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Protect your brand with exceptional quality control and content regulation with hybrid moderation models and full-proof UGC filtering services.

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Content Moderation Services

Content Moderation Services are the need of the hour, primarily because defining harmful content in the age of the Internet is a complicated and uncertain affair.

The freedom of expression in user-generated content presents businesses with the unique challenge of segregating malicious elements from a large volume of content, like profanity, nudity, hate speech, etc. At the same time, you have to be on a constant look-out for the weaponization of context, where seemingly harmless posts that may pass automated moderation tests are framed in a potentially damaging manner.

Ambiguous security regulations, technical complications, algorithmic miscalculations, unfiltered consumption, and dependency on user indiscretion are some of the most prominent issues in moderating present-day online content. Monitoring all these across numerous digital touchpoints requires dedicated support of resources and plenty of time. In such circumstances, outsourcing content moderation services to a capable vendor is the best way to protect your brand’s reputation cost-effectively.

Empower Your Online Presence: Outsource Content Moderation to SunTec India

Protect your website from indecent content with data-driven content moderation services from SunTec India. As a globally prominent outsourcing partner with 20+ years of experience, we have supported businesses worldwide with multi-process IT services.

At SunTec India, we understand that the future of content moderation involves an amalgamation of human judgment and evolving AI/ML capabilities. That’s why we operate with a synergistic relationship between our human annotators and customized AI modules. Our diverse workforce of data specialists, professional annotators, and social media experts come together to moderate a large volume of real-time content with the help of proven operational models. Supported by AI-driven content moderation models, we have succeeded in substantially improving the efficiency of content filtering for numerous projects.

When you outsource content moderation services to SunTec India, your business gets to leverage the advantage of full-proof user-generated content (UGC) moderation services.

outsource content moderation services

At SunTec India, we strive to create the best possible content moderation solution by striking an optimum balance between your requirements and objectives.

How We Use AI for Smarter & Faster Content Moderation

Content moderation is critical for every company with an online presence. It is a prime customer experience differentiator as well as a vital component of a decent brand image.

It is also a significant challenge if you are used to manual content moderation only.

Our content moderation models embrace artificial intelligence and machine learning to create exceptional outcomes. With AI-driven algorithms, we process large content quantities in no time. We also continuously evolve and amend our systems to avoid false positives or negatives.

At the same time, we compound our AI-enabled content moderation modules with human experts to process the level of subjectivity that a machine can’t handle.

Explore the benefits of our AI-equipped content moderation services.

  • Process data t a large scale and size
  • Determine the degree of data harmfulness
  • Better pre-moderation performance
  • Create more effective training data sets
  • Heightened moderation accuracy
  • Less impact of content moderation on the human psyche

The SunTec India team has developers and automation experts with the required skill-set to turn AI-enabled content moderation in your favor and promote positive online engagement.

Typically Moderated Content-Types

  • Nudity
  • Profanity
  • Weapons
  • Drugs
  • Minors
  • Hate-Speech
  • Blurriness
  • Offensive Gestures
  • Image Quality and Colors
  • Fraudulent Users
  • Face Detection & Profile Authorization
  • Hidden Faces
  • Artificial Text

Image Moderation Services

At SunTec India, content moderators receive frequent training to recognize and flag images that defy the laws of decent online behavior. Our professional annotators regularly screen, label, and filter data based on your criteria and our standards to make final decisions for images that reflect and uphold your brand image.

image content moderation
video content moderation

Video Moderation Services

With industry-leading turnaround times and nearly 100% accuracy, our video moderation services ensure that the videos are reviewed in their entirety as well as at frame-to-frame level. We utilize machine-assisted video classification, audio transcript moderation, and shot-level information analysis to eliminate redundancies while ensuring appropriate, safe, and authentic outcomes.

Social Media Content Moderation Services

At SunTec India, we combine competent, enterprise-level software technology with professional annotating expertise to enhance the quality of content across all your social media channels. Our social media content moderation services are designed to manage large volumes of real-time data in multiple languages while preserving quality, regulatory compliances, and brand reputation.

social media content moderation

Content Moderation: The SunTec India Advantage

Brand Protection

We ensure a spotless image for your brand online while protecting you from online scammers, threats, and negative press through constant content monitoring, screening, analysis, and review.

Custom Policy Compliance

We use standard guidelines for content moderation. At the same time, we take into consideration your custom policies for content moderation and employ them for optimized results.

Live Content Moderation

In addition to relentless monitoring on all fronts, we also create alerts to identify any emerging threats or content violations and regulatory guidelines to kickstart an appropriate response in such cases.

International Regulatory Compliance

We monitor your content for any incongruence in regulations and guidelines, thus ensuring that every piece of image, video, or social media post related to your brand passes internationally applied data quality tests with ease.

Reporting & Business Intelligence

Every moderation solution that we undertake is monitored and summarized in a detailed report, to be sent to the client for further analysis and improvement.

Built-in Quality Control

Our hybrid content moderation systems have built-in quality control at different levels to ensure the best results in the shortest durations.

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Join hands with SunTec India for hassle-free content moderation services, spam content detection services, 24/7 coverage, scalable operational models, enhanced efficiency, and exceptional user-generated content. To know more, get in touch with us at info@suntecindia.com.