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Case Studies: Data Processing, Management & Support

  • SunTec Helps Client Cleanse and Enrich Inaccurate and Invalid Records

    With the rise of undelivered emails, duplicate mail deliveries and failure to reach customers by phone, the client decided to clean and update company and customer records. The contact details of more than 95,000 users also had to be cleansed, verified and validated. This included rectifying spelling errors, de-duplicating the data and conducting intense Google search to verify and validate details of each user. Furthermore, the entries had to be normalized and standardized to ensure consistency across the enterprise.Read More

  • Web Research / Data Extraction / Data Mining Services

    Data Mining and Data Entry for a Fortune 50 company: A world renowned consulting firm wanted a vendor who can go over their Master Service Agreements and Statements of Work entered with various clients. They wanted the vendor to extract specific data after a thorough analysis of the agreements and then this data had to be entered into a database. Read more

  • Mortgage Processing / Mortgage Data Entry Services:

    For our client who is a leading provider of detailed real estate information across counties of United States. The company provides continuously updated databases and customized research information on all open property cases through the authorized access to the respective governing body. This includes real estate data, collected and maintained with processes consistent with the stringent standards for Mortgage Commercial Transactions, Foreclosure Records and Bankruptcy Records. Read More

  • Data Management, Online Research & Internet Marketing Services for Travel Industry:

    Our client works as a marketplace and community network for travel-related information from around the world. They provide comprehensive data on over 10,000 tourist destinations coming from several individual tour operators registered on their website. These tour operators have signed up with them in order to market their trips through this valuable market place. Read More

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