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Assisting ESG Data Companies with Accurate ESG Data Management Services

Simplify ESG Reporting with Complete Data Support from SunTec India

Most ESG data companies must create impact reports at a break-neck speed while adhering to Global ESG Disclosure Standards and maintaining data precision. That requires compiling critical enterprise data from disparate sources and maintaining accurate datasets. ESG data companies can simplify this process by outsourcing ESG data management services to SunTec India.

We help sustainability reporting platforms and organizations comply with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards by providing data collection, curation, compilation, and cleaning services. We have a team of subject-matter experts with a deep understanding of the ESG data landscape. Our team can handle diverse data formats and complexities and process large volumes of ESG data in a quick turnaround time.

We provide ESG data management and reporting services to ESG Data Companies for:

  • Raw data collection and acquiring data
  • Data curation to make it ready for your AI platform
  • Data organization for your disclosure reporting requirements

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
from Diverse Industry Domains

Our ESG data services simplify data management for ESG data companies and Impact Reporting organizations. We hire SMEs, such as science and technology graduates, data consultants, and professionals with a particular skill set in the sustainability domain to ensure contextual, relevant, and precise results.

Root Cause Analysis of Bad Data in Company Datasets

A Study Conducted by SunTec India on 50+ Clients.

Our ESG Data Service Offerings

We help businesses combat the biggest challenges in ESG data management, such as data alignment with global performance standards, shareability, and regulation. We manage your monotonous tasks so that you can redirect your focus to the core operational activities. Our data specialists also build clear ESG data management incentives to streamline the outcomes.

ESG Data Collection

  • ESG data is collected from internal enterprise sources, like sales, marketing, finance, HR, website, and annual reports.
  • Data is collected from third-party sources, like CSR reports and public declarations.
  • Data is collected from third-party systems integrated with an organization, like ERP, EMS, CMS, and SCM.
  • As-reported ESG data is collected to ensure overall coverage of target company operations and workforce.
  • ESG data compilation in a single dataset with appropriate data entry and record validation.

ESG Data Monitoring

  • We frequently revisit the data sources relevant to a client's ESG data requirements.
  • Modified data values are noted and updated in the client's ESG database for improved accuracy.
  • Regular cleaning, validation, and updation of existing dataset entries are performed.

ESG Data Delivery

  • Prior to delivery, the ESG database undergoes a thorough check to ensure quality parameters and data standard compliances are met.
  • The database is simplified for analysis through transparent metadata addition to the data fields.
  • The database is delivered in the client's preferred format.

We Use the Following Sources for ESG Data Compilation

  • Data on company websites (concerning ESG goals)
  • Company disclosures
  • Internal organizational metrics
  • Internal systems (ERP, HR, EHS, EMS, SCM)
  • Annual reports and public filings
  • Data from third-party sources (NGOs and government reports)
  • Real-time ESG data (news, social media posts, public reviews)
  • Additional ESG data in the public domain (satellite imagery, environmentalist reports)

Why Should you Outsource ESG Data Management?

The data related to sustainability reporting comes from various sources and can be challenging to collect, compile, and validate frequently. Outsourcing ESG data management to our team ensures effective data processing and efficient data reporting. Companies can manage their ESG data with dedicated support from our SMEs and data experts. We also improve the reporting efficiency in terms of speed and accuracy.

Our ESG data services further assist you in the following ways:

  • 20+ years of experience is translated into efficient data management.
  • The latest technologies and tools ensure up-to-date and secure outcomes.
  • A strong commitment to quality and client satisfaction guarantees the best outcomes.
  • A dedicated team of domain specialists ensures quick project turnaround.

Get a trusted data support partner at your convenience by outsourcing ESG data management services to SunTec India. Contact us at to know more.

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