporting

Hire Amazon Virtual Assistants from SunTec India for 360-Degree Support

Amplify your sales and manage your operations cost-effectively with Amazon Virtual Assistants. Join hands with SunTec India and hire Amazon experts to save time, reduce overhead expenses, and redirect your focus on growth with heightened productivity.

If you want to know more about our virtual assistants for Amazon or wish to see them in action, write to us at You can also request a free trial to gauge our service quality by sharing your requirements via email or phone.

Amazon Virtual Assistant Services: FAQs

An Amazon VA can expertly manage your Amazon store (vendor and seller) by handling:

  • Listing creation and optimization
  • SKU bulk upload
  • Account setup
  • Catalog processing and management
  • PPC management
  • Ad management
  • Keyword research
  • Photo editing
  • Product data entry
  • FBA management
  • Logistics and shipment management
  • Order, return, and refund management
  • Inventory management
  • Product sourcing
  • SEO

Additionally, you can avail of customized services by sharing your requirements at

Hiring a virtual assistant for Amazon offers various benefits, including

  • Higher productivity
  • Quick processing
  • Quality outcomes
  • Cost-savings
  • Tailored support
  • Prompt customer service
  • Better sales
  • Improved customer engagement

At SunTec India, we follow a flexible operational model to ensure that our clients only pay for the services they get. The cost of hiring an Amazon expert depends on the project duration, complexity, and volume. To get an exact estimate, brief us on your requirements at

Before you hire an Amazon store virtual assistant, you must look for the perfect set of skills to get desired results:

  • Good communication
  • Time management
  • Regulatory awareness
  • Project management
  • Attention to detail
  • Social media management
  • Tools and software knowledge
  • Prompt decision making
  • Digital marketing

Further, A VA must be eager to learn and contribute to your success as their own. Hire an Amazon VA now.

If you are confused about how to outsource Amazon virtual assistant services or if you should, take this quick quiz to solve this dilemma. Answer the following in light of your market status and business conditions.

  • Are you forced to spend a long time each day uploading listings, maintaining your eStore, and creating SKUs?
  • Can you not find enough time to work on growing and expanding your business?
  • Are you getting too many complaints about poor shopping experiences or lagging response times?
  • Are you or your employees overwhelmed with the workload?

If you answered two or more of these questions with a 'Yes' then you should hire an Amazon VA to lessen your workload, optimize your processes, and increase productivity. Doing so would also relieve your employees by taking away the stress of non-core yet time-taking responsibilities.

When you hire Amazon experts as virtual assistants, as opposed to hiring a full-time employee, your team gets the advantage of higher flexibility. Amazon VAs are also a better value for money. They can work remotely, offer more focus, perform diverse tasks simultaneously, and own a multidimensional skillset.

Plus, when you hire Amazon virtual assistants from SunTec India, you have the choice to scale at will, as per need.

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