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The mortgage industry is highly competitive, heavily regulated, and constantly evolving. As a result, industry players are hard-pressed to optimize their staff and infrastructural cost to stay ahead of the curve. Mortgage process outsourcing makes it possible to free up internal resources, resolve staffing challenges, improve compliance, and cut costs.

We help lenders, brokers, banks, financial companies, insurance companies, real estate agencies, and investors with back-office support for mortgage operations. Our mortgage BPO services include-

  • Foreclosure data processing
  • Mortgage forms data entry
  • Underwriting data support
  • Appraisal data management
  • Data support for mortgage loan processing
  • Customer support (email, chat, and call)
  • Compliance and quality check for data and processes
  • Real estate photo editing

Get assured success with higher process efficiency

As an experienced mortgage BPO company, we understand the importance of process efficiency. We use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to identify bottlenecks, automate tasks, and streamline operations while also training our employees to ensure maximum positive outcomes through mortgage process outsourcing.

Reliable mortgage business process outsourcing services (BPO)

Our professionals understand your needs and offer comprehensive real estate data support, while you focus on core operations. We collect property and applicant data from various sources (such as county websites, banking systems, credit reports, and legal documents), input it securely into databases, and categorize documents with appropriate tags for easy retrieval.

Here is a detailed account of our mortgage BPO services.

Mortgage forms data entry

We extract details from important mortgage forms (escrow agreements, trust deeds, Form 1003, income and employment forms like W-2s and 1099s, closing disclosure forms, etc.). This data is cleaned, verified, validated, and standardized as needed using advanced techniques.

Property title search & data entry

SunTec is a real estate title research company that covers everything in the abstracting and title business. Our full-service title searches include full 50-year title searches, commercial searches, tax sale searches, and foreclosure searches. We gather valuation data for properties from authorized sources, record it accurately, and facilitate property title transfers by updating ownership details during sales, inheritances, or transfers between individuals/entities.

Foreclosure data processing

Foreclosure is the legal process of a lender taking possession of a property due to the borrower's payment default. We extract data for all foreclosure types (VA, tax, HUD, and bank foreclosure) from county websites, organize it for easy access, and upload listings as needed.

Underwriting data support

We assist financial institutions, insurance, and investment firms in collecting, managing, and verifying personal, policy, medical, and financial data for underwriting, securely entering details into insurance systems for coverage initiation.

Mortgage tax data entry

We extract and review mortgage tax records, accurately enter tax details (loan details, tax amounts, tax ID, payment deadlines, receipts, tax forms, and related documentation) into designated systems, and maintain organized records for future reference and audits.

Appraisal data management

We gather property details, market data, and financial information from appraisal documents (inspection reports, income and expense statements, appraisal reports, legal and title documents, etc.). This data is structured to remove obsolete, missing and duplicate details.

Mortgage loan processing

We provide comprehensive data support for efficient mortgage loan processing, ensuring accurate and organized information throughout the application and approval process and expediting the process for lenders and insurance companies. Outsourcing mortgage loan processing to our team ensures quick and accurate outcomes.

Claim denial management

We specialize in claim denial management, helping our clients navigate and resolve insurance claim denials through thorough documentation analysis, identification of issues, and quick resolutions. Our team ensures fast re-processing of claim appeals for maximum reimbursement.

Real estate photo editing

Our photo editing team improves property images by enhancing lighting, color, and composition. We ensure visually appealing photos for effective marketing and enticing property listings that attract potential buyers and help real estate professionals stand out in the market.

Related support for mortgage businesses

In addition to these mortgage BPO services, we also offer multi-dimensional support to help you improve your operations and efficiency.

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Frequently asked questions

Mortgage business process outsourcing (BPO) is the act of hiring an external (third-party) service provider to handle mortgage-related back-office tasks. The goal of outsourcing mortgage BPO is to cut costs, improve processes, boost efficiency, free up time, and maintain compliance with industry regulations.

Mortgage BPO companies can help lenders, brokers, banks, financial companies, insurance companies, real estate agencies, and mortgage investors with back-office support. It usually includes time-consuming tasks like data entry, processing, management, and reporting, document indexing, verification, and validation, customer support, compliance checks, claim denial management, etc.

Lenders can benefit from mortgage business process outsourcing in the following ways-

  • Streamlining complex and time-consuming processes
  • Decreasing document processing time
  • Addressing the challenges posed by rising costs, increasing personnel expenses, and employee retention issues
  • Minimizing overhead costs
  • Optimizing in-house back-office resources to focus on core operations
  • Leveraging advanced technologies (cost-effectively) to automate mortgage operations

When you outsource mortgage BPO services to SunTec India, we can help you in many ways, such as:

  • Cost-savings: We help you save up to 40-60% on your operational costs with our flexible hiring models.
  • Time-Savings: We assure quick project delivery to save your time and effort.
  • Reduce administrative burden: Our experts take care of essential mortgage BPO processes to help you focus on your business growth.
  • Seamless loan processing: We make mortgage loan processing and recovery quick and efficient by providing essential data support.

As a responsible mortgage BPO company, we practice protected communications and sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with each client to protect their data. Additionally, we utilize updated firewalls, multi-layer IP address netting, and secure VPN and FTP servers while working or sharing data with you to prevent breaches.

We use state-of-the-art technologies and tools to handle data volume fluctuations and data volatility to ensure you get desired results within deadlines.

We collaborate with our clients over their preferred communication channels such as Slack, Skype, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc., for project-related discussion and assistance. We also share regular reports (weekly/monthly) with you to keep you updated about your project’s development.

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