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Business Automation Solution

Streamline your business operations. Reduce costs and improve agility!

Most people assume that business automation is only meant for large organizations or can only be achieved by established consulting firms. However, SunTec has proven otherwise.

Business automation can be anything as simple as converting paper documents to digital formats, and there is endless possibility as to how complex it can get. We have years of experience and expertise of serving both small to mid-size organizations as well as small and mid-size departments in large organizations.

As the speed of market requirements for complex front & back-office business operations continue to accelerate, and we have numerous Case Studies to show how we have helped organizations achieve their automation goals, we believe that business automation still has a long way to go. All business automation projects, irrespective of the problem to be solved starts with outlining the process you wish to automate.

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Types of Business Automation Projects

Data Management

Instead of using spreadsheets or paper to gather information, create a public web portal for vendors, clients or employees to feed in the required information directly. We can help you with professional database design and development to secure your internal / external data & information obtained through web forms, FTP, APIs Excel/CSV, Access, Doc/PDF files, legacy data, etc.

  • Database Development
    • Microsoft SQL Database Development
    • MySQL Database Development
    • Access Database Development
  • NoSQL Development
    • Graph Database Development
    • Data Store Development
    • Document Storage Development
    • Key-Value Development
    • Column Store Development
  • Relational Database Design
  • Functional Database Design
  • User Interface Design & Development
  • Implementing Interaction Design Principles

Workflow management

Do you have an approval process wherein senior staff has to review the quality of product before they are sent to customers? Irrespective of how demanding your workflow is, an Office Workflow Improvement application can help in streamlining your business processes.

  • Process/Workflow Evaluations
  • Functional Systems Analysis
  • Process/Functional Flowcharting
  • Usability Evaluations & User Centered Design
  • Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • Operations Management Automation


Collecting and summarizing data into reports can be tedious and time consuming for your staff. Automate reporting and save your valuable resources.


Do you constantly email and call your clients and staff to remind them of what is required to be done? Schedule reminders to automate and track tasks.

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