Client Success Story

Discover How we Helped a Multinational Energy Corporation with Effective Catalog Processing and UNSPSC Data Classification Services

The client

An American Multinational Energy Corporation among Fortune 20 Companies

Our client is one of the top integrated oil and gas companies in the world and operates in over 180 countries. The company primarily deals in all aspects of oil, natural gas, and geothermal energy, including exploration, production, refining, distribution, and marketing. The company is well-known for providing reliable and affordable energy and also prioritizing safety, environmental, and social responsibility in its operations.


Getting Acquainted with the Client's Catalog Management Solution, Nomenclature, and Processes

The client has a proprietary catalog management system built on JAVA. This solution provides an interface for tracking and updating catalogs. Our job was to manage, process, and cleanse the catalog data (belonging to the process of gas and oil exploration, mining, and industrial product & services) as provided by the client and assign UNSPSC and UOM codes.

The main challenges of the project were:

  • Understanding the nomenclature of the energy sector (we needed subject matter experts for the project).
  • Complex cataloging process (requiring rigorous training from the client).
  • Strict adherence to the instructions provided by the client to ensure time effectiveness.
  • 100% accuracy and high outcome quality expectations (that needed rigorous QC)
  • All data processing activities (like, cleansing, standardization, etc.) to be done within client-specified character limits (for each data field)

We needed a consistent input data feed for our internal catalog management system, plus someone to handle data processing and UNSPSC coding. After speaking to SunTec India's team, I became confident that they would handle our requirements well and work as an extension to our team.

- Client


End-to-End Catalog Data Processing and UNSPSC Code Assignment

The project started in 2018 with 20 dedicated resources. To ensure appropriate project KT (knowledge transfer), we organized an onsite training program by the client on their solution, process, instructions, and expected deliverables.

Our team offered the following solutions to the client:


Catalog Processing/ Content Rationalization

WWe received 80 to 100 catalogs from 180 suppliers of the client on a daily basis. These catalogs were of two types- general catalogs and OFS catalogs (which were particular to the oil field services). The timeline to process general catalogs was strict (50-200 in a day) and was to be adhered to precisely. On the other hand, based on their complexity, we took 2-5 days to process OFS catalogs. We were also responsible for converting the raw data into the client's catalog format.

For effective catalog processing, our experts performed-

Description cleansing and catalog standardization

We performed data cleansing for short and long descriptions given in the catalogs while ensuring that the descriptions were:

  • within their character limit
  • in proper case
  • separated by commas accurately
  • had no special characters
  • had no abbreviated names
  • free from spelling mistakes, etc.

UNSPSC data classification

We classified products/services by assigning based on the item description of the product or service. The client provided us with a consolidated database from which our experts had to find the relevant codes and assign them to the catalog entries.

The four primary levels of these codes are Segment, Family, Class, and Commodity. Each level is coded in two decimal digits.

UNSPSC level

Property/value extraction

We assigned UOM (unit of measure) to each product/service in the file. Furthermore, our experts also populated additional columns (attributes) that were missing in the catalogs with data enrichment services, as needed by the client.

Initially, the client conducted daily communication sessions through . As the team got acquainted with the project workflow, these calls subsequently shifted from daily to biweekly.


Quality Check

As we were required to maintain 100% accurate outcomes, we delegated six dedicated QA professionals. Throughout the process, our team adhered to a stringent quality check process based on catalog type, priority, and client's special instruction. The entire QA process was divided into three levels:

  • Level 1: Followed by the doer himself after performing an action.
  • Level 2: Performed by other members of the team.
  • Level 3: Monitored by the team lead before the final submission of catalogs.

Project Outcomes

The client received accurate and ready-to-use catalogs that could be directly imported into their system and was extremely happy with the project outcomes.


Reduction in catalog processing time


Accuracy in assigning UNSPSC codes


Catalogs processed successfully


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