Marketing and Sales Support Services

Identify, engage, and retain high-value customers with end-to-end marketing and sales support services from SunTec India. As a part of our integrated sales and marketing support services for small & large businesses, we create customized solutions designed to increase your brand’s lead to conversion rates.

  • Full-Cycle Sales & Marketing Support Services
  • Audience Targeting & Qualified Lead Generation
  • Customer Support Services
  • Market Research and Competitor Analysis
  • Complete Control Over Team
  • After-sales Support Services

On the journey that begins upon a user’s first interaction with your brand, we expedite your progress by designing an operational workflow that elevates consumer experiences, and hence, your sales performance. At SunTec India, you’ll get access to an extensive array of sales support activities and product support services in marketing, each of which is modeled carefully after your business requirements, systems, and processes to achieve maximum target market penetration and qualified leads. From tracking user interactions to filtering qualified leads, understanding consumers’ path-to-purchase, and personalizing campaigns, our marketing specialists cover all bases required to secure conversions.

Root Cause Analysis of Bad Data in Company Datasets

A Study Conducted by SunTec India on 50+ Clients.

Our Marketing & Sales Support Service Offerings

Address Management Services

Maintain seamless communication with your customers, employees, vendors, and stakeholders through an accurate and up-to-date address database management system. By feeding your marketing plans with an upgraded and actionable pool of data insights, we facilitate improved customer relationships and reduce resource wastage while eliminating the risk of fraud, fines, and customer attrition.

Mailing List Compilation

With highly effective, relevant, and customized mailing list compilation services, we help businesses identify and target high-value leads, boost their click-to-open rates for outgoing emails, and inspire more conversions. We handle email address verification, validation, merging mailing lists, postcode/zip code verification, and list organization while optimizing the process to reduce overhead expenses.

Contact Discovery

Our comprehensive range of contacts discovery services helps your sales team target the most relevant business opportunities and prospects, gain direct marketing data, mitigate the risk of low-quality, overused, or out-of-date contacts, and identify target contacts through the latest technology and tools.

Account Profiling

Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging your customer's needs, preferences, purchase behavior, and limitations and incorporating them into your sales process. We collate data from multiple sources, derive actionable intelligence to design targeted messages, and use them to trigger favorable buyer responses in time.

Through a comprehensive set of event data management services, we help your sales organization understand your audience’s preferences, identify their pain points, and locate their primary purpose for attending your event. We also build targeted communication profiles to enhance your audience’s event experiences, increase retention, and boost overall engagement.

Transform qualified prospective business opportunities into successful sales with a unique combination of our lead qualification services, data quality processing techniques, and market research. We examine each lead, verify its value proposition, and sort it by relevance to create a consistent supply of revenue opportunities in your sales funnel while preserving lead quality and data accuracy.

Enhance your business data processing cycle through intelligent CRM data support from our CRM data entry professionals. Our team supports your sales department in managing customer interactions effectively by taking care of multi-source data entry, cleansing, migration, mining, analysis, processing, and database management for a wide range of CRM software systems. With us, you get the benefit of deep-set functional expertise and experience in handling data management for Salesforce, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics, and most other top CRM software.

Marketing & Sales Support Services: Boost Your Business with Timely Market Opportunity Assessment

By definition, digital marketing support services at SunTec India are modeled to achieve development for client businesses while sustaining their current successes. That’s why market opportunity assessment is a critical aspect of our sales and marketing support services.

In addition to identifying your target market domain, ideal buyer, and growth opportunities, we also study different demographics to sketch the expected returns. A systematic, client-specific approach is employed to analyze the constantly shifting market and reach more prospects. At SunTec India, a typical market opportunity assessment report highlights critical insights like-

  • Target market size
  • Industry and domain’s barrier to entry
  • SWOT assessment (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  • Competition assessments
  • Go-to business plans
  • Growth projections

By detecting and evaluating aspects of your target market, our enterprise sales support services identify the feasibility of an opportunity and predict its success. Additionally, with audience research, strategic analysis, and detailed reports, outsourcing marketing and sales support services to SunTec India renders a competitive advantage.

  • Increase revenue and ROI
  • Improve profit margins
  • Evaluate business performance
  • Inspect product reach in diverse markets
  • Understand risk and viability projections
  • Assess business development activities

Integrated Online Enterprise Marketing Sales Support

With a multilayered team of sales reps and a dedicated supervisor, we provide the exact resources, expertise, and efficiency you require. Our direct sales support and personnel services work in tandem with your in-house teams, adhere to your internal sales support strategy, and find, qualify, and filter highly promising leads.

At SunTec India, you will get a consolidated array of integrated online sales support services, woven into a solution designed to achieve your organizational goals.

  • Lead generation
  • Lead processing
  • Lead management
  • Lead research and filtering
  • Product training
  • Customer interaction services
  • Customer account monitoring
  • Prospect and customer communications
  • Active market communications
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Schedule management

Why Outsource Marketing & Sales Support Services to SunTec India

For nearly two decades, SunTec India has supported numerous global organizations with a wide variety of data and outsourcing services. As an industry veteran, we understand the importance of sales support functions in maintaining brand integrity and upholding business reputation.

At SunTec India, marketing and sales support services are a blend of data collection, database management, quality preservation, analysis, data entry, account profiling, and lead qualification. Backed by a team of professional data entry specialists, miners, data scientists, graphic and creative experts, copywriters, sales reps, project managers, and analysts, we address complex business requirements with ease.

Graphic Support

Creative graphics, high-quality images, animations, logos, flyers, website designs, and all graphic support that your sales team may need.

Data Analysis and Reporting

In-depth data examination, comprehensive and consolidated reports, and frequent analysis and presentation to uncover critical insights.

Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Complete sales campaign planning, targeted advertisements, direct messages, and buyer response prediction through data analysis.

Competitor Research

A thorough analysis of most relevant competitors, their promotional strategies, hits, misses, and recuperation techniques, market reach, and audience analysis.

Feasibility study, reputation evaluation, digital conversation monitoring, and curation of online brand presence.

Web-based, round-the-clock customer service, interactive assistance query resolution, and prompt support.

Stay Ahead of the Marketing & Sales Competition with SunTec India

Outsourcing marketing and sales support services to SunTec India can help you manage the process and outcomes in shorter time frames, with higher efficiency and control. Tap into the expertise of our professionals and stand a chance to improve consumer engagement while lowering the cost of sales. For more information, reach out to us at