Lead Qualification Service for Businesses

Turn Every Potential Business Lead into a Qualified Sales Opportunity

Outsource B2B Lead Nurturing Services

Filter inquiries, gather qualified leads, inspire conversions, and increase sales with end-to-end lead qualification services from SunTec India. Save your money, time, and morale by leveraging our lead qualification services for businesses. From cold calling to B2B lead chasing, marketing efforts, sales support, personalized campaign creation, and message curation, our services cover every aspect of B2B lead nurturing, qualification, & generation.

  • Optimum Lead Qualification Services
  • Sales and Marketing Campaigns’ Support
  • Lead Generation & Cultivation
  • Cost-Effective Lead Nurturing Report
  • Frequent Lead Analysis Reports
  • Response-Oriented Lead Qualification Process

Full-Cycle Lead Qualification Services

Contact Discovery & Database Management

We target the most relevant prospects, procure direct marketing data, eliminate low-quality, overused, or out-of-date contacts, and maintain an integrated and uniform database of global B2B & B2C prospects.

Prospect Analysis

Our lead qualification service experts commence cold calling for likely prospects, verify their email and mailing addresses, and collect details relevant to your marketing campaign, to determine every prospect’s value in the sales funnel.

Account Profiling

We create contextual marketing agendas for prospect subsets. By talking to the right people, we portray your services/products in an appropriate context, grasp their need, urgency, ability, and willingness, and use the information to drive considerable sales pipeline growth.

Social Media Research

By leveraging brand awareness and engagement campaigns on multiple social media channels, we filter out people interested in your products/services and nurture those leads through numerous strategies until they mature into high-likelihood prospects.

Marketing Automation

We use the latest technology, tools, and practices to manage multiple marketing campaigns, filter leads on predetermined criteria, and approach prospects with strategies that are highly likely to lead to successful conversions.

Sales Pipeline Management

Our lead qualification services can easily be integrated with most prominent in-house CRM and sales pipeline management tools, giving you uninterrupted access to all your campaigns, leads, and data insights in one place.

A Creative Approach to Lead Qualification & Nurturing

Turning a sales or marketing lead into a loyal customer takes communication skills and the ability to elicit a 'yes' for your offerings. To warrant that response, the collected leads need to be as much aligned to the campaign’s offerings as possible.

In a nutshell, lead qualification is a niche process that calls for experienced sales professionals who can qualify good prospects from bad based on marketing goals, coax potential buyers into a conversation, answer all their queries, and win their confidence on behalf of your product. When you hire lead qualification experts from SunTec India, that is what we achieve for you.

  • High-quality leads
  • Response-oriented cultivation
  • Higher conversions
  • Better ROI

We help our clients with reviewed and qualified prospective leads and transform those into sales opportunities. Using a combination of data quality processing techniques, online research, email follow-ups, and phone support, we examine and analyze each lead. Our marketing experts work in close coordination with your in-house sales team to qualify your existing leads data well within the stipulated turnaround time.

Lead Qualification Services for B2B Lead Generation

With our remote/offshore lead qualification services, we help you simplify the process of qualifying, sorting, cleansing, appending, and following-up on leads captured through your marketing channels, viz.:

Inbound Lead Qualification Services

Enable Your Sales Team with Customized B2B Sales Qualification Processes

At SunTec India, a team of lead qualification service experts works in tandem with your sales team to carve an operational process that can quickly differentiate, identify, and pursue prospects that have a high likelihood of converting into paying customers.

To ensure highly qualified lead generation services, our teams are trained in the most prominent and widely used sales qualification frameworks, including legacy and recent ones like BANT, CHAMP, MEDDPICC, SCOTSMAN, and FAINT. Depending on the client’s requirements, we apply these concepts to design a workflow that can help-

  • Distinguish the economic buyer/decision-maker
  • Put a deeper focus on lead-specific value propositions
  • Understand the target business’s buying process
  • Identify prospect’s challenges
  • Detect the importance of your solution to the lead’s business
  • Detect the urgency of their need
  • Connect your price and the lead’s ROI effectively

Our sales data analysts qualify leads based on predetermined criteria to ensure they fit within your target prospect profile, take an interest in your products or services, fall within the allocated budgets, and meet your delivery time frames. Consequently, to establish and further nurture the level of interest represented by the lead, we closely follow-up and pursue each pre-qualified lead, either by email or phone. Once the leads mature, we hand them over to your internal sales group.

Enterprise Advantages of Outsourcing Lead Nurturing Services to SunTec India

Being a 20+ years old firm specializing in marketing & sales support, data, IT, and eCommerce solutions, SunTec India is your ideal partner to outsource lead qualification services. Backed by a multidimensional team of certified marketing specialists and a record of successfully qualifying leads across different domains, we have grown to become a prominent lead qualification service provider company worldwide.

Our B2B lead generation company helps clients draw the best possible outcome from their inquiries through a quick response time. Additionally, we also optimize your lead qualification process via other methods.

  • Directing your internal sales team's time and effort on highly qualified sales leads
  • Improving lead quality and closure rates through superior sales intelligence
  • Providing diverse and detailed data elements needed for improved conversion
  • Passing on hot leads instantly to your sales team through a fast response rate and timely follow-up
  • Recognizing the decision-makers in the ordering process
  • Creating a business development database of opt-in leads for the purpose of lead nurturing
  • Supporting prioritized leads distribution among your internal sales teams
  • Reducing cost per opportunity and improving marketing Return on Investment

Outsource Lead Qualification Services to SunTec India

With SunTec India, you can easily hire lead qualification service experts, maintain the sales pipeline, and secure a consistent supply of qualified leads. Joining hands with this two-decades-old B2B lead generation company can give you the benefit of rapid outcomes, response-driven campaigns, and enhanced overall sales ROI.

To know more about outsourcing lead qualification services to SunTec India and how we can help your business to grow, reach out to us at info@suntecindia.com. We are available 24*7 to assist you.

Client Speak

Client Speak

SunTec India is one of our best solutions providers. They are meticulous, easy to work with and efficient. Good responsiveness and good communication.They provide an excellent turn-around time. Time zones differences between North America and India allows us sometimes to receive work in the morning. An enormous advantage for time-sensitive projects.

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