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MVP Development Services

Validate your idea for a software product and fast-track its launch at reduced costs with full-cycle MVP development services in India. As a leading MVP development company, we are adept at creating functional MVPs that help you pitch your idea to investors while reducing time-to-market and increasing profitability. Our team equips your product with must-have features within a short time to help you get feedback and adapt to the end users' needs.

  • End-to-end MVP development services
  • No contract lock-ins
  • Market research and adoption testing
  • NDA assured data and asset security
  • Rapid scaling and product testing
  • Use of leading frameworks & technologies

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Artize is a mobile app store for the luxury bath brand Jaquar Group. It showcases its product catalog & collections, has a module for custom room/project design, and facilitates location-based dealership search.

Companies Act


CompaniesAct is an information distribution application on Indian Company law. It simplifies content access with push notifications, user-friendly search filters, segment-wise circulars, and in-app purchases.

Taxi App


Mawady is a comprehensive online marketplace solution. This app comes with payment, cart, and catalog integrations and ensures a seamless shopping experience. It is designed to help consumers, manufacturers, and service providers.

Powerland Commercial

Powerland Commercial

This mobile app store, designed for Powerland Electronics, enables seamless navigation and shopping with a highly organized categorization, simplified user onboarding, cart management, and checkout.

End-to-End MVP Development Services

Launch projects faster, reduce production costs, & eliminate financial risks with our comprehensive range of MVP development solutions.


MVP Consulting

We assess your requirements & conduct technical analysis to identify the accelerators, challenges,& feasibility of the product idea. Our experts provide valuable consultation on tech stack & product development strategy.



Our developers & strategists build a Proof of Concept to verify different technical assumptions and determine the viability of platforms, technologies, tools, and strategy for your MVP product. This helps you identify risks before developing a full-fledged product.



Whether you want to build an eCommerce website or a brand website, our developers can create a secure and high-quality MVP website. We work on your chosen product architecture and technology & rapidly build your website to help you reach your audience in minimal time.


MVP Mobile App

We offer fast MVP app development on your preferred platforms and technology stacks. Our developers utilize their experience and rich industry knowledge to deliver highly scalable & flexible web, mobile, desktop, and hybrid applications with essential features.


Feature MVP

Our developers implement the key feature of your software that creates the core value of your product. We create a usable version of your product that solves a single, specific problem of your customers and helps you figure out whether your potential customers care enough about your value proposition.



Our MVP development agency provides high-fidelity prototype designs that help you gauge the look and feel and check the primary outcome of the final MVP. This interactive prototype can validate your concept and showcase your product to potential investors.

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Why Should You Prioritize MVP Development?


MVP development for businesses helps safeguard investment by creating a functional product at a lower cost.

High-Power Deliverables

Prevent the risk of underbuilding with feature-specific development.

Faster Scaling

Get projects through pipelines quickly by using streamlined development.

Clean Solutions

Avoid unnecessary feature creep and cluttered architecture.

Viable, Validated Products

Create potent products through consumer feedback incorporation from the initial stages.

Fast Development

Get quick product releases with minimal rework possibilities.

What Our Clients Say

How We Build an MVP: Our Process

We build MVPs to address a single problem with the best possible solution. Our developers create a functional yet minimalistic solution that can quickly provide a return on investment with minimal risk. Here's the process we follow.


Project requirements gathering

  • Goal setting
  • Business analysis
  • Feature determination
  • Tech stack selection

Service agreement & contracting

  • Project budgeting
  • Roadmapping
  • Timeline estimation
  • NDA & contracting
  • Team building

Prototypes & wireframing

  • User persona identification
  • Feature flow & navigation
  • Wireframing
  • Visual & interactive mockups

MVP design & development

  • UI designing
  • UX designing
  • Coding & integrations

MVP testing

  • QA testing
  • User testing

MVP release & after support

  • MVP product deliver
  • After support maintenance
  • Scaling recommendations

MVP Development Solutions: Industries We Serve

Retail & eCommerce

We facilitate the development of B2B & B2C eStores and marketplaces to test the business idea.

Education & Publishing

We build top-notch MVP solutions for Educational systems, LMS, digital publishing apps & more.

Media & Entertainment

Our developers build robust solutions for streaming & entertainment software for mobile, desktop & TV.

Real Estate

We build scalable MVP solutions for property listing websites/apps, real-estate marketplaces, etc.

Travel & Tourism

We enable business owners to effectively launch their MVP product for travel and tour booking platforms.


Our MVP experts develop apps for on-demand healthcare, telemedicine, diet, medical training, etc.


We hold expertise in developing agile MVP solutions for warehousing, packaging, tracking, etc.


We develop robust MVP software & mobile apps for manufacturers to help them automate their processes.

Social Media

We create innovative MVP solutions for social media apps & discussion forums with key functionalities.

Why Choose Us for MVP App Development?

Stay ahead of the curve with the best development team by your side. Our minimum viable product development services rely on stringent quality control and testing to come up with high-performing products. By developing the most vital features, validating thoughtful concepts, developing effective wireframes, selecting the right tech stack, and implementing feedback-based changes, we ensure that your MVP stands out and solves your business purpose effectively.

Here's what sets us apart:

Top notch expertise
Extensive industry experience
Scalable MVP solutions
Access to upgraded tools & technologies
Quick turnaround time
Competitive pricing

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Frequently Asked Questions

For startups, MVP is a cost-effective process that allows them to test an idea & roll out the product in the market without much delay to attract investors and potential business partners. Startup MVP development services add to those benefits by offering cost-effective support with a short turnaround time.

Our MVP app development company offers cost-effective solutions and flexible hiring models which suit your requirements & budget. However, the final cost of your MVP application depends on various factors, like features, technology stack, and integrations. To get a clear cost estimate, write to us and describe your requirements at

You will have complete ownership of the code and final product. Before commencing your project, we sign an NDA and other necessary contract agreements to ensure the same.

At SunTec India, we are committed to building and delivering projects in a quick turnaround time. With our dedicated team of experts, we can turn your idea into a full-fledged product within 1-3 months, depending on your unique requirements.

Outsourcing MVP development services to India comes with several advantages. The cost of hiring web or app developers in India is far less than in other countries, resulting in significant cost savings. Other benefits of outsourcing to India include high-quality development, access to experienced developers, continuous support across different time zones, etc.