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Improve revenue cycles with accurate charge entry in medical billing

Outsource Medical Billing Charge Entry Services

As a reliable charge entry company, we at SunTec India follow a well-structured charge entry process focused on improving your revenue cycle. Our medical billing team has rich experience and understanding of the US healthcare industry and offers expert services which reduce the room for errors and contributes to clean claims. Our team follows detailed steps throughout the charge entry process to ensure that relevant checks are made at each processing stage. This enables us to provide accurate Medical Billing Charge Entry Services to you with speed and efficiency.

Our End-to-End Medical Billing Charge Entry Services

Our proficient medical billing resources accurately enter the key patient demographics and insurance data into the medical billing system.

Billing Information Entry

Our team carefully validates and uploads billing information into the software for charge processing

Charge Assignment

We enter valid medical billing information and assign diagnosis codes, procedures codes, and modifiers for filing insurance claims.

Billing Data Quality Check

We follow multi-level data quality checks. Our QA experts thoroughly monitor billing data to address any errors to ensure that the charges are correctly entered.

Charge Submission

Our team submits the final medical claim to the insurance payer & ensures that the client receives maximum reimbursement through correctly coded claims.

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Our Charge Entry Process in Medical Billing

Our structured approach enables us to offer a vast range of charge entry and clinical data management services to clients. We follow the below charge entry process in medical billing:

  • Receipt of files

    At first, we receive scanned copies of EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) and checks from the client through a secure FTP site.

  • Download & Allocation of File

    On receiving the files, our team downloads the file, evaluates the documents & then allocates them to the charge entry team.

  • Patient Demographics Entry

    Our team enters a series of demographics data along with the denial-related details.

  • EOB Follow-Up

    If there are partial payments made, our team initiates the necessary investigation and necessary corrective steps are taken.

  • Rejection/Denial Analysis

    Our experts carefully analyze the EOBS and the claims and take the necessary actions to recover the due amount.

  • Conveying Results to the Client

    We convey the final results to the client & insist them to provide us their valuable feedback.

Enhance your Billing Cycle with Medical Billing Charge Entry Services

A well-structured charge entry and posting process positively impacts organizational revenue, bottom-line profitability, operational efficiency, as well as business growth. However, this process involves several factors that must be documented precisely and validated before initiating further processing.

These include:

  • Date of admission
  • Place of service
  • Date of service consumption
  • Billing provider details
  • Rendering provider details
  • Reference documents from the physician
  • Diagnosis codes
  • CPT codes
  • Pre-authorization details
  • Modifiers, if any

In addition to recording these details from online and offline mediums and performing quality checks on the thus-obtained data, it’s also important to ensure that every critical charge entry phase runs in a non-complicated manner.

Our medical billing charge entry services handle them with careful scrutiny to guarantee effective outcomes.

Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing Charge Entry

At SunTec India, we have worked with many medical businesses and handled charge data across different specialties. With us, you get access to professionals who are well acquainted with HIPAA compliances and the recognized medical coding systems. We also have a tried-and-tested process in place to ensure accuracy and timely delivery without any hitches.

Together, all of it turns into a competitive and operational advantage for your organization.

Streamlined Revenue Management

Our medical billing charge entry services give you a shot at obtaining accurate monetary reimbursements on time. Over time, our operational precision translates into a streamlined flow of revenue across your system.

Higher Time Efficiency

With our teams handling all your charge data entry requirements, your in-house team gets more time to focus on the core competencies. At the same time, our experts expedite the process and get the results quicker than expected.

Minimal Claim Denials

Since our data entry team is exceptionally keen on data accuracy and quality, we end up eliminating almost every error and error-generating opportunity from your charge data ecosystem, leading to minimal claim denials.

Competency and Security

By saving your time, money, and efforts in medical billing charge entry, we increase the overall competency and efficiency for your organization. And, with encrypted, strict data protection policies set in place, we also keep you stress-free.

Outsource Charge Entry Services to SunTec India for Enhanced Results & Clean Claims

SunTec India is a leading charge entry service provider with over 25 years of experience in the domain. As a successful charge entry process requires attention to detail, our medical billing experts are well-versed with the charge entry process & make sure that all your entries are entered accurately in order to receive correct reimbursement. For this, our team can help you enter charges into the client’s medical billing system following account-specific rules and audit final charges, and send claims for transmission.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Charge entry is one of the crucial steps in the medical billing process. In the medical billing charge entry process, the previously created patient accounts are assigned with the appropriate value according to the coding and appropriate fee schedule. These charges entered are responsible for determining the reimbursements for the healthcare service. Since any charge entry errors may lead to rejection or denial of the claims, they must be handled with utmost care and precision.

Under this process, the amount of service charge is entered into the respective patient accounts by looking at the codes entered in the medical procedure. Moreover, in the charge entry process, patient-related medical information & service is thoroughly checked and any incorrect information is identified and rectified. If not resolved in this stage, it directly impacts the reimbursements and can lead to claim denials, thereby hampering the overall revenue cycle.

At SunTec India, we are committed to providing accurate and timely medical billing services. Our QA analysts thoroughly check and validate patients’ medical data, accounts, and services offered and match them with the respective codes entered. Our team deftly checks for any inaccuracies, duplicates, or missing information in the data. Furthermore, our experts immediately take action and corrective measures to address mistakes & ensure complete data accuracy.

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