Healthcare Data Mining Services

Enhance Operational Efficiency and Business Intelligence With Complete Healthcare Data Mining and Analytics Services.

Data Mining Services for Healthcare Industry

Maximize the service quality and performance of your healthcare organization by converting your biomedical data into actionable insights with complete healthcare data mining services from SunTec India. Our web research and data processing experts analyze the massive data generated by healthcare transactions, enabling you to focus on the knowledge discovery process instead, thus enhancing the likelihood of success on cost-effective terms.

  • End-to-End Healthcare Data Mining
  • Multi-Channel Data Scraping
  • Data Aggregation & Annotation
  • Data Support for AI/ML Projects
  • On-Demand Analytics and BI
  • Strict Non-Disclosure Agreement

Healthcare Data Mining Services: Our Offerings

SunTec India is one of the leading global healthcare data mining service providers, with 20+ years of industry experience. Our healthcare data mining services are designed to support healthcare providers such as hospitals, clinics, pharmaceuticals, research organizations, physicians, and insurance companies and are aimed at increasing efficiencies while reducing costs concurrently.

Web Data Extraction

We employ advanced data extraction techniques and build intelligent crawlers to scrape data from a multitude of online sources and collect relevant data from different channels while preserving quality and accuracy.

Document Processing

Our experts analyze patients' online and offline reports, profiles, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Electronic Health Records (EHR), medical imaging databases, physical examination reports, diagnosis, progress notes, medications, immunizations, etc.

Healthcare Data Annotation

We provide high-quality healthcare data annotation services, utilizing techniques like semantic segmentation, bounding boxes, polygons, etc. to conduct a contextual analysis of biomedical images, thus ensuring an accurate and automated diagnosis.

Biomedical Data Aggregation

We collect the latest news and updates from across the healthcare industry, analyzing and summarizing data points across diverse databases to produce a centralized source of organized, formatted, cohesive, and shareable information.

Data Annotation Services

Our data experts study the collected data to establish typical patterns and identify the outliers, deviating trends, and unusual data points, which helps develop predictive models and train healthcare-related AI/ML algorithms.

Relationship And Link Analysis

We use intelligent link analysis tools to evaluate connections across different healthcare entities and reveal transactional relationships. It helps in understanding fraudulent behavior and flagging down any such instances in the future.

Business Benefits of Our Scalable Healthcare Data Mining Services

We assist healthcare institutions, resources, stakeholders, participants, and clinical authorities in determining effective medical treatments, detecting fraud, verifying claims, conducting preemptive diagnoses, and making well-informed decisions.

Improving Patient Care

Data mining for biomedical information can expedite the diagnosis process and facilitate a near-instant response system by providing a detailed investigation of symptoms, causes, treatments, outcomes, characteristics, and patient behavior.

Aiding Hospital Management

By identifying high-priority patients, risk-adjusted treatment plans, and in-hospital mortality approximation, hospital management systems can better allocate resources after predicting their need, usage, and urgency.

Reducing Substance Abuse

In addition to value-based patient care, healthcare data mining can also help reduce prescription drug misuse by revealing patterns and trends in drug-candidate behavior, tracking treatment progress, and analyzing prescription transactions.

Predicting Medical-Consumer Behavior

Healthcare data mining facilitates anonymized dataset interpretation and hidden pattern investigation, enabling a deeper understanding of how patients and consumers interact with different healthcare services, thus improving the quality of service.

Automating Healthcare Services

Feeding the right healthcare data into machine learning models can encourage near-precise forecasts, which can be used to enhance medical IoT technology, fasten lab results, enhance health tracker performance, etc.

Detecting Unlawful Activities

Exploratory dataset analysis can help identify unusual patterns that may indicate inappropriate referrals, forged prescriptions, fraudulent insurance claims, counterfeit purchase histories, upcoding instances, etc.

