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Empower Your Conversion Strategies with Deep, Domain-Specific Consumer Insights

B2B Account Profiling Service

Identify the best sales opportunities and reach out to high-quality leads with B2B account profiling services from SunTec India. We find and filter the right audience for your products through precision-based, response-driven client accounts, target profiles, and prospect analysis. Through full-cycle market research, sales account profile templates, contact discovery, data management, and intelligent reporting, we help you get a firm grasp on what your ideal consumer looks like and use that understanding to boost marketing ROI for your business.

  • Bespoke Sales Prospect Profiling Services
  • Predictive Sales Account Scoring
  • Sales and Marketing Support
  • Database Management, Cleansing, Migration
  • 360-Degree Sales Intelligence Reporting
  • Data Confidentiality via NDA Agreements

Sales Account & Business Lead Profiling Services at SunTec India

In the B2B segment, account-based marketing (ABM) fetches more results than any other strategy. It keeps marketers ahead of the competition by helping them understand their potential customers and their specific needs.

As a business-critical process, account profiling gives you deep insight into your customer's needs, preferences, purchase behavior, and limitations. It helps marketers to pitch in the most suitable products or services to the right prospects.

SunTec India has been enabling businesses across the globe with cost-effective account profiling services for 20+ years. Account profiling and sales intelligence professionals at SunTec India help you gain relevant background information and identify hard-to-find facts on your potential customers’ operations. We provide you with pertinent information on the business structure, key decision-makers, decision-making process, current vendors, and future plans of your prospect to help you determine the business potential within an account.

Sales Account and Persona Profiling Services

Influence and sway clients in your favor by engaging them through personalized, hyper-contextual marketing agendas, modified to meet their KPIs, objectives, challenges, and expectations. Our sales and marketing research team collates, refines, cleans, and organizes all the relevant data needed to run targeted campaigns and move clients forward in the sales pipeline.

Profile Fitness Indicators

Depending on your marketing campaign’s expected goals, we define a set of parameters and judge target consumer profiles using those criteria. A fitness score is allotted to every prospect to assess the likelihood of them turning into a customer. This propensity score helps businesses by estimating the strategies and efforts required to convert such leads.

Predictive Sales Account Scoring

We employ machine learning logic to evaluate how your prospects behave and use the insights, thus discovered, to rank potential leads by the likelihood of converting, retaining, or losing them. These trackable metrics represent the potential value of a prospect to your brand and help optimize and prioritize the lead conversion process.

Personalized Campaign Filter Creation

We perform demographic and market segmentation for every master list of prospective business leads, thus breaking the list into smaller components with deeper insights. This approach helps our clients understand the recommended confidence levels with every customer account, filter the fluff, and chase opportunities with a higher chance of success.

Contact Database Management

As a part of our account profiling services, we cleanse and verify every record through a multi-tier QA system to ensure data consistency, reliability, and integrity while preserving its compliance with international data standards. This includes weeding out missed entries, eliminating redundancies, verifying the information, validating its sources, and uniformly formatting the database.

Lead Cultivation

In addition to precision-based customer profiling, we also provide sales and marketing support services. Our marketing experts cover all possible touchpoints, i.e., buyer interactions with your brand, and engage leads through contextual, targeted, and relevant marketing campaigns.

360-Degree Sales Intelligence Reporting

We consolidate multiple intelligence reports and analyze qualified sales account prospects against their requirements and your objectives to improve the quality of incoming sales leads. The accumulated data is also examined and used in different marketing, sales, and B2B support activities.

Precise B2B Lead Generation with Comprehensive Prospect Profiling

When you outsource account profiling services to SunTec India, we model our sales strategy around your objectives. By talking to the right people through precise target account profiling, we portray your services/products in an appropriate advantageous context and achieve considerable sales pipeline growth.

