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Medical Billing Services

Healthcare organizations often struggle to streamline their medical billing process, cut down costs, accelerate the pace of revenue generation, and enhance client satisfaction. If you too are caught up with managing back-office tasks and unable to focus on patient care, it’s high time you outsource medical billing services to an experienced service provider.

From streamlining the complex collections process to overcoming continual declines in reimbursements and insurance adjudication, there are a number of tasks that constitute the medical billing process and lead to a smooth revenue generation cycle. Outsourcing to SunTec India, one of the leading medical billing companies, will enable your healthcare business to improve your cash flow, reduce operational expenses, increase the efficiency delivered by the system and manage all your medical billing needs.

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Medical Billing Services

Services Offered by our Medical Billing Company

As a medical billing company, for over more than 25 years, we have been catering to the diverse needs of the healthcare industry. Our end-to-end medical billing outsourcing services include:

Our proficient team of medical billing experts can provide you with highly accurate and error-free patient demographic entry services. Our team of medical billing specialists enters and validates patient’s demographic details including name, date of birth, address, insurance details, medical history, guarantor, etc.

We conduct insurance verification in order to check and validate eligibility for the particular insurance requirement for any pre-authorization and sought other pre-certification processes for specific lab tests, diagnostic tests, and surgeries. The details are then sent to the hospital in the prescribed format.

If your documents are without ICD and CPT codes, we send them to the medical coding department to assign them respective codes. In case the codes are already provided on the superbill, they are validated by our AAPC certified coders to prevent any up-coding or down coding and denials.

Effective payment posting services can help you resolve and prevent claim denials. To ensure this, our medical billing team carefully monitors instructions from the insurance company and stays up to date on their information about new billing or coding rules. Thus, our team can quickly identify reasons for your claim denial, get it corrected, and send them back to the insurance provider. Having your claim denials go unresolved contributes to your overall improved revenue cycle.

Our experts can deftly process paper claims. Our team conducts a thorough quality check and leaves no room for errors. In case the rejection report is received from the clearinghouse, it is analyzed, rectified, and then resubmitted to the insurance company.

We process, and make logs of patient’s medical documents coming from different medical facilities for insurance claim processing and reporting. At a later stage, we sort each document in chronological order as per the date of service or date of test done.

The amounts from EOBs and amounts posted in the system are reconciled every day and a daily log is maintained with this data. In case the actual claim is much below the expected claim, we also charge appropriate patient accounts and initiate the process for denied claims.

On submission of the claims, our medical billing BPO team follow-up on unpaid insurance claims. Our team conducts periodic follow-ups over phone, email, and/or online are done to get the status of each claim submitted to the insurance company.

The denied claims are handled & addressed immediately by our medical billing specialists for reprocessing. The team calls payors, patients, providers, or other participants to follow up on denied, underpaid, or pending processed claims, and the action is immediately documented in the system.

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Medical Billing Process: Our Workflow

  • Receive the scanned files/documents from the client
  • Enter & register patients demographic data
  • Assign codes & submit claims for clearance
  • Follow up on claims & partial payments
  • Address denials & send them for re-processing
  • Convey the results to the client & take their feedback

Outsource Medical Billing Services to SunTec India & Boost Revenue and Efficiency

SunTec India has been a leading provider of medical billing services, providing a plethora of healthcare BPO services to its global clientele over more than 25 years. As a medical billing services company, we understand that building a successful practice is challenging and requires professional assistance, and thus we offer you comprehensive clinical data management services. With expertise & rich experience in the BPO domain, we possess robust capabilities that will benefit you when you decide on outsourcing medical billing services to us.

Our Speciality as the Leading Medical Billing Services Company

Stringent Data Protection

We understand that your back-office support in health facilities includes confidential patient information that must be protected, and so we process the documents and data in a discreet way, thereby preventing unauthorized access or modification.

Accuracy Close to 100%

Being an ISO 9001 certified company, we follow the highest quality management standards and global best practices to make sure that the final output for your business is 99.95% accurate and is delivered within the specified deadline.

Quick Turnaround Time

Our medical billing company services help you in getting fast solutions to combat your medical billing challenges. We make sure to deliver your project within the stipulated time frame without compromising on the quality.

Scalable Solutions

We have the capability to ramp up the resources depending on your business requirement. With the appropriate outsourced manpower and technology allocated for your healthcare organization, you can easily achieve your objectives.

Affordable Pricing

Outsourcing medical billing services to us are highly cost-effective. We provide you with highly affordable and flexible pricing options that can suit your budget and help you cut down costs considerably.

Medical Billing Experts

Our billing specialists have rich experience in handling diverse specialties that ensures your business gets a competitive edge in the dynamic business landscape.

Partner with us & Boost your Financial Performance

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Frequently Asked Questions

At SunTec India, we ensure you regain control over your medical billing process. Few benefits of partnering with us include:

  • Increased revenue
  • Access to certified medical coders & billers
  • Complete data security
  • Higher patient satisfaction
  • Up-to-date with changing regulations

You can share the relevant paperwork & documents with our team in multiple ways:

  • By providing authorized access to your practice management system
  • By scanning and uploading documents to our portal
  • Via encrypted emails

Yes, we can! Our experienced medical billing team carefully reviews, follow up and resubmit the denied claims as needed. In case the insurer requires additional information or documents, we obtain the needed information and send it for quicker clearance.

As a medical billing agency, we ensure the complete safety of your confidential data. We have stringent data protection practices in place to avoid any unauthorized access or modification to your patients’ data.

Yes, we do. As a part of our medical billing services, we precisely verify insurance claims to confirm eligibility, get prior authorization, and ensure quick payment processing by insurance companies.

We analyze your accounts receivable report & make sure to follow up on each claim every 15 days until it's cleared. If the insurance companies require additional data/ documentation from our client’s end, we immediately take action, complete the necessities and follow up again, once the documents are submitted.

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