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SunTec Supports A US-based Electronics Seller Manage Inventory and Customer Orders on Amazon Vendor Central

Client Background

The client is an online merchant of electronics and home appliances, selling millions of products across a variety of categories including TV and audio, portable electronics, computers, cameras and camcorders, home comfort (HVAC, power generators and sump pumps), watches, mobile electronics, fitness, and a lot more. Selling products via an eCommerce site and Amazon Vendor Central, the client wants to realize their potential for selling larger volumes and increase their exposure.

Client Requirements

Earlier, our client was selling via Seller Central as a third-party seller. Since, they dealt in high-volumes, they had opted for pro merchant account with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Recently, our client received an invitation to register on Vendor Central, and act as a first-party seller, selling products in bulk to Amazon.

Moving on from being a merchant to distributor was not an easy thing. The seal of "sold by Amazon" meant increased confidence, insofar as shoppers were concerned, and therefore the client wanted to do it perfectly.

Selling through Vendor Central also allowed the client to make use of various Marketing Tools, like Amazon's subscription service - Subscribe & Save, and product testing with top reviewers, and often receiving their endorsements on Amazon Vine, and enhanced content in the form of A+ content, which is a more comprehensive form of the basic product descriptions, along with the features and benefits mapped out often in a comparison chart, or scannable text, product images and videos, etc.

The project involved product inventory management and order processing. Our experts had to manage the entire catalog, write product detail page content, list Amazon sponsored products, process the orders, process invoices, track shipments, monitor stock levels, and share the Analytics report with the client.

One of the major challenge of the project was to keep a tab on the inventory levels of hundreds of thousands of products and ensuring they are in sync with client's other eCommerce channels. It was also challenging to update product's price and availability status at regular basis, and keep the end customers posted about the order statuses, handles returns, etc.

Solutions Offered

Offering a complete suite of catalog management, order processing and inventory management services, we helped the client track and process the orders in real-time and update the inventory levels regularly.

  • We deployed a dedicated and able team of 10 eCommerce experts, headed by a project manager. The team comprised of eCommerce copywriters and proofreaders, data entry specialists, SEO executives, PHP programmers and Quality Assurance (QA) professionals.
  • We ensured seamless order-to-cash process by taking care of pre-order activities, right from new item setup (NIS), product page creation/management/optimization, bespoke A+ enhanced product descriptions and category page content creation, Amazon sponsored products listing optimization and product ads management, order and invoice data entry as well as after-sales activities like customer support, warranty and returns management.
  • Our experts updated the inventory levels at regular basis, ensuring they are up-to-date.
  • Our experts also used Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA), helping the client keep track of customer queries, goal flow, existing and new product sales trends as well as performance of marketing efforts.
  • With inventory management and order processing services, we efficiently managed customer orders, returns and inventory levels.


With our Amazon Marketplace Services, we are supporting our client in efficiently and optimally operating on Amazon Vendor Central.

Our in-depth understanding and hands-on-experience of working on both the Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Vendor Central, together with Amazon Marketing Services has resulted into devising and implementing practical, effective strategies to help our client build and control their brand presence, their content, and most of all their top and bottom line.

Getting Started!

If you have an invitation to join Amazon's Vendor Central, SunTec can help you do it, just that effectively. Drop us a line at and we will get back to you shortly!