We help ensure a higher ROI for your marketing campaigns by only contacting prospective clients who:-

  • Have a high profile fitness score
  • Need/want your products/services
  • Fall within your target demographic and campaign parameters
  • Carry a decent prospect value

Business lead profiling services at SunTec India are focused on gathering primary, secondary, and tertiary prospect-related information from a wide variety of online and offline sources, thus accumulating a strategic market advantage for our clients. Through our B2B account profiling services, you can identify multiple decision-makers, approach, motivate, and engage them quickly, and close sales deals with minimal effort and resource consumption.

Our comprehensive prospect profiling reports include critical details such as-

  • Current and valid account information
  • Decision-makers, their roles, and hierarchy
  • Influence-based titles
  • Prospect’s location
  • Competitor details
  • Financial information about the prospect
  • Challenges and obstacles

Additionally, our sales account profile sheets are managed and updated regularly to keep the prospects fresh. Sales specialists at SunTec India act as an extension of your team and help craft compelling marketing campaigns, design personalized messages, and identify upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

B2B Account Profiling Services: Empower Your Business With Twofold Sales Support

We provide your sales teams with the information and insight into markets and prospect accounts, representing the most promising opportunities for you, to help you close your sales deals more effectively and intelligently.

We also smoothen your marketing process involved in closing the sale by providing actionable intelligence to design and tailor your messages or modify solutions in sync with the market demand and position yourself competitively.

Using a combination of sales data research techniques, we acquire the desired information pertaining to the account profile, viz.:

  • Strategic business units and structure of the enterprise
  • Key products, solutions or services
  • Organogram - the organizational 'mapping' of key executives and decision-makers
  • List of key contacts in each business vertical, including a synopsis of their roles and responsibilities
  • Financial overview comprising revenue generation, profitability, growth, etc.
  • Charting of business opportunities - immediate, midterm, longer-term or even buried sales prospects along with top selection criteria, the timeline for purchase and budget approval processes
  • Key competitor information, accompanied by the current vendors and associates list
  • Details of the recent contracts
  • Trigger points and areas of grievances

Comprehensive Organizational And Executive Profiling Services

outsource account profiling services

Organizational Profiles

  • Products or Services based company
  • Scale of operations
  • ERP/SCM//CRM/Cloud
  • Average Revenue
  • Size of the workforce
  • Total Assets
  • Average Budgets
  • Mergers & acquisitions history
  • Decision-makers
  • Company structure

Executive Profiles

  • Name, Email, Phone Numbers &, Address
  • Social Media Profiles, Online activities
  • Job title, career, roles, and responsibilities
  • Role in Decision Making
  • Key executives and their background
  • Former companies
  • University affiliations
  • Non-profit affiliations

Account Profiling Services with the Guarantee of Data Security

Misaligned data security practices can lead to data breaches, recur expensive restoration measures, and cause a loss of brand reputation. Failing to protect sensitive information can also ripple into negative publicity and affect your sales.

At SunTec India, the market research and sales teams are trained on frequent intervals to comply with international data security and handling regulations. In addition to data security awareness and formal compliance inspections, we encrypt your data and reports, use advanced informational-transfer technologies, and prevent unauthorized retrieval through restricted, permission-based record access.

As a leading B2B account profiling service provider company, we also carry an ISO 27001:2013 certification for Information Security Management and follow all possible precautions to ensure the safety of our clients' data.

Beat the Competition with Customized Account Profiling Services from SunTec India

Leverage the SunTec advantage and stay ahead of the competition with a sharp focus on qualified leads and promising prospects.

  • 20+ years of experience
  • Skilled data entry experts
  • Dedicated sales account profile managers
  • 99.95% data accuracy
  • Encrypted data transmission tools
  • Scalable outsourcing model
  • Multi-tier quality analysis
  • Proven operational methodologies
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Affordable pricing

To outsource account profiling services to SunTec India or know more about how our data and sales experts can boost your sales and enhance your marketing efforts, reach out at

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Client Speak

Our subscriber base has increased by 40 % in the last 10 days, this is directly related to obviously the great input as well as having advertised. Believe me you will be the first to know when I need a next data capturer for GAJ as well as new productions.

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GAI (Global Art Information)
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