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To sell better on Amazon, you have to rank higher in search results for relevant queries, and that is possible only when you have a good SEO strategy and the required expertise. The team of experts at SunTec India ensures that your eStore gets the maximum exposure and conversions online through our full-cycle Amazon SEO services.

Over the years, our subject matter experts have conducted in-depth research to understand how Amazon search works. Utilizing our understanding of Amazon's ranking algorithm and white hat SEO approach, we help brands rank & sell better on the leading marketplace. From keyword research to listing creation, we take care of every aspect of search engine optimization to help you outrank your competition.

SunTec-Managed Amazon SEO Services Helped a US-Based Seller to Witness a 226% Increase in Organic Traffic

Despite having a well-established business of rubber stamps and notary supplies, the client was struggling to gain online visibility & sales on leading marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Their listings were suppressed on these platforms as they failed to meet marketplaces’ guidelines.

How we helped?

  • Our experts devised a custom SEO strategy for the client to perform better on Amazon.
  • For better product visibility & customer engagement, we utilized Amazon posts & A+ content.
  • We optimized existing and new listings with relevant keywords and high-quality images.
  • We managed Amazon PPC campaigns by targeting the right set of keywords, optimizing bidding strategies, and creating compelling ad copies.



We Are Recognized as One of the Top Amazon SEO Agencies by:

I have been engaged with this SEO team for over 6 months now. I have seen organic traffic grow steadily every week and have received actual business during this time. They always go above and beyond and the responsiveness is amazing, Can't recommend them enough!

Chris Hines, eCommerce Seller, USA

Our Amazon Store SEO Services and Support Offerings

Our Amazon SEO experts help your eStore listings rank high so you can become the prime choice of shoppers across the globe. Irrespective of your industry or product type, we can help you succeed on Amazon with our all-inclusive SEO services that cover: Key

Keyword Research

We find the most relevant search terms for your products and create a list of 15-20 popular user-searched phrases for each listing by utilizing advanced keyword research tools. We then strategically include these keywords in your product pages to help them rank higher in search results on relevant queries.

Competitor Analysis

In-depth competitor analysis is an important part of our SEO services for Amazon stores. We analyze the pricing, best-selling products, deals & coupons, and campaigns of your top competitors. Our findings help fine-tune the SEO strategy for your eStore, leading to higher rankings and more traffic to your page.

Category & Sub-Category Optimization

Our Amazon SEO experts organize your products into the right categories and subcategories to increase their chances of being found on relevant search queries. We check competitors’ listings to analyze which categories & sub-categories they are targeting and optimize your product pages accordingly.

Product Photo Optimization

We optimize product images for Amazon listings by adding appropriate keywords and text in the alt tags to display your products when a customer searches for something similar. We also resize & edit images, make them mobile-friendly, and optimize file names by adhering to the marketplace guidelines.

Copywriting and Graphic Designing

We have a dedicated team of professional Amazon product description copywriters & designers who create search-optimized listing copies, A+ content layouts, image graphics, and other marketing material for branding & promotion. We adhere to Amazon’s guidelines for writing compelling and 100% original content (including a bullet list of features, FAQs, etc.) that informs and engages potential customers.

Amazon Listing Optimization

We optimize Amazon product listings by working on various elements, such as product descriptions, titles, bullet features, and prices by adapting to the latest search algorithm updates to dominate search results and outrank competitors. To give shoppers more options, we create variations of a product in the same listing utilizing the parent/child functionality of Amazon.

User Engagement Analysis

We analyze user engagement on your Amazon product listing by tracking metrics, such as page views, dwell time, scroll depth, CTR, and conversion rate. We also analyze customer behavior and browsing habits, such as what products they are viewing, what keywords they are searching for, and what questions they are asking. Based on this data, we optimize our SEO strategy for better user engagement.

Performance Tracking & Reporting

We constantly keep track of your listings’ performance utilizing Amazon’s analytics data to understand how our strategy is working for you. We also share weekly/monthly reports in your preferred formats to keep you informed about your account’s growth and improvise our strategy based on your suggestions/feedback.

