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Email List Data Mining Services

Emails have become the primary source of communication between customers and clients. It is how businesses reach out to their target audience about product launches, events and sales. These entities can gather knowledge from a group of emails and how users respond to them. Marketing teams need to find the email addresses of people who show an interest in the brand or business. They need to enlist individuals and contacts of those willing to spend their time to open and read these messages. They also need to identify and suppress email addresses of those who are unlikely to turn into potential business.

Often the workload assigned to your resources can outweigh the responsibilities of mining for information. In fact, even managers don’t even have time to look after anything that shifts focus from their primary tasks. In such a scenario, outsourcing is the only way that can help businesses to save time and money. It allows managers to prioritize their work to best serve customers.

Email Mining Services: Find and Classify Contacts

Email list data mining services involve using various mining techniques to research and explore business potentials of emailing. It includes creating a list of email addresses that can determine the success or failure of a marketing campaign.

SunTec India provides best-in-class services for email address list mining. It comprises a powerful team of technicians who have the skills to make this task easier. Each professional signs an NDA to ensure confidentiality and secrecy of client’s data. The company assigns a project manager that directly communicates with the client. They provide updates on the progress of the project and try to deliver within the deadline.

Email List Data Mining: Services Offered

Offline and Online Email List Data Mining

Online data mining involves extracting email addresses from web resources like websites, blogs, and social media sites. It works by checking updates, posts and activities of users to know whether they will opt for your product. Whereas the offline method is collecting email addresses that people enter on the business website. SunTec India provides both these services flawlessly.

Email List Cleansing and Preparing

Our experts accurately clean data to improve the quality of the email list. We delete repetitive addresses, replace incorrect entries, and add new ones wherever necessary. We also remove dead emails which are no longer in use and correct any wrong data. We also remove any misspelling and unwanted spaces within each email address.

Efficient Email Data Mining Services

Through the study and analysis of email messages, one can understand the needs of the consumer. It involves looking for hidden information in the header and or body of the message. This intelligence can be useful in discovering new patterns, trends and drawing meaning to make well-informed decisions.

Contact List Prediction and Reporting

It is for helping users identify, retrieve and summarize useful, hidden information in many emails. SunTec India provides precise pattern prediction and data-driven reporting. It can help companies create email list data that can help achieve specific objectives.

Benefits of Outsourcing Email Data Mining to SunTec India

  • Accuracy: Deliver outcome with 99.95% accuracy and within quick turnaround time
  • Safe data mining services: ISO 27001 certification for “Information Security Management”.
  • Unmatched Quality: ISO 9001:2015 certification for our “Quality Management System”
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Get reliable email address mining while saving on money and time.
  • 20+ years of experience working in different domains for data entry, processing and marketing
  • Option for Scaling: Easily increase or decrease the team members working on your project.
  • Custom Results: Get the benefit of personalized results according to choice.

Enhanced Email Data Mining Services to Boost Sales

SunTec India is a trustworthy name in the business of data entry, processing and marketing. We aim to provide reliable and trustworthy services. You can easily benefit from our email data mining to get better insights of customer preferences and purchase habits. You can even get the best of both worlds by leveraging the time difference between you and our company. We work while you sleep and deliver results the next day. For further information, please get in touch with us at info@suntecindia.com.

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