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Content News Aggregation Data Research Service

Translate content into business intelligence with world-class content & news aggregation and data research services from SunTec India. Backed by a dedicated team of expert feed aggregators and data professionals, we ensure a constant supply of the latest domain-specific news and content for your business, curated from numerous valuable sources. Along with high-quality content aggregation services, we craft engaging ways to utilize that information and enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns & brand reputation.

  • End-to-End Data Aggregation Services
  • Customized Content Crawlers
  • Client-specific Aggregation Frequency
  • Advanced Search Technology
  • Keyword-Based Feed Filtering
  • Faster Project Turnaround

Comprehensive Suite of Content and News Aggregation Services

Unlock the full potential of content discovery with frictionless delivery, accurate analysis, and easily searchable & shareable outcomes with our content & news aggregation services.

Content Curation

Our content aggregation and data research services collect massive volumes of heterogeneous data, compiled into a consolidated form for easy viewing, retrieval, and search.

Distributed News Feeds

We distribute feeds designed for effortless content consumption, displayed in one unified format, accessible across different platforms & devices, and tagged for easy indexing and analysis.

Blog Aggregation

We provide a wide range of niche-focused blog aggregation services, packed with dynamic features like choice of topics, platforms, domains, featured content, and interest-based feed customization.

News Aggregation

Our data experts aggregate relevant news from a variety of high-quality sources, segmented by location, industry, topics, sources, popular searches, community-specific forums, etc.

Versatile Delivery Formats

We deliver accurate and well-processed content and news in the client’s preferred format, including XHTML, emails, feeds, newsletters, and other popular mediums.

URL & Metabase API

Our developers create a single API that lets you integrate aggregated content with existing websites, applications, or research & analytics modules, allows queries, and enables source and document sharing through URL.

Marketing Triggers

Through exhaustive content and news aggregation services, we help marketing teams discover upcoming events in their domain that can open new sales and conversion opportunities.

Copyright Management

Our content aggregators extend due credit and always link to the original source before posting content in various feeds, thus ensuring protection from any copyright infringement issues.

Multi-Channel Data Retrieval

We process a wide variety of data sources, including newsletters, blogs, publication websites, company boards, journals, forums, magazines, social media, etc. to produce a comprehensive report on the updates in your niche.

Exceptional Data Intelligence with Automated Crawlers

Get access to the right data almost effortlessly. At SunTec India, competent data aggregators offer content and news aggregation services via automated crawlers tailored to an extensive variety of business requirements.

We employ a well-defined architecture and multi-threaded operational logic to support flawless functioning and scrape the ever-expanding data stores across the web. Our crawlers prevent data loss, optimize the extraction process to avoid bottlenecks, and provide scalable storage and extensibility functions. Intelligent recrawling logic is utilized to save time and resources, adapt to new data formats & fetch protocols, and eliminate ambiguity. The crawlers are also created to be language-independent and modeled to surpass web scraping restrictions on websites while following polite and ethical data extraction practices.

  • Extract data for a variety of topics, niches, and domains
  • Varied data sources, including global news sources, websites, latest articles, RSS feeds, search engines, academic journals, newsletters, blogs, magazines, social media, forums, etc.
  • Detailed data collection for molecular content, original data, and news
  • Complete crawler setup, maintenance, updation, and data processing

Stay One Step Ahead with SunTec India's Meticulous Content Processing

Leverage techniques like opinion mining, collective sentiment summarization, data cleaning, and ML/AI training data sets to conduct empirical social sentiment analysis and public emotion labeling across all your online brand platforms.

At SunTec India, we ensure optimum utilization of user-generated content by creating and feeding continuous, high-quality data to rigorous processing mechanisms. A large-scale content aggregation and sentiment analysis framework with automated agents is used to ensure accurate interpretation of individual opinions across different websites, forums, and social media sites. Aggregating sentiment polarity, quantifying fluctuations in aggregated sentiment, and unraveling the underlying reasoning within due time helps our clients make wise business decisions and enhance their brand’s presence.

