Client Success Story

SunTec India's accurate and speedy product upload services improve client's performance

The Client

Our flooring service provider

is a web based retailer that brings together a huge selection of carpet, tile, hardwood, bamboo and rug flooring. A premier contemporary modern flooring retailer since 1995, the company is dedicated to offering the latest modern style product lines along with superior customer service and competitive prices.

Project Requirements

Our client the flooring service provider

was looking for reliable data-entry services for their online custom Flooring Store. The client wanted us to capture information from their catalogue / manufacturers’ website including both data and images, creating a relevant product description, "touching up" images, adding meta titles, etc. and entering it into an excel spreadsheet.

Our Solution

SunTec India helped the client

A distinguished flooring and carpeting company with complete product management solutions. Our eCommerce Data Entry experts populated the product data in batches in excel spreadsheet. Our services included filling out a spreadsheet with products, editing images, setting up attributes, and uploading the files on clients FTP site.

Our Product Entry specialists:

  • Extracted the data and populated the excel spreadsheet by inputting all the requisite data pertaining to the product, viz., Products Name, Model, Description, Quantity, Weight, Product availability, Products Price and Tax class if the item was taxable, adding a set % markup to the products, Products’ Image, Products URL to lead the visitor to the product information page, etc.
  • Customized the Products Attributes by creating a master options list comprising for instance, size, color, model, version, and other options needed to define the products, and assigned values to those options.
  • Captured the Product Images from a variety of sources. Edited and enhanced the images including cutting-out images to remove all background elements, cropping, retouching, masking, resizing and converting the low-resolution and average quality images into high resolution images.
  • Created relevant and unique product description for each item.
  • Created ‘specials’ and other promotional features and prices.


Through our flexible data sourcing/ extraction of product image and data, skillfully assigning attributes, enhancing product images and employing keyword rich descriptions and URL to make the client’s eCommerce Website more search engine friendly, and exporting the products into Excel file, SunTec India helped the client to improve their business processes.


Outsourcing of Yahoo Product Entry resulted in tangible benefits to our client ‘Designer Plumbing Outlet’.

  • Our regularly updated and accurate Product Catalog improved the client’s sales conversion metrics.
  • Client’s operational efficiency substantially increased freeing time to focus and exploit other opportunities

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