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How A Research & Consulting Firm Benefited From SunTec’s Data Processing Services


Outsourcing data processing services has become imperative for every business to be able to streamline its operations. Data research and other related services are aimed at ensuring that only accurate and relevant data is keyed in and processed, and that there are no discrepancies, none whatsoever. SunTec India follows a comprehensive approach with regard to data implements result-driven strategies to help clients get the most out of the data at their disposal. The clients get a full-stack service, right from web research & data entry to processing and validation.

The Client

A leading research and consulting firm, our client provides the companies engaged in private equity, venture capital, corporate development, investment banking, and other similar or related enterprises with a tech market intelligence platform. Designed to evaluate millions of data points, the said platform helps them come to the best decisions at critical junctures of their business.

Business Challenge

  • The client was looking to research & analyze data and validate companies & business relationships between two or more companies/businesses (inclusive of ancillary research for validation). Hence, the underlying need for professional’s adept at business data research and analyses, because there was no room for inaccuracy and inefficiency.
  • Also, the client provided us with a series of business and company data records, which were to be processed and validated by SunTec. This was easier said than done as the data records were shared via a third-party admin site. Even the slightest mistake could have been detrimental.
  • We were also required to read the extracts from news articles, company reports, business agreements etc. but it was the identification of the companies mentioned, and the validation of the fact that they had agreed to enter into a business relationship/agreement that posed a real challenge. For this, it was necessary for our research team to work in cohesion, and ensure that there was no misinformation. We had to double-check the resource credibility and validate the process at every step.
  • The client acquired data and information via multiple methods, including automated process, manual input, and through self-submitted entries, inadvertently affecting data’s completeness and consistency. We had to offer a suitable fix.

Our Solution

The data research team at SunTec India developed a fairly good understanding of the client’s exact requirements, and allocated a team of dedicated resources to complete the project right on time, and with 100% accuracy. A dedicated project manager was assigned to ensure that the client could be provided with regular updates. Here’s how we addressed the client’s pain points:

  • We entered relevant data from different reports in the desired format, and kept the errors in check.
  • Our team also made it a point to validate and proofread the research data.
  • Working within the perimeters of ISO certification, we adhered to the strictest of standards.
  • Finally, we uploaded the requisite data to a third-party portal, making it easier for the client to publish the research.

Delivering More Value

With SunTec’s bouquet of data entry services, the client could:

  • Make sure that quality did not take a back seat, more so because we have always had stringent quality checks in place. Yet another reason why the top market research companies choose us over others.
  • Stop worrying about the security of business-critical data, thanks to our ISO certification.
  • Benefit from the flexibility and scalability of our data entry outsourcing model, which we were quick to customize in sync with their requirements.
  • Experience a quick turnaround time, and did not have to wait for long for the desired results.

The SunTec India Advantage

SunTec India enables the market research companies such as this one to focus on their core activities, while we perform all the non-core, data-related tasks, taking the burden off their shoulders. Our experience of nearly two decades and the fact that our experts know their way around different aspects of data entry give us the upper hand, making us the obvious choice for anything data related. And our solutions are highly scalable, and so we can be of great help irrespective of the size of the business.

How Can We Help You?

SunTec India is not just another data entry services company, and can help you gather, manage, digitize, and analyze voluminous market research data so as to make it possible for you to better identify the behavior patterns, and put the data to some good use. Write to us at, and let’s take it from there.

How can we help you?

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