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Interactive Assessments Development

With eLearning becoming increasingly popular, integrating effective interactive assessments has become crucial to assess learners' knowledge and find out if they fully understand the subject matter. Offering a complete suite of interactive assessments development solutions, SunTec India supports K-12 educational institutions, universities, enterprises and trainers in not only gauging learners' understanding of the subject matter but also promoting high-quality learning.

Interactive Teaching and eLearning Assessment Design

Our interactive assessments development services are engineered to provide accurate feedback to the learners after careful analysis of their skills, knowledge, interests, attitudes, etc. We are proficient at developing a range of interactive assessment solutions with exercises like multiple-choice question (MCQ), fill in the blanks, drag and drop, true or false, etc. Take a look:

  • True or False
  • Ranking & Sequencing
  • Alternate Choice
  • Categorizing
  • Matching
  • Media Distractors
  • Single Numerical Design
  • Multiple Answers
  • Matrix Completion
  • Yes/No with Explanation
  • Fill-in the blank
  • Video Demonstration
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eAssessment for Interactive & Active Learning

Through interactive assessments development, SunTec helps clients in creating game-based and situation-based assessments and surveys to enhance the courseware and achieve your learning objectives. Our experts develop interactive assessment solutions so that you can efficiently monitor learners' progress, assess their achievement and help them plan their course units and lessons.

We create interactive assessment solutions with:

Lesson-level Quizzes

Our experts create multiple-choice questions, quizzes, exercises, etc., for each lesson to assess learners' performance and achievement.

Closing Questions

We develop interactive assessment solutions with wrap-up questions to determine learners' knowledge and if all the main concepts are clear to them.

Our interactive assessments include short-answer questions, fill in the blanks, drag and drop, and multiple-choice questions. We develop summative as well as formative with different levels – simple, moderate and complex.

Thousands of Enterprises, Schools and Districts are Employing Interactive Assessments Development Services of SunTec India. Discover Why.

SunTec India has an optimum blend of skilled personnel, advanced technology and domain expertise to build interactive assessment solutions to assess learners' knowledge and skills. When you outsource interactive assessments development services to us, we help you:

  • Develop interactive assessments for all major devices like smartphones, tablets and desktops
  • Create assessment tests in accordance with your specific learning objectives
  • Build robust reports to provide critical information at your fingertips

Our interactive assessment solutions are based on in-depth research and in compliance with your project specifications.

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For more information about our spectrum of interactive assessments development services, please drop us a line at info@suntecindia.com and our experts shall get in touch with you shortly.

"My company makes use of a range of services offered by SunTec Digital. I am impressed with how SunTec is able to negotiate and deliver various different projects with reliable production and attentive customer service." Lindsay D'Andrea, Production, Boston, Massachusetts