Document and Image Processing Services

Operational Efficiency at Its Best with Up to 50% Processing Cost Reduction

Image Processing Services

Secure a powerful brand impact for your business with images that speak volumes. Document and Image Processing services from SunTec India organize your digital image database, enhance discoverability, streamline related operational procedures, and save time & resources.

  • Image Tagging, Archiving, and Storage Services
  • Industry's Best Turnaround Time
  • Automated Image Scanning Procedure
  • NDA-Governed Data Confidentiality
  • Image Conversion, Data Entry, and Annotation
  • Complete Control over Team

A Comprehensive Range of Document & Image Processing Services

Modern businesses have to manage a significant volume of image data on a daily basis. Whether it's image editing, color correction, file conversion, or background editing, every document image processing service eats into your valuable time, resources, and infrastructure. You can do away with all these expenses by outsourcing your document image editing services to a specialized vendor.

Outsource this labor-intensive and time-consuming process to SunTec India- an ideal partner for image processing and tagging services. Being in the business for more than 20 years, we have the expertise and experience of delivering bespoke document image processing services to a wide range of global industry verticals.

Object Recognition

Using efficient object recognition programs, we enhance the speed and accuracy of image identification, acknowledgment, and renaming.

Explicit Content Detection

Our experts tag and flag objectionable images, specify their nature, and document the incidence appropriately to maintain your brand image.

Image-Based Keying

We organize your images by merging their data into the preferred format, validating every pixel with a unique key, and indexing the outcomes.

Metadata Addition

Our data experts assign captions, descriptions, and keywords to images in a structured format, thus speeding up image processing.

Object Detection

We employ a combination of manual and automated techniques to locate objects in different images and assign them the right identity after processing.

Scanned Image Data Entry

Every image is inspected for text using ICR(Intelligent Character Recognition), OCR(Optical Character Recognition), and transcribed accurately.

Copyright Protection

Our data entry and processing specialists regularly verify every image against legal copyright policies to avoid any authenticity or ownership related issues.

Sorting and Backup

Every online and offline information recorded by our image analysts is backed up in a database, arranged for easy localization, and is available to the client online.

Format Compatibility

We make it a point to optimize the images for multi-device, multi-platform compatibility without affecting its quality or pixel precision.

Image Database Maintenance

By continually maintaining, upgrading, and modifying a database for every client, we eliminate redundancy, minimize errors, and increase operational efficiency.

A Quick Glimpse at SunTec India's Image Processing Services

The highly trained and experienced team of professionals at SunTec India helps you manage, scan, index, and present critical data in the file format of your choice, such as PDF, DOC, XLS, JPEG, and TIFF, etc. You can pick and choose the most suitable resources from our team to work exclusively on your requirement. With their prompt services and accurate responses, you can save up to 50% of your document image processing costs.

At SunTec India, we implement a multidimensional image data processing service-mechanism that enables our clients to enhance their image management and storage operations with the best turnaround time in the industry.

document and image processing service


Our digital imaging process involves a hybrid combination of manual data entry experts and the latest technologies and tools like OCR(optical character recognition), barcode indexing, ICR(intelligent character recognition), etc. Once scanned, we index every document with nearly 99% accuracy and follow it up with human validation to avoid errors.

To digitize your printed images, we use state-of-the-art scanners. Our professionals are well-versed in the use of flatbed, hand-held, as well as overhead scanners, thus ensuring customized results with quick turnaround time.


Every image is labeled and indexed for easy retrieval and refined usability. Depending on client requirements, our image data entry & processing experts tag the photos with pre-specified criteria and keywords like date, subject, author, etc. In addition to description-based indexing/retrieval, we also provide feature extraction, object recognition, and annotation services on-demand.

Storage and Management

In addition to content digitization and indexing for image data, we also undertake end-to-end management of your digital data. Via database creation, organization, frequent cleansing, and analysis, we ensure universal, high-quality data storage and management for your business-critical images. The databases are optimized for seamless retrieval and information access and are fitted with screening programs to eliminate corrupt information, ambiguity, and explicit content.

Business Benefits of Outsourcing Document and Image Processing Services to SunTec India

  • Quick and easy access to global talent
  • State-of-the-art online and offline scanning tech
  • ISO 9001 certification for quality management
  • ISO 27001 certification for information security management
  • Access to cutting-edge technology and the latest tools
  • Up to 50% reduction in operational cost
  • Bespoke services
  • Easy cataloging and category management
  • Industry's best turnaround time
  • Access to a dedicated project manager
  • Frequent and prompt communication and query resolution

Discuss Your Image and Document Processing Requirements With Us

With professional assistance from SunTec India, image tagging , processing, and data retrieval become a profitable process, both monetarily and operationally. To know more about how our services can maximize your profits, kindly

To determine how we can help you get the maximum benefit through our image processing services, write to us at

Client Speak

Client Speak

At SunTec India we got just the best of everything: whether it was their product upload service or their timeliness in regards to delivery of services. For us, it was like getting quantitative work without compromising on quality. We have noticed quadrupled hits for our products that made our sales pass through the roof.

Ed Wolf, Italy
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