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Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services

Compatible with all the major browsers and the latest operating systems, HTML5 is fast becoming the de facto standard to share content online with the global audience. Its cross-platform compatibility coupled with multimedia support makes it necessary for publishers to convert Flash to HTML5 for enriching reading experience and easy access across smartphones, tablets and eReaders.

Offering a gamut of Flash to HTML5 conversion services, SunTec India ensures smooth HTML5 transition while delivering interactive content to mobile and tablet audiences across the globe. We implement industry-best practices to convert content written with Adobe Flash into HTML5 and deliver enhanced eBooks with images, animations, audio and video files. Our team of developers and programmers accurately convert Flash to HTML5, ensuring that the content is supported by all major devices such as iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows and Android devices.

Flash to HTML5 Conversion: Workflow

Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services

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We leverage the capabilities of HTML5's cross-browser, cross-platform technology to convert Flash into HTML5 and make sure that content, graphics, audio and video files can be seamlessly accessed on multiple platforms and mobile devices.

Our experts work closely with the clients to understand their Flash to HTML conversion requirements, whether they need technology update and/or complete redesign.

Beginning with transforming graphics and illustrations to scalable vector graphics (SVG) to converting Flash timeline to CSS animations, we accurately convert multimedia-rich files created in Adobe Flash into HTML5 with animations and interactive features.

Our range of Flash to HTML5 conversion services, include:

  • Flash to HTML5 conversion
  • Flash design to HTML5 design conversion
  • Actionscript to JavaScript conversion
  • Flash animation to HTML5 animation

We make required changes in the content, user interface and graphics, while delivering aesthetically pleasing designs and layouts and providing a rich browsing experience to the users.

Getting started with Flash to HTML5 Conversion

To learn how we can help you convert Flash into HTML5, please contact us or send us your project specifications at info@suntecindia.com and our experts will get to you shortly.

"SunTec has transformed for our Association - fifty of our titles in Epub and Mobi in 52 languages starting from very simple English, German to very complex Mandarian, Hebrew, Arabic and many more. The services are good, inexpensive and very fast! The contact with the employees was very friendly and we are very thankful... " Petra and Rochus Schaadt Lahr, Germany