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Mortgage Loan Forms Processing Services

Mortgage form processing or loan form processing services aim at capturing data from handwritten or printed documents and converting them into a desirable electronic format. It focuses on eliminating redundancy by focusing on the relevant information. Mortgage loan form processing services ensure systematic storage of information which facilitates financial institutions like banks and mortgage broking firms in optimizing their data.

SunTec provides a complete suite of mortgage forms processing services to efficiently capture data from handwritten/printed forms/documents and present it in an easy to access, electronic format. We draw on extensive experience and effective processes to help banks, mortgage broking firms and other financial institutions easily retrieve business critical information. Our experts draw out relevant information from mortgage forms, analyze it and store it in a digital format, while safeguarding the data from damage or loss. By outsourcing your mortgage forms processing project to SunTec, you can save your time and money, and focus your resources on imperative business activities while our dedicated and able team of professionals would manage the data processing cycle, right from collating, digitizing and processing to presenting the data in the most preferred file format.

Outsource Mortgage Form Processing Services For Efficient Data Transformation

Simplified Bulk Processing

Financial institutions need to streamline boundless documents that are received by them on a daily basis. Loan form processing services aim at efficiently processing bulk mortgage and loan forms received by these organizations. By employing an able workforce, contract data processing companies deliver accurate results within a quick turnaround time.

Efficient Data Transformation

Paper-based mortgage documents, handwritten or printed, are efficiently transformed into suitable electronic formats with the help of scanners and data capturing tools. OCR scanners enable accurate scanning and data capturing from mortgage forms, making the transition from paper-based to eFiles easier.

Enhanced Data Security

Electronic data is not subject to the effects of physical factors that can lead to its depletion. Unlike paper-based data, electronic files are secure and can be infinitely stored as virtual entities. You have better control over their access which is an added advantage when dealing with sensitive data.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Outsource mortgage form processing services to serve your customers better. With your non-core operations being taken care of by an extended expert team, you will have enough time to focus on the main activities. This will streamline overall business processes, leading to on-time completion of tasks.

Seamless Data Sharing

Sharing electronic data is not a burdensome task. By eliminating the need to make physical copies of data, you can fast track the process of sharing mortgage documents across the board. Sharing eFiles is easier to regularize as well and gives you more authority over data.

Reduced Operational Cost

Curtail operational cost with mortgage form processing services. Eradicate the need of investing in buying scanners, updating the software and hiring human resources for scanning and processing mortgage data. Converting data into electronic files also decreases overall expenditure as no money is spent on making physical copies.

Efficient Mortgage Forms Processing Services

Mortgage Document Scanning and Conversion

Scanning mortgage data, including images and signatures, and keying-in information from important documents is the principal feature of our mortgage form processing services. The scanned data is converted into an electronic format like PDF, TIFF/EP, .DOC and more for effortless usage.

Bulk Form Processing

As a prominent mortgage forms processing company, we cater you with the right technology and talent pool. Processing data from mortgage deeds requires undivided attention, especially when they are in huge numbers. Bulk form processing is done efficiently and accurately at SunTec India. Data is systematically processed and effortlessly converted into an electronic format for increased coherence.

Form Processing

Mortgage and loan transactions include processing a plethora of forms. From making a request to receiving the money, there are various undertakings, signed by various parties, that contain crucial data. Every form that is filled throughout the process is different and needs to be dealt with accordingly. Our mortgage processing service for builders, businesses and other organizations seamlessly manage the following:

  • Application Form Processing
  • Contract Data Processing
  • Mortgage Deed Data Processing
  • Claims Processing Forms
  • Loan Contracts and Agreements Processing

Data Capturing

We employ OCR scanners for accurate data capturing from your mortgage and loan forms. When needed, digitization is done through manual processing. Trained data entry experts manually enter the data in your system for increased precision.

Tracking and Processing

Mortgage and loan processing is a cumbersome task that needs to be monitored conscientiously. It includes ‘next step’ forms, tasks and alerts which ensures efficient management of every deal.

Data Validation

Mortgage form processing is a critical task and requires a thorough background check and data validation. We validate customer loans and payment history to decrease the risk factor. Our mortgage verification services facilitate you in making profitable decisions. Additionally, we use the DES technique to match the data, ensuring that correct customer information is added in your records.

Mortgage Form Processing — From Setup to Delivery

We are aware of the complications related to loan contracts and agreements processing. We have created a systematic way to ensure efficient mortgage form processing. Our methodology leaves no room for inconsistency and errors.

outsource mortgage forms processing

Loan Setup

  • Categorizing documents in separate folders.
  • Completing the required loan and mortgage forms.

Loan Processing Initiation

  • Prerequisite: credit score, pre-approval of loan, etc.
  • Managing third party documents (VOE, Title and HOI).
  • Reviewing complete files and supporting documents.
  • Submitting the complete file.

Underwriting Support

  • Reviewing assets, income, appraisal and revision requests.
  • Considering clearing conditions.
  • Final stamping and approval of the loan.

Closing Management

  • Reviewing final closing documents.
  • Preparing prelim and final documents.
  • Signing off the closing.

Contract Delivery

  • Uploading and downloading of documents from the investors.
  • Receiving the final loan package.

Post Closing Services

  • Post-closing audit and quality check.

Proven Testimonies

SunTec India has collaborated with various organizations which have culminated in various success stories. Our experts handle structured and unstructured forms with equal ease. We extract salutary information from the data provided by you. The information is then digitized and indexed for orderly extraction.

As an ISO certified company, accuracy and data security are of utmost importance for us. We empower businesses with our cost-effective mortgage form processing services. The continuously changing latitude of mortgages is effectively managed by our specialists.

Here are some fundamental features of our services that make us your trusted partner:

  • Impeccable business expertise
  • Automated and manual mortgage form processing
  • Immaculate technical support for processing
  • On-time project delivery
  • Customized services and pricing model
  • End-to-end service provider
  • Reliable customer support

We proceed with acute attention to detail, create a plan of operation that works in your favor, and meet every deadline without fail. With us, you can count on polished expertise and expect perfection at every stage.

To know more about our mortgage form processing services, contact us at We also provide a risk-free trial for sample requirements. You can request that service to better understand our process and gauge our specialties. Let us know via a quick email.

Client Speak

Client Speak

We used SunTec recently and were very impressed with their work. The results were very accurate data in a short timeframe. The staff were professional and thorough. We will not hesitate to use SunTec again for future work, and would recommend them to other companies with similar requirements.

Adrian Dick
CallPlus Ltd., New Zealand
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