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FAQs: Data Processing, Management & Support

At SunTec India, we help our clients manage data throughout its lifecycle with our comprehensive data services. Our fifteen years of experience has given us consummate expertise in the field, especially since we have worked for businesses and industries in a great variety of domains. However, we understand that before you partner with us there are things about us that you might want to know. To help you in the task we provide below a list of the questions we are asked most frequently:


What kind of clients and industries have you worked for?

We have worked for a great variety of businesses and industries from domains like eCommerce, medicine, law, education, banking, real estate, research firms, insurance, travel, etc.

Where do you have your client base?

Our clients are spread across the world, but primarily they are based in UK, continental Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

How experienced are you?

At SunTec India, we have been providing data services for fifteen years. This makes us quite experienced and versatile.

What is your services basket?

Our services basket is very comprehensive and we help our clients manage data through its entire lifecycle. We offer an eclectic range of data entry and data processing services. As a part of the former, we perform online and offline data entry, besides entering data from books, images, pdf documents, etc. Our data processing services will help you process forms, credit cards, rebates and orders, or compile mailing lists. As a part of our data management services we help our clients cleanse, de-duplicate, normalize and standardize data, mine data from the web and abstract or extract data from various sources. Besides, we offer a varied range of specialized data support services for clients who want to capture or process insurance claims, yellow pages, product registration forms, survey reports or company reports data.

How can I send my files to you?

If your files are in the form of scanned images, you can email them to us or upload them to our secure FTP server. Hard copy documents can be couriered to us. We can also perform remote data entry.

Will I receive the hard copy files back?

We can ship or courier your hard copy documents back to you in case you need them.

What is your turnaround time?

You set the deadline and it is our responsibility to meet it. At SunTec India we assemble teams keeping in mind the size and complexity of the project. The bigger and more intricate the project, the larger the team. We are capable of meeting the strictest deadlines.

How do I receive a finished project?

We either email a finished project to our clients or they have the option of downloading it from our secure FTP server.

Do you perform automated data capture?

Yes, if the quality of the documents allows for it, we capture their data using OCR tools.

What is the quality assurance process you follow?

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified for Quality Management Systems and assure you a work of impeccable quality. Every project is overseen by a dedicated Project Manager who ensures that it is turned around flawlessly. To ensure a near one hundred per cent accuracy we employ the double key data entry technique. Besides, a finished project is put through the most thorough quality check.

Can I be assured about the safety of my data?

Definitely. We are ISO 27001:2013 certified for Information Security Management and have an immaculate record of keeping our clients’ data safe. All our employees are signatories to confidentiality clauses and are liable to face termination if they disclose any sensitive information. Admittance to our work floors is restricted by biometric scans.

What is your pricing model?

Depending on what you are more comfortable with, you can go for the fixed price model or choose to pay on an hourly basis. The size and scope of the project determines the price.

Do you offer free trials?

Yes, we do. If you want to, we can do some sample work for you free of cost. You can assign us an entire project once you are satisfied with the quality of our work.

Do you enter into a service agreement?

Yes, at SunTec India we sign a services contract before commencing a project. The contract lays down in detail each party’s responsibilities, pricing, deliverables, delivery schedule and complaint handling mechanisms.

How do you receive payments?

All clients based outside India can pay us by wire transfers, credit card or PayPal.

What is your project management cycle?

We begin by making a comprehensive assessment of your requirements before selecting or customizing a solution for you. We consult you at every stage in the project, a solution is implemented only when you approve you of it.

What is your Overseas Development Team (ODT) model?

Once you have communicated your project requirements to us we assemble a team best suited to meet them. The team will be overseen by a dedicated Project Manager who will constantly remain in touch with you so that you enjoy maximum control over the ODTs work hours and productivity. All the team members and the Project Manager will be directly answerable to you.

How do you communicate with your clients?

Our Project Managers are available throughout the working hours over Skype, phone and email.

If you have any further queries please get in touch with us info@suntecindia.com.