Address Management Services

Enhance Service Standards with Cost-Effective & Accurate Address Management Solutions

Address Validation Services

Facilitate faster communications and improve customer relationships with a master database of deliverable and processed addresses. Address Management Services from SunTec India elevates your business communication efficiency while keeping the costs down. Our address management experts help businesses combat fraud, fines, customer attritions, and unforeseen legal and financial issues, reduce mailing wastage, and eliminate potential risks related to misaddressed sensitive information.

  • Customized Master Address Database
  • Bulk Address Validation
  • Multi-channel Communication Management
  • Address Standardization Services
  • Zip Code/Postal Code Verification
  • Operational Overhead Expense Reduction

Complete Address Management, Verification, & Validation Services

The urgent need to deliver exceptional services across multiple channels while driving cost-effective revenue makes it necessary for organizations to maintain seamless communication with their customers, employees, vendors, and stakeholders. The foundation of this communication is a valid and accurate address management system, complete with standardized addresses, Postal Service standard abbreviations, and USPS format compliance.

However, employing your in-house staff to do this job is a cost-prohibitive proposition that can distract you from your core competencies. By outsourcing address management services, you can ensure that all the address data for your business is captured correctly, cleaned, and updated regularly.

Address List Accuracy

Our address validation & verification services ensure the accuracy of every entry before using them for mailing purposes. In addition to removing duplicate addresses, missing entries, misspelled words, and area codes, we also utilize automated addressing systems to verify every address against standardized postal service databases, like USPS and flag incorrect addresses.

Delivery Management

By identifying the change of addresses for your existing consumers across the United States, we reduce the rate of undeliverable mails. This aspect of our address management services also minimizes delays in delivery by keeping only the valid entries in the database and eliminating surcharges attached to missed, rescheduled, and canceled deliveries that stem from wrong addresses.

Address Sequencing

In addition to organizing electronic address files for different carrier routes in cities and rural areas segmented by post office box sections, our address sequencing mechanism includes submitting career route header cards, verifying address formats, and creating a delivery unit summary.

Address Standardization

We produce complete, deliverable addresses by converting them into the standard format accepted by your preferred postal service. Our address standardization service checklist includes USPS approved abbreviation, misspellings correction, acceptable zip codes, city, state, and area names, to ensure clarity.

Zip Code Verification

As a part of our address correction services, we verify zip codes for every address against the residential or commercial address under consideration and utilize address validation APIs provided by leading postal service providers to minimize mistakes.

Surcharge Pruning

We identify delivery types for different addresses, check that information with leading postal service surcharges, and detect business communication patterns to reduce unnecessary surcharges and qualify the client for applicable bulk mailing discounts.

Real-Time Service Alerts

Our address management system tracks every communication trail and updates the client in real-time about deliveries, delays, interaction with the postal facility, updates on service disruptions, and other insights.

Delivery Point Validation Services

To guarantee the highest possible thresholds of data accuracy, we have designed a Delivery Point Validation (DPV) system that strictly checks for valid addresses, thus enhancing business communication efficiency by ensuring delivery.

A database of valid addresses, maintained for every client, is used to compare new addresses and determine their validity, completeness, and current status. This procedure helps in weeding out addresses where active communication can not be achieved, thus saving cost and effort spent on reaching out to those. The master database is frequently revisited, updated, cleaned, completed, and standardized by our data specialists, thus delivering high-quality address deduplication services concurrently.

Efficient Address Management services with the Guarantee of Accuracy

Our address management experts help you leverage the deliverability of flawless data through extensive extensive data processing capabilities. We clean, verify, and standardize your address data, mend them, and restore erroneous international address records and their formats in sales, ERP, and CRM systems. From zip code verification right down to detecting missing or misplaced special characters and re-introducing them back into the address data, our remote/offshore address management services are designed to cover all bases while preserving precision.

address data management services

De-duplicating the Address Data

As addresses can be written in various formats, the method of pinpointing duplicate records is difficult and complicated. We help you unearth all the unusable data, making your database precise, functional, and valuable.

Verifying & Validating the Addresses

To increase the deliverability of your addresses, We scrub your mailing addresses, authenticate it, and validate it.

Standardizing the Addresses

We standardize the address by checking for missing data, formatting errors, spelling issues, and postal abbreviations.

Business Benefits of Our Remote/Offshore Address Management Services

When you hire SunTec India as your address management service provider, your business gets the advantage of 20+ years of industry experience, functional expertise, and a vast knowledge base. Based on client records, projects, industry benchmarks, and consumer studies, our data experts regularly identify the top challenging factors that hinder address standardization services and work towards resolving those issues to improve efficiency and offer a new range of benefits to your business.

Reduced Rate of Returned Mail

Our address management experts validate every address with careful consideration, thus significantly reducing the rate of undelivered mail.

Significant Cost Savings

In addition to the cost-savings achieved by minimizing defaulting mails, increasing the processing speed, and contributing to customer retention, our address management services also help you qualify for cheaper mailing quotas on different postal services.

Enhanced Address Data Quality

We monitor data flow at the time of its entry in the database and regularly employ the best and latest processing techniques to validate, clean, and update the addresses regularly, thus enhancing your address records’ overall data quality.

Improver Customer Communication Efficiency

By standardizing your address databases, we help your business capture several opportunities to communicate with customers that could have been missed because of insufficient address data.

At SunTec India, we offer quick and effective address management services to a wide range of global enterprises. As an ISO 9001 certified organization, we strive to deliver more than 99.95% accuracy in all our projects. We’re also ISO 27001 certified for data security and confidentiality. By working exclusively for you from a state-of-the-art facility in India, we enable you to keep up with deadlines through real-time collaboration. Our address management experts are well versed with the latest industry conventions as well as the best address database management practices followed in the US, UK, and Europe.

Expedite Your Business Communications with SunTec India's Address Management Services

With round-the-clock address database management support from SunTec India, you can avoid critical issues germinating from wrong mail addresses. Get your messages delivered to the right audience while enhancing operational efficiency and collecting actionable data standardized for clarity, ease of access, and analysis.

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Client Speak

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