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Email Validation and Verification Service

Email continues to be one of the most effective tools for marketing, as well as data collection. But, its potential advantages heavily rely on the quality of your acquired list of email addresses. By employing email validation services, businesses can remove fake & faulty email addresses from their lists, thus reducing spam complaints, eliminating hard bounces, and preventing fraudulent instances while maintaining a shining organizational reputation.

The value of email marketing can be gauged by the fact that 73% of company respondents have ranked email as an excellent marketing channel. Businesses across the globe have reported a constant increase in average email delivery rates and open rates over the last three-four years. With an average open rate of 2.86% and a click-through rate of 3.71%, emails can prove to be a key element in boosting campaign conversions and consumer retention numbers, as long as your email ID lists are clean and hygienic.

However, maintaining the quality of your email data is a cumbersome process that may cause unnecessary delays in your campaigns. Outsourcing email validation services to a vendor of excellent repute can help enterprises quickly get accurate email lists.

Partner with SunTec India to Leverage a Broad Range of Email Address Validation Services

SunTec India is an ISO certified service provider and a prominent name in the outsourcing industry. For more than 20 years, we have helped businesses of all sizes with custom email validation services at affordable prices.

At SunTec India, seasoned professionals help you in expanding the reach and improving the delivery rate of your email marketing campaigns. Backed by our teams of highly trained and knowledgeable professionals and cutting-edge technology and tools, we clean your email address lists, thereby reducing the number of email bounces, complaints, and spam traps and increasing open rates, click-through rates, and conversions.

With a broad range of email address verification services, including email list hygiene checking and cleaning services, we help you identify invalid, incorrect, and non-functional email addresses, thus enabling you to approach the target audience and boost your marketing efforts more efficiently. Using a combination of manual as well as automated methods, our experts scrutinize all the email addresses for authenticity and accuracy. They use high-quality validation tools to ensure that the structure of the email IDs conforms to Internet standards and Internet Service Providers' (ISP) rules.

SunTec India’s Portfolio of Email Validation Services

With unparalleled speed and accuracy, we help businesses efficiently connect with their valuable customers. Our experts identify dead domain names, invalid email addresses, and typographical errors and ensure that you send the messages to valid and deliverable email addresses, thereby reaching the target market just in time.

Our Comprehensive Suite Of Email List Verification Services :

list of email validation services

Syntax Checks

Our professionals thoroughly check the email address lists against recognized standards and ensure that each address includes a '@' sign, the domain doesn't start with a hyphen and the 'dots' are in the correct sequence.

Email Correction

Our experts identify spelling errors and typos in the email addresses and correct them. They also remove bogus email addresses from the lists.

Thorough Spam Trap Suppression

We identify and remove spam traps, frequent spam complainers, honeypots, malicious entries, invalid domains, and fake addresses from the list.

DNS Validation

We check the DNS records for domains of all the addresses and make sure that the domain servers are active and valid.

SMTP Validation & Mailbox Confirmation

Through SMTP protocol verification, we contact the mail server to make sure that the concerned mailbox is active and can receive messages without any hitches.

Risk Assessment

Additionally, our services help identify other potential problems with email addresses, like catch-all servers, duplicate email addresses, role-based email addresses, etc.

General Reporting

Through secure data transfer methods, we share a comprehensive report of the problems in your email address lists, our solutions, and the overall approach, analysis, and simplified classification.

Increase Retentions with Real-time Email Validation Services from SunTec India

When you hire email validation experts from SunTec India, you are essentially getting rid of the consequences of ill-managed email data and giving your organization a better chance at gaining higher conversions through email marketing. Additionally, having a professional email verification company in your corner brings in numerous benefits as follows-

  • Increase delivery rates
  • Reduce bounce rates
  • Get an up-to-date email list
  • Helps you maintain sender reputation with ISPs
  • Enhances the performance of email marketing campaigns
  • Enables you to protect your brand reputation with customers
  • Eliminates invalid, non-existent email address

Data integrity and security are fundamental aspects of our day-to-day functioning. As an ISO 27001:2013 certified organization, our security systems comply with the highest government regulations for data safety, such as GDPR.

Discuss Your Email Validation Services Requirements With Us

Get in touch with us to determine how we can help you minimize your chances of being flagged as a spammer, as well as to save your valuable time and money through our effective email validation services. Please share any requirements or queries to SunTec India at

Client Speak

Client Speak

I would highly recommend SunTec to any organisation looking for professional, prompt and cost effective business services. This was my company's first overseas outsource project so I was a little apprehensive about ensuring I found the correct partner. The speed at which SunTec quoted for the work, produced a test sample and responded to my queries put me at ease. To top it all they then completed the actual project well ahead of schedule.

-- Barry Hetherington
Managing Director
Know Your Candidate Ltd. Manchester UK
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