eCommerce Back Office Support Services

In eCommerce maintaining a steady volume of sales is the primary objective of any online retailer. However, this cannot be achieved unless you have access to robust back office support. Whether it is inventory management, order processing or after sales customer service every back office function has been in sync with front end operations. To make it happen you need a team of experienced professionals who are proficient at delivering quick and accurate eCommerce back office support services. SunTec India not only gives you easy access to such resources, but also manages them on your behalf so that you can enjoy bespoke services.

It has been a great experience working with SunTec India for almost 4 years. I am greatly impressed with the quality of work the e-Commerce team provides and their professional attitude has strengthened our relationship over the years. For Yahoo Store Data Entry, I cannot think of anyone else.

- Brat Smith, London

Customized Back Office Support Services for Better Conversion & Retention

With SunTec India you get the opportunity to leverage industry know how and experience of our eCommerce Back Office Support professionals. They have the ability to deliver customized services for everything ranging from store management to inventory support to phone and chat support. Our eCommerce back office support services have been designed to enhance your conversion and customer retention rates. The team of back office support experts that you hire with SunTec India works exclusively for you and ensures maximum visitors on your products page click on the 'buy now' button. These experts come equipped with every skill that is needed to enhance the sales and ROI of an eCommerce website.

Virtual Assistant Services for Online Store Maintenance and Support

The team of virtual assistants at SunTec India is a mix of new talent and experienced hands. The team members work as an extension of your in-house staff to deliver dependable eCommerce solutions for you. They collaborate with you extensively just as your own staff and take care of every minute aspect of eCommerce store management. With hands on experience on the latest tools and technology involved in online store management they can multitask and free up precious time for you and your staff. With our virtual assistants at your disposal, you not only concentrate better on your core business but also save time and money.

Our comprehensive set of eCommerce Back Office support related tasks include:

  • Order processing, order entry and order tracking
  • Accounting/bookkeeping transaction support
  • Inventory support and management
  • Up-selling and cross-selling of products
  • Customer Support Services including email, phone and chat support
  • Responding customer queries on your store's return policy
  • Handling product queries and offering support on the spot solutions
  • Answering customer inquiries related with shipping and delivery
  • Sending inbound/outbound emails
  • Conducting customer surveys for enhanced customer satisfaction

eCommerce Back Office Support: Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Accounting and bookkeeping is a cumbersome task in the eCommerce industry given the number of transactions taking place on a day-to-day basis. Our eCommerce back office support team has the expertise and experience to make a cakewalk of this work. The bookkeeping and accounting experts at SunTec can handle multiple tasks independently; whether it is account reconciliation, payroll processing, ledger maintenance or preparing financial statements.

eCommerce Back Office Support: Content Management Services

For us content support is an integral part of eCommerce back office support function. We do understand that the online shopping world is a dynamic place where product, prices and offers can change within ours. Hence our eCommerce catalog management virtual assistants bring to the table the capability to update product information in real time. Whether it is updating product details, data, or writing persuasive product descriptions, our experts can do it all for you. They can also add compelling call to action statements, promotional links and much more to take your conversion rates to the next level. You can also leverage their SEO knowledge to make you product descriptions enticing to both search engines as well as your prospective clients.

eCommerce Back Office Support: Inventory Management Services

Accurate inventory management is an absolute must to succeed in any online business. Even a minor error in assessing you stock may lead to a chain reaction of late deliveries. That's why our inventory support experts go an extra mile to keep your stock up to date giving you real time information on availability of products. They create a seamless channel of information through your warehouse locations, manufacturers' stock sheet and other distribution points. Depending on your business model they can update stock on a daily or weekly basis.

eCommerce Back Office Support: 24/7 Phone, Email and Chat Support

Not being able to answer last minute queries, information on return policy can cost dearly to an online retailer. It not only adversely affects your conversion rates but also gives a bad impression about your customer service. Here the expertise of our eCommerce customer support staff prove to be of great help. They are proficient at handling customer queries on phone, email and online chat. By answering the customer queries promptly they ensure high conversion rate for every product page. With our 24/7 customer support services you can also take your brand image to the next level.

Discuss your eCommerce Back Office Support Services with us

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