Healthcare Check-up Forms Processing Services

Monitor and Manage Healthcare Data and Reduce Operational Expenses with Expert Assistance

Automated Healthcare Check-up Forms Processing Services

Businesses in the healthcare industry regularly deal with large volumes of data that come from various sources, are mostly unstructured, and contain vital information within. To ensure their appropriate use, organizations must record that data in a database that’s formatted to enable secure and easy accessibility and hence ensure higher operational efficiency.

However, locating, validating, and entering that data into a database consumes time and resources that most healthcare organizations can’t afford to spare without hampering their productivity. It becomes critical for them to fall back on healthcare checkup forms processing & data entry services to ensure a constant supply of precise data that equips and enables their in-house functions to yield better outputs.

With SunTec India, a prominent name in the global outsourcing industry, you can monitor and manage your medical forms’ data, verify versions, get access to portable databases, and reduce your operational costs while protecting your customer’s confidential data.

SunTec India- Your Ideal Partner for Outsourcing Healthcare Checkup Form Processing Services

With our healthcare checkup form processing services, SunTec India aims to assist hospitals, medical practitioners, clinics, and other healthcare providers in precisely managing and processing data from countless checkup forms, as they focus on delivering the best services to their patients.

Equipped with a perfect blend of technology, infrastructure, and workforce, we deliver high-quality services with the fastest possible turnaround time in the industry.

At SunTec India, we have developed an operational methodology that’s fueled by the latest form processing software, technology, and industry practices. Our outsourcing model is compliant with international regulations and standards. Whether your healthcare checkup forms are handwritten, machine-printed, or scanned, or in a structured or unstructured format, our professionals can efficiently capture all the pertinent data from them and present it in a well-organized and suitable file format to enable you to locate, access, and retrieve the information, as and when required. When you hire medical/healthcare form processing experts from SunTec India, your business gains a surefire way to boost productivity in the most cost-effective way.

Healthcare Checkup Forms Processing Services Offered at SunTec India

SunTec India specializes in delivering comprehensive healthcare checkup form processing services to help you gain access to patient's personal information along with their medical details, insurance records, claim history, treatment history, and other such data. Our experts extract all these relevant data points from the variety of forms that healthcare institutions use and cleanse, verify, validate, standardize and compile that information in an editable, electronic format, typically inMS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, PDF, etc.

Our Healthcare Checkup Form Processing Services Include-

  • Survey and Questionnaires processing
  • Registration forms processing
  • New patient application forms processing
  • Medical history forms processing
  • Patient satisfaction survey forms processing
  • Appointment forms processing
  • Registration forms processing
  • Care provider intake forms processing
  • Medical employment detail forms processing
  • Blood donation forms processing
  • Medication forms processing
  • Patient initiation forms processing
  • Medical claim forms processing
  • Purchase order forms processing
  • Patient records processing
  • Contracts forms processing
  • Equipment warranty forms processing
  • Account / Tax Forms processing

Our skilled teams of dedicated data experts are trained to create custom solutions tailored for client requirements, an advantage that makes SunTec India a suitable choice for all kinds of healthcare checkup forms processing services. Our services also include-

  • Manual and automated healthcare form processing
  • Form scanning using OCR, ICR, scanning software, and other feasible tools
  • Remote/offshore healthcare form scanning services
  • Digitization of handwritten/printed forms
  • Database creation, compilation, validation, and verification
  • Data encryption for more secure access

Secure Data Processing with an Automated Workflow

We deliver faster claims processing with a precision that takes away all significant concerns regarding security and privacy.

At our firm, digitization of healthcare forms and patient data is performed using an automated workflow. We employ a technology-centric approach to scan documents, transmit them across our and your teams, and cross the challenging data security and privacy barriers.

Secure Data Delivery Process

  • A comprehensive approach to malware protection
  • Multi-level encryption of information assets
  • User privacy protection policies
  • Frequent data disease surveillance
  • Outlier monitoring

Minimized Risks and Maximised Benefits

  • Improved resource allocation
  • Minimized wait time
  • Eliminated redundancy
  • A coherent data flow
  • Better data integrity and availability
  • Sophisticated security controls

We believe in adapting and evolving with the present-day market landscapes. That is why our healthcare check-up forms processing services are revised by experts at regular intervals. Together, we address threats and attack possibilities during data collection, transformation, modeling, analytics, and visualization.

Our Healthcare Check-Up Forms Processing Services: Enhance Your Business Operations

  • Reduce operational costs by up to 40-50%
  • Dedicated project manager assigned to every client
  • ISO 9001 certified organization
  • 99.995% accuracy in all projects
  • ISO 27001:2013 certified service provider
  • Robust security infrastructure
  • Encrypted data transmission tools-VPN, FP, cloud
  • Custom-built automated and manual form processing systems
  • Multiple quality checks

Outsource Healthcare Check-Up Forms Processing Services to SunTec India

Reach out to us at to avail the best healthcare check-up form processing services, tailored to suit all your requirements.

Client Speak

Client Speak

We used SunTec recently and were very impressed with their work. The results were very accurate data in a short timeframe. The staff were professional and thorough. We will not hesitate to use SunTec again for future work, and would recommend them to other companies with similar requirements.

Adrian Dick
CallPlus Ltd., New Zealand
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