Account Receivables (AR) Follow-Up Services

Boost business revenue with streamlined account receivable follow-up processes

Accounts Receivable (AR) Follow-Up & Management Services

The accounts receivable follow-up process in medical billing is responsible for looking after denied/rejected claims and refiling them to receive maximum reimbursement from the insurance companies. Account Receivable Management (AR) is a dedicated process of collecting due payments by the means of follow-up to avoid delays in the revenue and step up the cash influx. Healthcare organizations often face challenges like long receivable cycles, delays in revenue, and denied claims, that require AR follow-up services. By outsourcing account receivable follow-up services to a reliable & experienced service provider, healthcare organizations can overcome these challenges, reduce overhead costs, and notably save on manpower.

At SunTec India, we understand that ignoring the AR follow-up process makes medical billing lose a lot of money; therefore, we help you in streamlining your accounts receivable follow-up processes and ramp up your revenues. Our proficient team can help you reduce the AR process time by regularly following up on the outstanding claims. Our experienced, skilled & competent AR experts leverage advanced and robust tools to accurately examine, correct, appeal, and re-file the claims. Having a dedicated team of medical billing collection experts, our accounts receivable follow-up services pinpoint areas that hinder the revenue collection efforts in the first place.

Accounts Receivable (AR) Follow-Up & Management Services we Offer

The account receivable process directly affects your healthcare organization's revenue system & improves your financial performance when you duly follow all the claims. With over two decades of experience, we have been dedicatedly serving the healthcare industry with a wide range of clinical data management services. We have acquired the necessary skills and expertise to effortlessly address your AR follow-up requirements. Our comprehensive range of services encompass the following:

Account Receivables (AR) Follow-up Services

Medical Accounts Receivable Follow-Up

Our team follow-up on all the pending claims, check on claim denials, find the receivable balances, track payments that are due and re-file claims after denials. All these efforts will help you in increasing cash flow and improve your revenue system.

Accounts Receivable Recovery Services

Our team digs into the medical billing process and identifies reasons for the non-payment of dues and resolves them to get your dues cleared.

Financial Reporting

Our team can deftly help you prepare different types of financial reports. With these reports, we do monthly analyses of the problems that cause claims denial. Furthermore, the reports differentiate collectible and uncollectible amounts and bill them accordingly.

Insurance Follow-Up

Lack of follow-up with the insurance companies can cause huge losses. Our insurance follow-up services are designed to make sure that the claims are followed up thoroughly and our clients receive payments timely. Our team has the required skills to rigorously follow up on all accounts via phone, email, and online.

Clear Old AR Backlogs

Oftentimes, lack of follow-ups causes healthcare organizations to result in large numbers of unresolved AR. This is mainly because insufficient skills, lack of manpower, and poor management lead to a huge backlog. At SunTec India, our team of AR follow-up experts can help you clear the backlogs within a quick turnaround time.

Our Account Receivable Follow-Up Process

At SunTec India, we follow a tried and tested approach to help you get the amount for each payment that you are entitled to. As an account receivable follow-up service provider, we follow the following steps:

  • First, we receive all your medical documents and examine each one of them to capture all the records. The team ensures that the data collected is accurate and complete.
  • After verifying the documents, we review the procedure codes against the diagnosis to ensure its accuracy. In case of any inaccuracy or mistakes found, we rectify them.
  • As the next step, we check the rejected claims and find out the exact cause for the claim denial or rejection. If there are any documentation issues, our experienced medical billers come up with the most appropriate solution for re-filing the insurance claim.
  • After the payer accepts the claim and processes it, we pursue the adjudicated amounts and appeal if necessary.
  • At last, we pursue balances from patients, payers, or other guarantors. Leveraging various collection methods, our team takes periodic follow-ups over the phone, email, and online to get the status of each claim submitted to the insurance company until the final payment is made.

Why Should you Outsource the Accounts Receivable Follow-Up Process?