Enterprise Applications of Our Healthcare Data Mining Services

  • Optimize hospital bed allocation
  • Manage operating theatres utilization to accommodate maximum operations
  • Improve the emergency-response system
  • Efficiently organize human and material resource assignment
  • Detect staff-reaction to the hospital environment
  • Quickly detect outbreaks within the institution
  • Better predict in-hospital admissions, recovery, and mortality rates
  • Maintain the integrity of patient & personnel details
  • Verify claims for patients and medical procedures
  • Enhance research capabilities through smarter predictive models
  • Uncover anomalous behavior related to medical insurance fraud
  • Discover and fix faults in medical devices

Data Mining for Healthcare Industry: Absolute Data Privacy & Security

The healthcare industry generates large volumes of data regularly, in a wide variety of formats, through various sources, and often containing varying terminologies. That presents unique challenges in mining said data, analyzing it for actionable insights, and protecting the patient and medical personnel information from unauthorized access

Some of the most common and threatening data privacy and security challenges that our healthcare data mining experts face frequently include-

  • A Huge, Heterogeneous Dataset
  • Poor Data Governance
  • Incomplete, Inaccurate, Unstructured Data
  • Unreliable Data Storage
  • Varying Knowledge Versions
  • Phishing Attacks
  • Malware
  • Ransomware
  • Lack of Common-Sense Security Procedures
  • Lack of Software Security Updates

At SunTec India, we employ a unique combination of client-focused manual and automatic strategies to assess, collect, filter, structure, and present healthcare data while thwarting the potential damage posed by the risks mentioned above. From constant scraper updates to international compliance with regulatory and security standards, we strive to keep your data safe to the best possible extent.

Healthcare Data Mining : The SunTec India Methodology

As a veteran healthcare data mining company, we utilize a proven operational model to ensure data consistency, accuracy, and coherency.

Healthcare Data Mining Services

1. Data Point Selection

Depending on your particular problem/goal, we aggregate a target data set from several standard ones before commencing the knowledge discovery process. The data and information in the target set are verified.

2. Dataset Preprocessing

Our data entry specialist devise strategies to deal with any missing fields in the target data set as well as to remove any noise, inconsistency, or time-sequence issues.

3. Data Transformation and Mining

First, the data points are transformed into forms that can be easily mined through processes like smoothing, aggregation, normalization, etc. Afterward, we employ data mining techniques to identify valid information, exclude data that doesn’t answer the question at hand, ignore values that fall outside the sensible boundaries, eliminate redundancy or outliers, and extract the correct information.

4. Reporting and Evaluation

The results of data models are laid down in a comprehensible and easily qualifiable format. Every pattern, relationship, and correlation is inspected and interpreted using a variety of parameters to extract only the most crucial and relevant information. The final knowledge base is presented to stakeholders through a suitable representation mechanism.

Advantage of Outsourcing Healthcare Data Mining Services to SunTec India

We employ a team of well-trained and highly qualified professionals capable of collating valuable information accurately from a wide variety of sources. We ensure the most precise outcomes in a short time through a comprehensive suite of remote/offshore healthcare data mining services.

Our data experts employ the best mining practices to identify unusual patterns in the data and uncover valuable information that is used in different types of projects like pharmaceuticals and medical research, hospital management, healthcare insurance, the study of genetics, medical devices, etc. We have helped numerous global clients analyze large sets of data, discover anomalies, create predictive models and probability measures, and address numerous other issues in the clinical, operational, and financial facets of the healthcare domain.

Discuss Your Healthcare Data Mining Requirements With Us

When you hire healthcare data mining experts from SunTec India, we assist your company in making the most of your data and driving your retention and revenue even higher. With our services, you can decrease healthcare-related service costs, identify the most likely diagnoses instantaneously, measure treatment effectiveness, detect fraudulent medical claims, and improve the overall efficiency of healthcare facilities in your institution.

To know more about how we can help your business or outsource healthcare data mining services to SunTec India, contact us at

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Client Speak

At SunTec India we got just the best of everything: whether it was their product upload service or their timeliness in regards to delivery of services. For us, it was like getting quantitative work without compromising on quality. We have noticed quadrupled hits for our products that made our sales pass through the roof.

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