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SunTec India Launches a Brand New Website offering End-to-end Data Support for eCommerce Stores

New Delhi
November, 2013:

SunTec India launches a dedicated new website Data4eCom ( aimed at offering end-to-end Data Support for eCommerce Stores as part of the company's wide portfolio of data entry and management services.

End-to-end Data Support for eCommerce Stores

eCommerce stores are facing a growing challenge today – of managing the rising volume, velocity, and range of product data and information to keep their web store relevant for their customers. SunTec’s expertise in deftly populating the product databases of eCommerce Stores enables customers to fully optimize and unlock business value at greater speed, scale and efficiency.

“All over the world new eCommerce ventures are being undertaken every day to claim a share of the limitless opportunities of business offered by the internet. The result has been an exponential increase in the number of online stores and the volume of online selling in recent times. As the competition is unrelenting and the number of competitors ever increasing, an eCommerce entrepreneur must do all in his capacity to make his initiative a success. However, no matter how astute a strategy one adopts, the success of an eCommerce initiative is always determined by a very crucial variable – the quality of product data,” said Ravi Kant, VP, eCommerce at SunTec India.

“As a leading eCommerce catalog processing and data management service provider and with many years of experience helping customers manage some of the world's largest online stores in a cost-effective manner, we are applying our expertise in delivering solutions and customer value increasingly needed in today's online retail”, Ravi Kant further added.

Armed with solid experience of close to 15 years and rich domain knowledge of eCommerce tools and services, with the addition of product data management to its comprehensive gamut of services on its brand new website Data4eCom, SunTec is all set to take a deeper plunge into eCommerce services domain and respond to the growing needs of eCommerce businesses looking out for capable and reliable service partners.

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