Some of the more popular reasons, why you should outsource AR follow-up:

Helps in Recovering Due Payments

AR follow-up in Medical billing helps your healthcare organization, clinics, nursing homes, etc. to recover the overdue payments easily. When outsourcing medical AR management, you can have a dedicated team that is constantly involved in the claims follow-up procedure, to help you recover and receive payments on time.

Reduces time for outstanding accounts

Medical A/R management focuses on minimizing the amount of time that accounts are allowed to remain outstanding. Your account receivable follow-up service provider can track accounts that have not been paid and come up with a suitable action plan required to secure payment.

Ensures that the Claims Are Received

Payment delays usually occur when claims are not received and when paper claims go lost. Thus, it advised sending the claims in electronic form. In the follow-up process, the team can easily find out that the claim hasn't been received, and so they can send another claim request for processing.

Follow-Up on Denied Claims

Based on the reason for your insurance claim rejection, you can send a new claim request with the required corrections made. This is where outsourcing Accounts Receivable Management helps! Your outsourcing partner calls the insurance companies and ensures that all claims are followed through till the end.

Improves Cash Flow

Outsourcing AR follow-up brings financial stability to any healthcare service provider and maintains a positive cash flow. With the A/R department taking care of your medical billing needs, you can have an improved cash flow by receiving maximum reimbursements from the insurance companies.

Outsource Medical AR Management to SunTec India

SunTec India is a leading medical billing and account receivable follow-up service provider serving global clients for over more than 25 years. Backed with the latest tools, technology, and skilled team, we deliver high-quality services within the stipulated time. Our cost-effective services assist clients to save overhead costs and help healthcare organizations combat challenges faced in the medical billing process. We can easily help you sail through the reimbursement process without any hassles. Our knowledge and experience in medical billing processes greatly enhance our ability to conduct successful cash recovery programs and improve your follow-up process.

By outsourcing account receivable follow-up services to SunTec India, you can reduce costs and save on manpower considerably. We can efficiently identify different medical billing scenarios that result in non-payment of dues, and help you resolve them until your claims are settled. Renowned for our clinical data management services, our highly experienced A/R specialists have cultivated a strong reputation for their extensive knowledge of various insurance companies and their policies. Outsourcing your Accounts Receivable Follow-up Process to us, you can rest assured to get quick reimbursements from insurance companies without any inconvenience.

Why Outsource AR follow-Up Services to SunTec India?

SunTec India has been a leading accounts receivable follow-up service provider for more than 25 years and has gained trust from the most prominent healthcare clients across the world. Some of the key benefits to outsourcing accounts receivable process to SunTec India are -

Affordable AR Follow-Up Services

At SunTec India, we provide healthcare clients with cost-effective pricing options for AR follow-up management services, based on hours, per unit work done, percentage collection, etc.

Before taking your project, we sign a HIPAA agreement with all our clients. This ensures that all your confidential patient-related data is kept safe and the best security measures are in place & followed.

Information Security

Being ISO 27001:2022 certified company, with us, you can rest assured that all the data and information you share with our team will be kept safe & confidential.

24/7 Support

Our teams are available at your services round the clock, via email or phone to answer your queries or issues.

Latest Tools & Technology

At SunTec India, our team members have access to the latest tools and technologies at our disposal, to provide you the best quality services.

Experienced Team of A/R Specialists

We have the most experienced and skilled team of A/R specialists on board who are proficient enough to handle all your business needs

Unmatched Accuracy Levels

SunTec India, being an ISO-certified company, guarantees that the final output delivered by our team will be accurate and error-free. Furthermore, we have a dedicated QA team to handle a project and ensure that industry standards are met.

Quick Turnaround Time

Outsourcing accounts receivable processes to us can free your healthcare professionals from detailed AR follow-ups. Having the support of our skilled team we can deliver the best quality AR follow-up services within a short turnaround time. This will give you more time to focus on core competencies and provide better care to patients

Scalable Solutions

SunTec India has the required skills and expertise both in terms of proficiency and infrastructure to scale up the team size and services as per the clients’ requirements.

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