Client Success Story

How SunTec India Helped a Leading Online Retailer Achieve 8 Million in Monthly Sales with ChannelAdvisor Management

The client

A Leading Online Retailer of Vehicle Parts and Accessories

The client is a US-based eCommerce company. They sell motor parts and accessories and offer installation and repair support for recreational vehicles like dirt bikes, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), utility terrain vehicles (UTVs), and other off-road motor vehicles. Before our collaboration, their primary sales channel was an eCommerce website (built on ). They have now expanded to become a leading seller on major eCommerce marketplace such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.


Multichannel Marketplace Management through ChannelAdvisor

Our client wanted to scale their business on leading online marketplaces but found it challenging to manage multiple sales channels. They tried , but it was very time-consuming to understand and implement. They reached out to us for support, starting with product data collection and management. Eventually, that was scaled to order processing, customer support, content optimization, and online marketing.


Assembling ChannelAdvisor Experts from our Team and Setting Up Operations

This was the first-of-its-kind project where we were constrained to a single tool for omnichannel marketplace management. We pooled our resources with expertise in ChannelAdvisor, formed a team of four, and commenced the project.


ChannelAdvisor Setup

We imported the client's existing product data into ChannelAdvisor through CSV files, then organized and mapped the data to comply with all three marketplaces' policies. We set up rules and warehouses on ChannelAdvisor to manage inventory from multiple suppliers and locations.


Product Data Collection and Management

To streamline product data onboarding for the client, from supplier/manufacturer websites and other sources. We managed data cleaning, merging, deduplication, standardization, enrichment, and validation before uploading it.


Product Listing Optimization

We conducted keyword research and created SEO-friendly listing content. We worked on product description writing, product titles, price, attributes, shipping information, and so on. We also performed product photo editing as per Amazon, eBay, and Walmart guidelines.


Order Processing

The ChannelAdvisor Order Management System records every incoming order from all sales channels. Initially, we set up manual order routing to place all orders with the right distributor and created order alerts for shipping, payment, inventory, and fraud issues. Later on, we automated the process within ChannelAdvisor.


Customer Support

We assigned a dedicated virtual assistant to manage customer inquiries from Amazon, eBay, and Walmart on ChannelAdvisor. This resource created support tickets, responded to customer inquiries, updated ticket statuses, and alerted the client of any escalation requirements.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We managed eCommerce SEO for the client's website and all three marketplaces to boost organic traffic, keyword rankings, and online sales. We conducted audits, keyword research, and on-page optimization and assigned dedicated eCommerce copywriters to create SEO-friendly content for product listings.


Amazon Advertising (PPC)

Since the client had never advertised online, they tasked us with Amazon PPC for starters. We handled campaign setup and optimization, keyword research, bidding strategy, ad copy creation and testing, and ad performance reporting and analysis. The ad campaigns were also refined frequently to ensure better click-through and conversion rates.


Technical Support for Shopify Plus

Due to the long-standing relationship between our company and the client, they have entrusted us with the maintenance of their eCommerce website. We have assigned a dedicated Shopify developer to handle any technical issues and perform frequent monitoring and website updates.

Platforms Employed

  • amazon-logo
  • eBay-logo
  • Clickup-logo
  • Walmart-logo
  • ShopifyPlus-logo
  • ChannelAdvisor-logo

We initiated this project from scratch, and it brings us great pleasure to witness the client's remarkable success. By adapting to their particular requirements and understanding the demands of a rapidly growing business, we took charge and expanded both our team and operations. Since there are so many tasks running simultaneously on ChannelAdvisor, our team worked two shifts to provide round-the-clock support to the client.

- Project Manager

Project Outcomes

  • Our efforts have helped the online retailer become one of the top sellers of vehicle parts and accessories in the USA today.
  • The project started with 4 resources in 2017 and escalated to a team of 15 (and counting) in 2023.
  • The client has achieved remarkable revenue and growth on all sales channels.

One Step Ahead: Providing our Client with a ChannelAdvisor Alternative

Although ChannelAdvisor has many benefits, it is currently the most costly multi-channel marketplace management tool available. As this was becoming a problem for a business as large and established as this client, they asked us to look for ChannelAdvisor alternatives.

However, we have solved a similar situation for another client by automating multi-channel sales management from scratch. We discussed this success story with our client and are currently in the process of implementing a similar concept for them, customized to their specific requirements. We are confident that this solution will allow them to get the most out of their investment.

Working with SunTec India has been a game-changer for our business. They have helped us streamline our sales channels, improve our listings, and increase our sales. Their expertise is evident in their proactive approach, solutions, and workarounds. They have been instrumental in expanding our digital footprint, and we plan to stick with them for longer, innovating even better solutions together.

- Client


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