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As a powerful eCommerce platform, ChannelAdvisor provides a solution-oriented approach helping businesses to efficiently list and sell their products across various marketplaces. With a single integration point, it optimizes your product listings on multiple marketplaces worldwide for maximum brand visibility. However, for growing businesses, managing their ChannelAdvisor account can be challenging. This is where outsourcing this task appears to be a viable solution.

As a trusted eCommerce support services provider, we offer comprehensive ChannelAdvisor multichannel management solutions to help businesses efficiently manage their listings across platforms and marketplaces without having to invest in in-house resources. Our experts have in-depth knowledge of ChannelAdvisor's capabilities and features and can help you set up and manage your account to boost online sales on various eCommerce platforms.

Our ChannelAdvisor Listing and Management Service Offerings

We manage and update your product listings, order, inventory, and product data feeds across all channels to unlock full sales potential on any eCommerce marketplace. Our experts can help you with all aspects of ChannelAdvisor management, such as:

Product Upload and Data Entry

We help you list and bulk upload your products on multiple marketplaces through our professional ChannelAdvisor product listing services. Our data entry experts accurately key in all the relevant details like SKUs, product names, prices, manufacturer's details, and shipping information to maintain accurate listings across all platforms.

We have an in-house team of content writers experienced in creating compelling, informative, easy-to-understand, and SEO-optimized short and long product descriptions to boost your products' search rankings and conversions.

We ensure precise classification and mapping of your products into relevant categories and sub-categories across all marketplaces for easy navigation and maximum visibility, increasing the chances of a sale.

Our image editors use advanced photo editing tools, such as Adobe Photoshop (Version CS6), to enhance product image quality. We adhere to the image upload guidelines for each marketplace while performing tasks like cropping/resizing images, removing/changing backgrounds, adjusting brightness, and applying filters.

Our data entry experts enrich your product listings by identifying and updating missing attributes to help users understand your product better and maximize conversions. If required, we can also create attributes for various products by conducting keyword, competitor, and product data research.

Inventory Management

We assist with managing and updating inventory levels regularly by tracking your stock data to ensure you meet customer demands without overstocking. We sync your product availability and quantities across multiple marketplaces to avoid overselling and swiftly remove out-of-stock products to prevent customer dissatisfaction.

Our eCommerce experts assist in creating and managing multiple product variations, including colors, sizes, materials, and styles to allow customers to select from similar products that differ only in a common attribute.

Our team of experts assists you with adjusting product prices based on competitor pricing, sales trends, and market demand. By leveraging the features of ChannelAdvisor Marketplace Repricers, we can automatically adjust product prices on multiple marketplaces in real-time.

We manage product data feeds (including information such as product titles, descriptions, images, and prices) for various marketplaces to help run merchant ads and maximize visibility. Our experts further ensure data feed compliance with marketplace and marketing & advertising requirements.

We automate order management on ChannelAdvisor to create a single source of information by consolidating data across channels, such as Amazon, eBay, and Shopify, for all the order updates, along with pricing details, payments, and returns. Our team identifies orders that must be fulfilled & shipped and tracks delivery status for seamless order processing and management.

We leverage ChannelAdvisor's shipping management features to automate and streamline shipping for multiple marketplaces by selecting appropriate carriers based on destination and other factors. We also facilitate integration with third-party logistics providers like Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Zalando Fulfillment Services for fast and efficient shipping.

Our trained support team can handle customer queries and create a database of their behavioral information and FAQs to help you in analysis. We also maintain and update your eStore product details across different platforms to ensure accuracy and relevancy.

ChannelAdvisor Management Workflow

For over two decades, our eCommerce experts have delivered excellent results with our proven 5-stage process to maximize sales and profitability for businesses of all sizes and categories worldwide.

Project Approval and Initiation

We begin working on your requirements by assigning a dedicated project manager after signing project-specific confidentiality agreements (NDA) with you.

We ensure quality outcomes through multi-level checks, meeting your business goals and standards.

We constantly monitor your account’s growth and keep you updated with regular project status notifications and sales reports.

Multiple eCommerce Marketplaces & Platforms we Support

With our expertise, you can easily expand your digital footprint and sell across various eCommerce platforms. Whether it is your personal online store or multiple marketplaces, we've got you covered with our ChannelAdvisor management services.

ChannelAdvisor Management for Amazon Sellers
ChannelAdvisor Management for eBay Sellers
Multichannel Management using ChannelAdvisor for Walmart Sellers
Multichannel Management using ChannelAdvisor for Etsy Sellers
ChannelAdvisor Management Services or Wayfair Store Owners
Multichannel Management for Rakuten Sellers
Multichannel Management using ChannelAdvisor for Shopify Store Owners
- Multichannel Management using ChannelAdvisor for BigCommerce Store Owners
ChannelAdvisor Management Services for Sellers
 Multichannel Management using ChannelAdvisor for Magento Store Owners
ChannelAdvisor Management Services for WooCommerce Store Owners
Multichannel Management for Newegg Retailers
Linnworks - A MultiChannel Management Tool
Multichannel Management for OpenCart Store
ChannelAdvisor Management for Houzz Sellers
ChannelAdvisor Management for OverStock Sellers
Multichannel Management using ChannelAdvisor for Walmart Sellers
Multichannel Management for NetSuite Sellers
 Multichannel Management for Volusion Store Owners

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ChannelAdvisor Management Services: FAQs

Our in-house team of experts manages product listings on multiple eCommerce marketplaces by creating and optimizing product data feeds that comply with marketplace guidelines. We conduct keyword and competitor research and make necessary adjustments in listings to improve their search rankings and visibility.

Yes! Our skilled resources can handle your order and shipping management requirements on ChannelAdvisor for multiple marketplaces. We streamline the shipping and order fulfillment processes by leveraging ChannelAdvisor's advanced features and integrations with third-party logistics providers.

We provide regular reporting and analytics, including sales data, inventory levels, and marketplace performance metrics, to help you make data-driven decisions and optimize your listings on ChannelAdvisor.

Our rates depend on several factors like project scope, urgency, etc. Nevertheless, we offer flexible pricing models (hourly, full-time, and project basis) to help you save large on your operational costs. Based on your project size, complexity, and requirements, our experts can give you an estimate of turnaround time and cost. Get in touch with our experts at