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100% accurate & Secure Invoice Data Entry Services/Invoice Data Processing Services for Healthcare Industry

The Client

With a core focus on the U.S. healthcare market, the client operates a full-fledged eCommerce exchange between hospitals & vendors - connecting thousands of daily active users, 8000+ registered vendors and 2000+ hospital/clinic facilities. The platform transacts all purchasing and invoicing data, saving up to 80% on invoice processing costs.

Client’s Requirements

Since the client has a vast customer base, handling and managing invoice data consumes endless time, effort and manpower. In order to overcome these challenges, digitize the preloaded invoices in image or PDF format and maintain an accounts payable invoice, the client wanted a team that is dedicated to working under time-sensitive turnaround. The whole task of invoice data processing was supposed to be performed under specially designed software where the invoices had to be loaded with assistance from all the vendors and customers. These invoices, then, had to be accurately processed and entered into the database. Further, each task had to be done within a time frame of 24 hours, irrespective of the numbers.

  • Digitize the preloaded invoices in image and PDF format
  • Set up accounts payable to make way for seamless feed into ERP and avoid any kind of delays in invoice processing
  • Employ and allocate a team that works under time-sensitive turnaround
  • Maintain a 24-hour slot to process all the data, regardless of the volume
  • To achieve accurate and seamless data processing with specialized software
  • Delegate workload and achieve maximum productivity

Our Solution

Considering the client’s needs and requirements, we created and assigned a team of invoice data entry experts who analyzed the entire task and framed a work plan. Under this work plan, the team chose integrated software over remote access to digitize the invoices in preferred formats. We also worked on accounts payable invoice so that the client could leverage its exceptional benefits, including:

  • Gain perfect insight into the exposure on day-to-day basis
  • Avoid re-keying of paper invoices
  • Avoid any kind of delays on invoice processing
  • Send all the invoice data to customers electronically, regardless of the format.
  • Seamlessly deliver critical business information, whether it be a file upload, e-mails, paper mail, faxes, PDFs or OCR

Further, special attention was laid on data confidentiality & security by logging into the client’s ERP system through a dedicated VPN tunnel. The team defined strict deadlines, worked 24/7 and as an integrated part of the client's workflow to meet their turnaround & SLA requirements.

In addition to this, we maintained a transparent communication process with the client and updated them regularly with task success. The feedback given by the client was constantly worked upon and implemented in the best way possible.

Challenges Faced

Every task involves some or the other challenges, and that’s what makes it interesting.

Talking particularly about the healthcare industry, it has very specific and often unique business structures which create a variety of challenges – from regulatory compliance (HIPAA,ICD-10) to lengthy Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, ACA compliance, etc. Apart from this, healthcare invoice data processing brings other arduous challenges also, some of which were experienced by our team as well:

  • We were required to be active and updated round the clock as several instructions from the customers kept rolling in.
  • The team had to keep a strict watch on the clock since all the invoices had to be processed within a specific period; failing which could lead to customer issues.
  • We had to maintain a 100% accuracy level which demanded complete attention and dedication throughout.
  • All the data had to be precisely uploaded without any scope for errors; invoices have endless calculations and even a decimal error could create a huge problem.

However, with due dedication and extensive experience with healthcare invoice data entry, we surpassed all the challenges and delivered a 100% accurate result to the client.

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