Get your Products Noticed by More Shoppers with our Amazon SEO Services

Amazon Store SEO Workflow

We have a simple objective - increasing product visibility, organic traffic, and conversions on your Amazon store. To achieve that, we follow a process that includes:

Requirements analysis

We understand your project requirements and audit your store to analyze existing Amazon listings, rankings, and product page performance.

Research & strategizing

We identify your key competitors, target audience, and relevant keywords and devise a custom SEO strategy based on our findings.

Onboarding & implementation

After you approve the SEO strategy and keyword list, we sign an NDA and start optimizing your Amazon store for improved organic visibility & traffic.

Performance tracking and reporting

We submit the optimized listings to Amazon for approval and track their performance. Our team shares the results with you regularly.

Amazon Keyword Research & SEO Tools we Utilize

AmzScout for keywords to help in Amazon SEO
Helium10 to help in keywords for Amazon SEO
Sellics tool to find keywords for Amazon description writing
SEMRush for keywords to help in tool to help in keywords for Amazon SEO Company
AmzTracker tool to help Amazon SEO Companies
 Google Ads Keyword Planner tool for Amazon SEO Service Providers

Why Outsource Amazon SEO Services to SunTec India?

SunTec India is a leading outsourcing company specializing in Amazon store optimization. Our goal is to help your online business thrive on the leading eCommerce marketplace and grow to its maximum potential. For 25+ years, we have assisted sellers worldwide with robust and scalable eCommerce management solutions. We use dedicated SEO strategies and tactics to enhance the visibility of your products in the Amazon marketplace.

Here is what our team can do for your eCommerce business.

Drive organic traffic and improve brand awareness

From multi-channel visibility to hands-on conversion optimization, we handle everything to make it easy for your customers to find and buy from you.

Boost product listing relevance

We work with you to produce high-quality product descriptions, titles, and listing content that is relevant to consumer searches.

Increase conversions

We optimize all the critical elements of your product listings according to Amazon’s search algorithm and guidelines to increase the online conversion rate.

Enhance CTR

Our conversion-ready listing copies & metatags increase click-through rates on Amazon, allowing you to stand out from the competition.

Minimize the risk of listing suppression

We free you from the risks of penalty or account suspension by carefully adhering to all Amazon guidelines.

Save costs and valuable time

By outsourcing Amazon store SEO services to our team, you can redirect your focus on core business tasks while saving up to 60% on operational costs.

Access to the latest Amazon SEO tools

Partnering with our Amazon SEO services company gives you access to the latest tools and technologies without needing to spend additionally on their subscriptions.

Access to Amazon SEO experts

With years of experience, our experts know what works best for all types of businesses on the leading marketplace.

Factors that Make us the Leading Amazon SEO Services Company

Proven marketplace experience

Dedicated teams of Amazon SEO experts

Industry-leading turnaround time

Flexible pricing structure

ISO-certified process for data security & quality

Flexibility to work in your timezone

Dedicated project managers

Scalable solutions

From Startups to Fortune 500, we Are Driving Success on Amazon for All of our Clients

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Get Found by More Customers & Grow your Online Sales with our Amazon SEO Services

We understand that your business is unique and so should your SEO strategy. Let us design a custom SEO proposal for your Amazon store that aligns with your business goals & growth requirements. Get in touch with our experts to avail a free SEO audit for your store by sending your requirements to

Amazon Store SEO Services: FAQs

Yes! Our Amazon SEO services are available for all countries, including the US, UK, Canada, France, and Australia, among others.

The average turnaround time of our Amazon SEO services varies for each project depending on its complexity, scope, and other factors. However, we are known for providing industry-leading turnaround times for all our projects.

We have a flexible pricing structure to cater to the diverse requirements of Amazon businesses. Depending upon your project's complexity and the type of solutions you require, pricing for our SEO services can vary. To get the closest price estimate, you can share your requirements with our experts at