Client Success Story

Discover how SunTec India secured 75% higher process efficiency at 99.5% accuracy for a global eCommerce company

The client

An eCommerce giant operating in 10+ countries

Our client is a prominent online retailer. They have a massive catalog of over 2.5 million products, including clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories. They sell on multiple websites and operate ten seller accounts on Amazon.

Initially, they contacted us for Amazon product description writing. Since then, our partnership has expanded to include support for quarterly reporting, vendor issue resolution, product image review, listing upload, and SKU updates.


Ensuring data security, high productivity, compliance, and time efficiency at once

As an established seller with international reach, our client possesses a comprehensive understanding of the global eCommerce market. They already had a multi-channel sales and listing management system in place. However, they contacted us because they needed implementation support, i.e., skilled, adept, and affordable resources.

For starters, they required FTEs (full-time equivalents) for Amazon product description writing and expected-

  • Compliance to their guidelines
  • No more than 0-1% error rate
  • Strict deadline adherence
  • Visibility and control over operations

These mandates were extended to other data-related tasks as we scaled. The challenge for us was operating within all their constraints while ensuring fast time-to-value and over 99% accuracy.

SunTec India has been the best ROI out of all the outsourcing investments we have made in the last decade.

- Client


Tackling project onboarding challenges

Here's how we streamlined the process while keeping the client's requirements at the forefront.


Establishing a team for product description writing

We used to access the client's work environment, their in-house apps, data, and communication tools. They had a huge product database, minimizing our research workload. We had to use that data to form product descriptions and upload at most 600 descriptions per day. We assembled 16 eCommerce copywriters according to this mandate.


Training the team on client's guidelines

The client shared detailed instructions for creating product descriptions, including semantic rules, word usage rules, video files, handbooks, and time expectations (i.e., 5 units to be delivered per hour per resource). Our team received a two-day training to attain business understanding and get acquainted with these regulations.


Ensuring client data and IP protection

Our team had to use to access the client's dashboard on our computers. But getting them delivered from the US took about ten days. So, we started the project with an and rolled out YubiKeys to the team as soon as they were delivered.


Ensuring operational structure and quality control

Each resource was allotted 40 units a day to complete the target. An internal quality assurance (QA) specialist checked the output quality twice a day, while the project manager checked the submitted descriptions on a daily basis.


Implementing a time-tracking system

We usually report resource time investment through our proprietary Employee Time Tracking Management System However, considering this client, we trained our team on as well. Both reports (ETMS and Clockify) were shared to the client every day, for every resource.


Aligning a reporting schedule

To ensure complete project visibility, we created a comprehensive reporting system. In addition to the daily time-tracking report, we sent two other reports to the client per week- one for resource time mapping (productive + Idle hours) and another for weekly task quality status.

Platforms employed

  • Amazon Workspaces
  • Tableau
  • Jira
  • Slack
  • Confluence
  • Clockify
  • ETMS

Data reporting, merchant support, and new listing upload

The product description writing project was streamlined in one month. Owing to our performance, we were entrusted with additional responsibilities. We set-up small teams for each task.

Product image review and upload

We received tickets from the client's suppliers (eCommerce merchants and manufacturers) on Jira containing images, modified them as per the client's guidelines, and updated them on the client's Site Manager platform. Each successful upload was reported back to the merchant through Jira.

Catalog management

We were tasked with managing the client's proprietary catalog system, particularly organizing the data for convenient access, adding and updating product information, merging or splitting SKUs, deleting obsolete data, and adjusting categories and attributes.

New listing creation

We established another team to upload new product listings (with title, descriptions, and images as per the guidelines) to the client's website. This team was also responsible for updating the listings and handling related merchant communications.

Product supplier/vendor support

The client's suppliers and their brand representatives used Jira to send notifications about updates to their respective products. We managed these tickets, reviewed the updated product data, requested missing details (if any), and updated the same on the client's Site Manager platform.

Data reporting and visualization

The client needed a resource for data visualization and report generation using . Our task involved generating reports on designated intervals and processing them to highlight important elements (like incoming and outgoing inventory, sales differences, product success rates, etc.).

SunTec India was a game changer to a long-standing struggle… How can we ensure consistent functional efficiency without diluting our in-house team's attention? They managed everything well, scaled exceptionally, and the team is quite good at adapting. [This is] definitely a partnership we'd like to continue!

- Client


Sustained engagement and 75% higher process efficiency

0.5% error rate (consistent throughout)

45% higher customer satisfaction scores

58% overall cost-savings

100% throughput achieved (for product description writing)

50% higher workload (accommodated smoothly)

98% on-time delivery rate


End-to-end eCommerce support

As of this moment, we handle Amazon product description writing, listing creation on the website, image modifications, product data management, catalog management, performance report visualization, and supplier support for this client. The team consists of 40 resources (and growing), with two project managers at the helm.

In addition, we are currently establishing teams for CRM data management and Amazon SEO (keyword research and A+ content writing) for this client. In the long run, we hope to provide this client with complete eCommerce support and continue this collaboration until 100% process efficiency is achieved.”

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