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CASE STUDY: Design and Development of a Website on CakePHP for Food & Beverage University

Client: Food & Beverage University
Website: http://foodandbevuniversity.com/index.php

Custom PHP Development

Client Background:

Food & Beverage University provides eLearning courses in bartending to barkeepers who want to increase their skills, managers who want to train their staff and individuals who are looking forward to build a career in bartending. The client offers online hospitality tutorials related to cocktail recipe testing, tableside service techniques, spirit and food preparing, casino cocktailing, back of the house training, health and sanitation, and a huge database of alcoholic product information. The wide range of courses offered can be customized to the processes followed in one’s restaurant, bar or hotel. Students can enroll for a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree and can start and stop a course at any time.

Client’s Objective:

With their website, the client wanted to provide 24*7 online hospitality training courses to current and aspiring bartenders and food and beverage professionals across America and worldwide. Our client wanted to help the users get the highest quality of training from the convenience of their homes. Not only this, the client also wanted to give the trainees an access to view the tutorials while they are on-the-go.

Project Challenges:

Solutions Offered by SunTec:

Technologies Used:

To design this engaging website, we used the following technologies:

  • CakePHP
  • CSS
  • jQuery


Keeping in mind the fixed deadline, we delivered a robust website on time. Our client is happy with the delivered website and is going to get it live soon.

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