Outsource Mailing List Compilation Services

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Mailing List Compilation Services

Boost your marketing email open rates by up to 50% with end-to-end mailing list compilation services from SunTec India. By cleaning, standardizing, and organizing relevant addresses for maximum deliverability, we enhance your chances of successfully reaching the right audience while minimizing operational expenses and mitigating potential misdelivery risk.

  • Tailor-made Mailing List Compilation Services
  • Complete Data Confidentiality through NDA
  • 99.95% Mailing List Data Entry Accuracy
  • International Quality Standards’ Compliance

End-To-End Mailing List Compilation Services

Emails serve as a highly effective means of communication with existing and prospective clients. Direct mail marketing campaigns rely heavily on the ability to craft the right messages, but the ROI remains elusive unless the mails reach the right inboxes. That’s why creating and maintaining precise and relevant mailing lists are an essential aspect of every business’s marketing efforts.

Not giving enough attention to mailing list compilation often defeats the whole purpose of the mail campaign. Businesses that compile their mailing lists in-house waste a lot of time and resources on this research-oriented task. The best way out of this tricky situation is outsourcing mailing list compilation services to a specialized vendor. Delegating this task to a third-party helps optimize your in-house resource utilization, minimize expense, and enhance operational efficiency.

B2B & B2C Mailing Lists Compilation Services

At SunTec India, result-driven data entry specialists conduct a consolidated target market analysis before creating a mailing list for any marketing project. Our mailing list compilation services are focused on audience types, favorable outcome expectations, and positive response modulation, designed to ensure higher recipient saturation and enhance the outcome of your direct mail campaigns.

Multi-Source List Development

Whether extracting information from multiple sources or making the most of a single one, our experts are equally at ease with both the approaches. We harvest relevant mail details from visitor logs, current customer lists, commercial marketing lists, blog subscriptions, social media leads, and online and printed directories.

Postcode/Zip Code Validation

To ensure confident deliveries, our list compilation services verify all city & state zip codes, comparing them against the USPS postal address data file. Techniques like customizing, compressing, splitting, or combining address fields help us ensure the accuracy of a given location, replace missing values, and eliminate incorrect details.

Existing Mailing List Verification

Multidimensional mailing list verification is our forte. To determine the legitimacy of your existing collection of addresses, we employ a validation process that involves syntax checks, record validation, junk address detection, change-of-address detection, identification of spam traps, zip code verification, and an in-depth rechecking to find and sort other inconsistencies.

Mailing List Deduplication

Record deduplication is an imperative part of our business email address list building service. We consider different data entry formats, potential data entry mistakes, and first-name and family-name based discrepancies before creating custom configurations to rid the list of redundant entries. We also combine multiple mailing lists and dedupe the outcome, thus providing only relevant data.

Mailing List Cleaning

Your mailing lists are frequently purged to maintain the hygiene of records, eliminate ambiguity, flush invalid addresses, update changed ones, and keep the list responsive to its target campaign. Through regular quality and accuracy checks, we help you save money on misdirected deliveries and uphold sender reputation by removing cold and non-existent leads.

Mailing List Standardization

With a dedicated team of marketing campaigns’ data analysts and a well-defined standardization strategy, we process compiled and cleaned mailing lists to ensure adherence with the address format as approved by the national postal authority. We follow the standards recognized by the USPS(United States Postal Service) and CASS(Coding Accuracy Support System) to fix incomplete records.

Priority & Suppression Mailing List Building Services

In addition to mailing list compilation, experts at SunTec India also filter the list by target audience, quantity, and relevance as per marketing campaign requirements. This approach helps us prioritize the audience demographic/type that you want to contact and suppress the group you want to avoid for a particular advertising/promotional program.

Root cause analysis of bad data in company datasets

A Study conducted by SunTec India on 50+ clients.

Enterprise Advantages of Outsourcing Mailing List Compilation Services to SunTec India

When you outsource mailing list compilation service to the SunTec India company, you can leverage 20+ years of industry experience, extensive functional expertise, and a dedicated team of mail list building experts. Services like mailing list data entry, database management, cleaning, standardization, validation, and filtering constitute our comprehensive suite of offerings.

As a prominent mailing list compilation service provider, we abide by stringent quality constraints and international data regulations. Our hands-on experience of working with diverse industry verticals, global clientele, and the latest research techniques equips us with the capability to compile customized, result-driven mailing lists. Outsourcing mailing list compilation services to a specialized vendor like us extends numerous benefits to your business.

Mailing List Compilation Services

Focus on core business

Outsourcing mailing list compilation services frees up a lot of time and resources that can be utilized to streamline your core revenue-generating processes.

Acquire the right talent instantly

Get access to the most suitable resources, mailing list data entry experts, and latest skill sets to take care of your mailing list compilation and eliminate the need to spend time and resources on talent acquisition.

Avail customized services

At SunTec India, mailing list compilation services are a core business activity. We provide a comprehensive suite of best in class, completely customized offerings, from email address verification, validation, and merging mailing lists to postcode/zip code verification.

Stay in complete control

As a dedicated mail list compilation service provider, we bring in specialists who work exclusively for you as an extension of your in-house team, thus keeping you in full control of the operations.

Save operational costs

When you outsource mailing list compilation services to a third-party vendor like SunTec India, we use our experience and functional expertise to reduce your infrastructural and overhead costs. Additionally, the benefit of labor arbitrage further adds to your cost-saving.

Leverage time zone difference

Outsourcing destinations like India are at least five and ten hours ahead of GMT and CST. The time difference works in your favor and extends the benefit of off-hours-services, significantly reducing the turnaround time of services.

Mailing List Compilation Services : The SunTec India Process

Once you share your requirement with us, our mailing list compilation team follows a meticulous process to carve out a tailor-made solution for you.

  • Our subject matter experts (SME) discuss your requirements in detail with you.
  • After a thorough assessment of your needs, the project manager identifies the most suitable resources from our team of mailing list compilation experts.
  • The project manager shares a detailed SLA with you with full details of the deliverables and timelines.
  • The team starts working exclusively on your project once you approve the SLA.

Mailing List Compilation Services: Get The SunTec India Advantage

At SunTec India, we help our clients make the most of their contact lists by understanding how our mail list compilation services fit in with your organizational requirements. When we establish a master database of qualified addresses for your direct mail marketing campaign, we do so while complying with the most stringent data quality, accuracy, and compatibility standards.

By choosing SunTec India as your mailing list compilation services provider, you can avail a host of unique benefits including:

  • 20+ years of domain expertise
  • Dedicated resources working exclusively for you
  • Flexible and scalable outsourcing models
  • ISO 27001:2022 certified processes for information security & data confidentiality
  • Strict and clear SLAs
  • Auditable processes
  • Global quality and security compliances
  • Bespoke services

To know more about our mailing list compilation services, reach out to us at info@suntecindia.com with your requirements.