Syndicated Web Content Aggregation- The SunTec India Methodology

content aggregation methodology

Identify Sources

Our feed aggregators check for a variety of sources, including blogs, newspapers, news aggregation websites, etc., and curate a list of the most credible and trustworthy references for our content and news data research services.

Feed Filtering

Based on client-specified topics, niches, target audience, and engagement expectations from the feed, we apply a filtering criterion on the aggregated content to eliminate poor-quality content, weak references, and irrelevant information.

Data Classification & Organization

The collected data is cleansed, verified, and categorized for user’s convenience. Our data experts also label the data using rich taxonomy and summarize bulky information into easily consumable chunks.


Before uploading the data on the client’s feed, we also include appropriate citations, take care of annotation requirements, and add useful insights to the post after processing to provide extra value to the audience on the receiving end.

Enterprise Applications of Our Content and News Aggregation Data Research Services

Real-time Data Aggregation

Stay on top of every latest news and information that’s essential for your business’s growth with real-time data collection, aggregation, and summarization capabilities of SunTec India.

Innovative Solutions

With customized content collection and data intelligence solutions, we build databases that create targeted analysis and innovative content products, thus driving revenue at a higher pace.

Streamlined Processes

Employ our automated solutions to ensure reliable, consistent, and accurate data feeds that can optimize your expense and streamline processes, leading to higher operational efficiency.

Competitor Analysis

By aggregating content across all your competitors’ digital platforms, we provide a comprehensive idea of their current strategies, performance, and flaws while anticipating future developments, helping you prepare in advance.

Enhanced Engagement

We help businesses grasp their brand reputation across the web, devise strategies to address consumer concerns, and create more engaging content for their audiences through social media, reviews, and feedback aggregation.

Overhead Reduction

Our hybrid data collection and processing models, proven operational approaches, and expert assistance help businesses reduce expenses on hiring and managing resources for content aggregation services while producing quality outcomes.

Partner with SunTec India for End-to-End Content & News Aggregation Services

SunTec India is a two-decades-old outsourcing vendor that has supported numerous enterprises across the globe with advanced data and technology solutions since its inception. Adapting with every new wave of change, we are one of the leading cross-industry, cross-platform solution provider companies for content and news aggregation & data research services worldwide.

With a proven operational approach, dedicated managers, global security and quality standards, and the industry’s best turnaround time, we help our clients extract and utilize invaluable data. Feeds curated by our data professionals prove critical in improving business margins, creating competitive solutions, organizing progress, streamlining workflows, and boosting overall growth.


Large-scale monitoring and management of numerous websites at a high frequency, bulk actions, data handling, and templates for quick and contextual adjustments in aggregated content feeds.


Extraction of relevant, spot-on data with a combined human and automated approach for content and news aggregation with features for change detection and uninterrupted viewing.

Rapid Deployment

Timely and precise crawler deployment, content processing, and feed upload while preserving quality.

Efficient Solutions

High-performance crawler code, optimized navigation, load balancing, and concurrent query execution.

Wide-Ranging Services

Data extraction from a wide range of web sources, multilingual content collection, and automated form submissions.

Operational Excellence

Flexible operational procedure, historical data collection, resource and time optimization, advanced job scheduling.

ISO Certified Data Aggregation Services

ISO 27001:2013 Certification For Information Security & Data Confidentiality ISO 9001 Certification For Superior Data Quality

Discuss Your Content & News Aggregation Requirements with Us

When you hire content & news aggregation services from SunTec India, your business benefits from quality content, optimized processes, and enhanced profits. To know more, share your requirements with us at

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Client Speak

At SunTec India we got just the best of everything: whether it was their product upload service or their timeliness in regards to delivery of services. For us, it was like getting quantitative work without compromising on quality. We have noticed quadrupled hits for our products that made our sales pass through the roof.

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