Data Validation Services

Empower Your Data-Based Marketing Campaigns with Tailor-Made Data Verification Services

Data Verification Services

Keep your online/email marketing data list updated, accurate, & relevant with data validation services from SunTec India.

  • Up To 60% Cost Savings
  • 99.95% Data Accuracy
  • 24-72 Hours Delivery
  • 2X Faster Data Processing

A clean and accurate prospect database is directly related to better customer reach and successful marketing campaigns. However, no matter how vast a list you build, it wouldn’t work if the data is bad, wrong, missing, or unverified.

That is where B2B data validation enters the picture.

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Data Validation Services

Data Validation & Verification: A Great Enabler For Businesses Worldwide

Lead lists- while an incredible marketing tool -requires high degrees of accuracy and relevancy. Building them involves a deep-seated understanding of your target audience, their prime influencers, and your product’s biggest appealing factors.

That, when done right, can add a lot of value to your core business.

Data validation is a critical part of the B2B lead list building process. It can amplify the utility of your data while enabling you to accomplish a lot.

  • Implement your email marketing campaigns effectively
  • Establish direct contact with key decision-makers in your target companies
  • Enhance campaign success rates while reducing cost & time
  • Get a vast, clean, & multi-purpose database
  • Amplify the ROI for your sales & marketing campaigns
  • Improve overall operational efficiency

What Are The Advantages Of Outsourcing Data Validation Services?

Data validation involves quite a few challenges. Old addresses and emails, out-of-service phone numbers, prospects that don’t match the target user profile- you will end up wasting time and money in trying to find, sort, & optimize a group of useful contacts.

On the contrary, if you choose a reputed data validation service provider, the benefits keep stacking up!

  • Quick anomaly identification
  • Intelligent tools & technology support
  • Availability of skilled resources
  • Optimized project productivity
  • Highly enhanced data accuracy

Get 360-Degree Data Validation Services at SunTec India

What is your top priority? Conversions? Reach? ROI? Sales? Connecting with your customers? Or sending very specific, highly customized pitches to the top target prospects?

Our data validation services give you the freedom and capability to do all of that.

Get your current and existing email lists checked for inaccuracies and inefficiencies. Get your processes verified, your data validated, and your returns amplified.

Explore our wide and comprehensive range of data validation services.

An Extensive Range Of Data Validation Services

Lead List Validation

We support your B2B list building endeavors with in-depth quality checks. Every account and entry is validated twice to ensure correct values.

CRM Data Validation

We create and apply very specific data validation logic- one that matches your user profile -to filter through your CRM and remove all inaccuracies.

B2B Contact Data Validation

Every email ID, phone number, and mailing address is checked by our specialists. We check the authority & correctness for them and match them with your target base.

B2B Company Data Validation

When you target company accounts, it is crucial to get contacts for the decision-makers. We validate all company data in your database to ensure the same.

URL Validation

URLs can go stale, inactive, or obsolete. Having such links in your database can hack into your marketing endeavors. We fix that by manually checking & updating all URLs.

IP Validation

With a full-proof IP validation process, we geolocate your visitors, identify proxy usage, and identify any mismatches between a user’s IP address & their volunteered address information.

Enhance Conversions & ROI With Our Data Validation Services

Accurate sales lead lists- that is what our data validation services are all about.

When you outsource data verification/validation services to SunTec India, we make it our mission to improve your data quality.

No missed opportunities! No wasted resources!

How Can We Help?

Data is a critical differentiator in today’s competitive global market landscape. It is just as important to use your data judiciously as it is to find flaws in your data processing system. Both, when executed appropriately, lead to a connected, coherent, and useful data set and hence, valuable insights.

But, identifying, rooting out, and improving inefficiencies must be done with time, money, and target in mind.

Data validation experts at SunTec India help you do just that!

Our data verification and validation methods elevate sales prospecting for your brand by preparing your data for deeper, more extensive mining, thus enabling better discoveries. By leveraging our data verification services, you get custom B2B email list solutions at a reasonable cost and twice the usual speed.

  • 20+ years of experience
  • Up to 60-70% cost savings
  • Enterprise-grade data processing
  • B2B data validation
  • ISO-certified processes
  • Flexible pricing models

Join hands with the SunTec India team and approach your stakeholders with more to offer.

Reach out to us at to know more about our data validation services, get your queries resolved, or request a free demo or sample of our processes.

B2C & B2B Data Validation Services-Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In the simplest words, data validation is a tool used to cleanse a database of inaccuracies, inefficiencies, & inconsistencies. When employed in a business database, it helps you achieve various goals with ease.

  • Accurate prospect/lead data
  • Mitigated project defects
  • Higher marketing success rate
  • Better ROI
  • Enhanced business reputation

Additionally, data validation services can help your business get these benefits in a budget-friendly manner.

At SunTec India, customer data validation is conducted in a layered process, monitored to ensure higher quality outcomes. It includes the following phases, broadly speaking.

  • Target user & account understanding
  • Company-level data point collection
  • Contact-level data point collection
  • Data enrichment & validation
  • Data integrity & quality checks
  • Database organization & structuring

Data validation services offer several long-term and short-term benefits to most B2B marketing campaigns. These include:

  • Better data relevance
  • Accurate & updated contact data
  • Hence, High contactability rates
  • Freedom to craft highly-targeted marketing messages
  • Better deliverability
  • Higher business reputation
  • High quality integration

At the same time, there is minimal wastage of time and resources with expert assistance at your convenience.


The SunTec India team ensures 100% data confidentiality. Every professional who works with you will sign an NDA to enforce the same. Simultaneously, to reinforce the security of your data, we employ multiple protocols and access controls.

At SunTec India, you stand to get a wide range of data validation services as well as the option to customize them according to your needs.

Our B2B data validation offerings include:

  • Lead validation
  • CRM data validation
  • Contact list validation
  • IP validation
  • URL validation
  • Company data validation
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Client Speak

At SunTec India we got just the best of everything: whether it was their product upload service or their timeliness in regards to delivery of services. For us, it was like getting quantitative work without compromising on quality. We have noticed quadrupled hits for our products that made our sales pass through the roof.

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