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Healthcare Insurance Claim Processing Services

Claim processing in Healthcare is one of the prime components of the medical billing process. Submitting a medical insurance claim decides the total amount of reimbursement that the healthcare provider will receive after the insurance company clears the dues. For any healthcare organization, it is crucial to understand the healthcare insurance claims process in order to process claims. As claim processing and submission is a time-taking and resource-consuming process, outsourcing submission of claims to an experienced service provider is the best solution.

As one of the leading healthcare claims processing companies, we deliver an affordable range of clinical data management services to organizations worldwide. We have a team of experienced & skilled medical claims submission experts who are well-versed with the claim submission processes & can help you improve your cash flow significantly. Our medical insurance claim processing services are focused on correctly filling claim detail for quicker reimbursements and preventing claim denials in the first place.

Our Healthcare Insurance Claims Process

SunTec India has been serving the healthcare industry for over two decades and has the relevant experience to meet all your medical billing needs. Our insurance claims process includes-

In Healthcare claims outsourcing, our team collects an itemized bill from the healthcare provider with a list of all the services provided. This bill also consists of cost and the relevant code for the treatment provided. Our team can deftly collect all the relevant documents & receipts.

Claim Form Filing

As the claim form consists of details associated with the patient’s illness and treatment or services provided, it determines whether or not the claim is under the client’s insurance plan or not. At this stage, our team of professional medical billers can help you fill details in the claim form including personal information (Name, Address, and DOB), Insurance policy number, background information and reason for visit, healthcare provider's details, and details of any expenses paid by the patient.

Review & Submission of Claims

Once the claim details are entered in the form, our professionals keep a back-up of all the documents by making a copy. These details are reviewed & audited thoroughly and corrected in case of any errors. On thorough checking of accuracy in the details, our team attaches all the required documents and submits them to the insurance company.

Process your Claims Faster with SunTec India’s Medical Claims Processing Services

As a leading healthcare claims processing company, we follow the prescribed claim submission guidelines of the industry to ensure a smooth and hassle-free claim submission process. Our team of claim processing & submission experts can totally free you of the hassles involved and allow you to focus on patient care by handling all the activities involved in medical claim submission and processing such as:

  • Medical Claims Data Entry
  • Medical Claims Data Validation
  • Medical Claims Administration Support Services
  • Medical Claims Data Processing Services
  • Medical Claims Data Indexing Services
  • Medical Claims Data Extraction
  • Medical Claims Data Archiving
  • Claims Data Maintenance and Cleansing
  • Medical Claims Finance and Accounting Support Services

Outsource Medical Claim Submission Services to SunTec India

With constant changes in insurance policies, it is getting more challenging for healthcare organizations to get insurance payments, which requires turning to outsource billing solutions. At SunTec India, our experienced medical billers successfully employ the latest tools & technologies available to them at their disposal to get claims processed faster and reduce claim denials/rejections. Since the claims submission process involves reviewing the claim data before submitting the claims to payers, we thoroughly maintain accuracy, identify and correct mistakes and review all the documents before submitting them to insurance payers. Our proficient team strives to make your claim process and submission convenient, easier, and fast.

By leveraging our Medical Claims Processing Services, your practice can avoid the tiresome paperwork and filing of lengthy forms manually. Our reliable and quick services can aid your medical organization/center to speed up your payments, improve your cash flow, and eliminate the costs of printing and mailing claim forms. Even if you come with your claim rejected, our skilled team reviews the claim, rejects it daily, and makes the necessary corrections to resubmit your claim the same day. And so, you can concentrate more on their patients – the heart of your practice without having to worry about medical claim submission!

Direct benefits of our outsourcing healthcare insurance claims processing services to us:

  • Faster & hassle-free claims submission

  • Faster payments

  • High claims accuracy

  • Transcription errors and missing data

  • No printing and mailing costs

  • Easy resubmitting of claims

  • Reduce paperwork

  • 24/7 access to claims tracking

Why Choose SunTec India as your Medical Insurance Claim Processing Partner?

Being one of the trusted medical claims processing companies, we believe in providing our clients with end-to-end clinical data management services and claim submission processing services within a quick turnaround time. This is made attainable by following a streamlined process for medical claims data processing. With our medical claim submission services, you can avail a series of benefits including:

Cost-Effective Pricing

We offer medical coding services at highly affordable prices to our clients. Furthermore, our accurate healthcare claim submission can improve your efficiency and cut down your overall costs.

Use of the Latest Billing Tools & Technology

Use of the latest billing tools & technology

Before taking up any project, we sign the HIPAA agreement for the client. This ensures that your patient-related data and other medical records are kept completely safe & secured

Medical Data Security

At SunTec India, data security is at the core of our operations. We have established rigorous privacy, security, and confidentiality standards at every level of our services. We use the best practices across the organization without compromising on data security.

High Accuracy in Claim Submission

Having rich experience and expertise, our team ensures that we deliver high-quality results with high accuracy of close to 100%

24/7 Support

We provide our clients with round-the-clock support. All our teams including the call center agents, sales teams, and project managers are available 24/7 via phone or email to answer your queries and resolve any issues that you may have

Quick Turnaround Time

We provide short turnaround times for daily processing and claims submissions and help clients to clear their backlogs in a short time without compromising on quality.

Scalable Solutions

With a highly talented team by your side of medical claims processing professionals you can easily scale up the service requirement as required.

Get in Touch with us Today for All your Healthcare Claims Outsourcing Services

We can help your practice to smoother & improve your revenue cycle management with our vast Healthcare BPO services. If you are looking for a reliable, safe, accurate, efficient, and cost-effective service provider, for your claim submission & processing tasks, get in touch with us today at info@suntecindia.com

Medical Claim Processing: Frequently Asked Questions

Claim submission is a critical part of the overall medical billing process and is critical for running successful healthcare practice. It determines the amount of reimbursement you will receive after the claim has been provided to the medical insurance company. In case a claim contains medical coding errors or fails to meet the specified requirements, the payer could reject it, thereby leading to revenue loss or delaying reimbursement.

A medical claim consists of all the important details that an insurance company must know to process the insurance reimbursements, including

  • Basic information of the patient (name, address, date of birth, etc.)
  • NPI (National Provider Identifier)
  • CPT codes (that reflect the healthcare services provided to the patient)

Claim submission is a critical process that must be handled with care. To ensure successful claim filing, a few things to be kept in mind are:

  • Ensure that the patient demographic information is correct and up-to-date
  • Effectively manage pre-authorization requirements
  • Stay updated on medical coding regulations & enter codes precisely
  • Perform quality check at each stage before submitting the claim to the insurance company
  • Maintain all the medical documents carefully

When you outsource medical billing and coding services to SunTec India, we ensure that you make the most out the reimbursements and successfully file all the claims. However, by any chance, if your claim gets denied, our medical billing experts immediately act upon it, take corrective measure, re-submit your claim for approval, and further take timely follow up till it gets approved.

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