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Outsource Mortgage Indexing and Data Extraction Support Services

The mortgage industry relies heavily on paperwork. For many lenders, it is cumbersome and challenging to deal with sensitive business data stored in disorganized formats, files, and locations. If not managed efficiently, it may lead to errors, discrepancies, and data corruption, which in turn, makes the whole situation worse. Fortunately, you can win over all these issues by outsourcing mortgage indexing and data extraction services to a specialized vendor who can take care of all your document indexing needs. At SunTec India, we have access to modern-day technology that helps our experts in digitizing, storing, and tracking mortgage-related documents with no hassle.

Our talented professionals leverage the single document classification taxonomy system and OCR to speed up the data indexing, extraction, and validation process. As a renowned mortgage indexing and data extraction services company, we not only help you make informed business decisions but also allow you to focus on the core business functions. We provide best-in-class mortgage support solutions to lenders, brokers, SMBs, and large business organizations alike.

SunTec India's Mortgage Indexing and Data Extraction Services

Mortgage Indexing and Data Extraction Support Services
Forms Processing

The standard mortgage loan approval process initiates with filling out the application form 1003. Once the application is filled, our professionals start digitizing the application along with other supporting documents like W-2 forms, credit evaluation reports, and pay stubs, etc. Our robust document management system is designed to eliminate any discrepancies or mistakes, which in turn, improves the pace of the mortgage process. By digitizing mortgage documents, we not only make the process transparent but also compliant with the regulatory guidelines.

Document Indexing and Naming

To maintain a high degree of accuracy in document indexing, our professionals use standard naming conventions for mortgage data categorization and classification. Our naming conventions process is well-defined that includes loan approval status, credit check status, property information, service status, and customer name. This helps our experts in streamlining the complex process of document categorization, classification, and maintenance.

Automated OCR and Data Capture

Our experts use cutting-edge technology like optical character recognition (OCR) that efficiently reads texts from documents. By using the latest tools, we make the process of data capturing smooth and swift. With our streamlined data indexing services, you can significantly reduce operational costs without letting quality take a backseat. Our experts liaise with you to identify the areas of the digitization process where manual intervention can be reduced.

Document Summary Generation

Tracking the mortgage loans of all your customers in different stages of approval can become a breeze for you with our professional's expertise on your side. Our experts will prepare a summary of all your customer profiles that will not only help you make informed decisions but also speed up the process of loan closure.

Why Hire Mortgage Indexing and Data Extraction Virtual Assistants From SunTec India

At SunTec India, we have a perfect mix of resources and technology to help you with complete back-office support for mortgage document indexing and data extraction. Having rich industrial know-how and experience, our experts will not only help you in digitizing your mortgage documents but also efficiently manage all your customers' loan portfolio. Our experts will take care of everything that facilitates the underwriter's decision-making process.

Key Benefits of Partnering With SunTec India for Mortgage Indexing and Data Extraction Services

  • ISO 27001:2013 certified company that gives you complete assurance that your data is in safe hands
  • World-class infrastructure in terms of security, technology, and facility
  • Shortest turnaround time for mortgage document indexing and data extraction
  • When it comes to customer support, our experienced professionals are available round-the-clock to assist you
  • We adopt industry best practices and stringent efforts to ensure that our services are accurate and reliable

Streamline your operations with effective mortgage indexing and data extraction support while staying within your budget- only at SunTec India. Eliminate file storage issues, enhance workflow productivity, and satisfy your document management requirements.

To know more about mortgage indexing and data extraction services or request a free demo, reach out to us at info@suntecindia.com.

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