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Cross-Platform App Development Services

Boost your enterprise ROI, performance, and operations with strategic, smart, creative, and technical cross-platform mobile app development services from SunTec India. Upgrade your business capabilities, engage your audiences with highly customized front-end UI, and make the most profitable decisions with powerful business analytics through robust and scalable multi-platform application solutions. As an industry-leading cross-platform mobile app development company, we offer complete development, deployment, and maintenance support to remove complexities and promote a highly contextual and interactive user experience.

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Artize is a mobile app store for the luxury bath brand Jaquar Group. It showcases its product catalog & collections, has a module for custom room/project design, and facilitates location-based dealership search.

Companies Act


CompaniesAct is an information distribution application on Indian Company law. It simplifies content access with push notifications, user-friendly search filters, segment-wise circulars, and in-app purchases.

Taxi App


Mawady is a comprehensive online store solution available for iOS and Android users. This mobile app comes with payment, cart, and catalog integrations and ensures a seamless shopping experience.

Powerland Commercial

Powerland Commercial

This mobile app store, designed for Powerland Electronics, enables seamless navigation and shopping with a highly organized categorization, simplified user onboarding, cart management, and checkout.

End-to-End Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Services

Cross-platform app development services from SunTec India allow enterprises to market their products with an application that looks, feels, and works as truly native on different devices while operating on a single codebase. Key offerings of our cross-platform mobile app development services include budget and resource optimization, platform-correct UI/UX designing, and a reusable codebase.

Custom Cross-Platform Application Development Application Maintenance and Management Iterative Prototyping and MVP Development
Cross-Platform Application Reengineering and Migration Advanced Administration Panels Specialized Agile Delivery Practices
High-quality, Complex Data Visualizations Powerful Analytics Processing Platform Aligned User Experience Development

As a two-decades-old IT outsourcing and mobile development company, cross-platform applications developed under our roof get the advantage of technology-driven ideologies and polished development processes, designed to transform enterprise challenges into profitable solutions. Through an established and customizable development process, we facilitate faster implementation, quick app enhancements, and native rendering while minimizing framework-based dependency and overall complexity.

Take note of our comprehensive range of cross-platform app development services.

Code Reusability

With access to native libraries, plugins, and APIs, our developers create robust codes that can be reused in great portions over other platforms while keeping the features, functionality, and UI in sync.

Aligned User Experience

Through thorough research around standard, platform-specific guidelines for look and feel, we tweak the UI UX designs to present a unified and aligned user experience across different devices.

Quick Development and Faster Time-to-Market

Our cross-platform app development services strive to achieve valuable deliverables within the stipulated turnaround time through an established development workflow designed to shorten time-to-market.

Reduced Development Costs

When compared to pure native app development, our cross-platform and hybrid app development services are relatively cost-effective because of shared codebases, singular development asset requirement, and omission of multiple platform synchronization expenses.

Wider Audience Targeting

By removing the restrictions of platform-specific app deployment, we enable enterprises to market their software solutions across different audience demographics and reach a wider consumer base at once.

Swift App Enhancement

Through third-party cloud integrations, prominent cross-platform frameworks, and updated technology & tools, we introduce additional features to your hybrid applications while avoiding performance hassles.

Hybrid Mobile App Development Services

Hybrid mobile app development services from SunTec India combine the best of web apps and native apps to create a solution capable of leveraging device features while still functioning as a cross-platform application. We use the most prominent hybrid and cross-platform web technologies to create a common codebase and consistent UI. As an experienced Hybrid app development company, we leverage the best capabilities of this methodology by using Native APIS (which allows the app to access native device features) while easily introducing enhancements in the common codebase.

Reusable Codebase Reduced Development Time Quick Time-to-Market
Cost-Effective Development Post-Development Assistance Enhanced Audience Reach

Empowering Clients with the Best Cross-Platform App Development Service Frameworks

While the market offers a broad and extensive range of cross-platform app development frameworks, we use only the latest and best versions of those. The choice of a technology stack, development process, sprint length, and deliverables depend on the client’s requirements for the user interface, app utility, development costs, and platforms of choice. However, to deliver high-performing cross-platform app development services, we integrate our process with the latest technologies, protocol stacks, and powerful frameworks.


With the help of this impressive, Google-backed cross-platform app development framework, we create dynamic and uniform applications that function seamlessly across multiple platforms. We leverage Flutter features like the portable GPU, high UI rendering power, and reactive framework, and employ expert programmers for Swift, Node.js, Objective-C, and related technologies to deliver outstanding outcomes.

React Native

Our cross-platform app development services explore the built-in components, native libraries, and APIs offered by React Native to create a reusable codebase that supports a highly responsive user interface and offers great compatibility with third-party plugins. Through the React Native framework, our team delivers a smooth user experience across multiple platforms while minimizing the development costs and accelerating time-to-market.


Developers at SunTec India use the Xamarin cross-platform development framework to create C# and .Net based applications for Android, Windows, and iOS. With a 90% reusable codebase, native aesthetics, reduced hardware-compatibility problems, specific plug-ins and APIs, native-level functionalities, numerous class libraries, and compile-time checking, Xamarin simplifies our cross-platform and hybrid app development services while maintaining stellar functionality.


Ionic allows us to combine several programming technologies, including HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, to access, control, and utilize native platform controllers, thus creating a highly user-centric UI/UX while ensuring robust and functional back-end. Based on a SAAS UI framework, Ionic supports mobile OSs seamlessly, allows access to the in-built device features for different models, and supports the creation of aligned user experiences across multiple platforms.

Apache Cordova

Rebranded as PhoneGap, Apache Cordova uses standard technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for cross-platform app development. Through standards-compliant API bindings, we use Cordova to access device capabilities like data status, network, and sensors and extend the application across different platforms, support multiple app store deployments, and ensure a feature-rich UI.

Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch enables us to offer secure, integrated, and highly tested cross-platform application development services, suitable for large and complex business applications, with built-in native themes, agnostic backend data package, Cordova integration (to support native API access), customizable UI widgets, code compatibility, rich user interface elements, and easy maintenance.

Multidimensional Cross-Platform & Hybrid App Development Solutions

Cross-platform and hybrid app development services at SunTec India are created with specific consideration for business requirements. With a diverse team of cross-platform mobile app developers, we build high-performing applications that adhere to your specifications regarding functionality, enterprise capability, robustness, efficiency, and flexibility.

Custom Web and Mobile Solutions

  • eCommerce Web Applications
  • Business Administrative Systems
  • Content Management Systems
  • Enterprise Application Re-engineering
  • Media And Entertainment Solutions
  • Social Networking Portals/Forums
  • Supply Chain Management Apps

Enterprise Applications

  • Project Management Systems
  • Business-specific Applications
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
  • Data Management Applications

Business Intelligence Solutions

  • Admin Dashboard Apps
  • Data Visualization Apps
  • Reporting Systems
  • OLAP (online analytical processing) Apps
  • Information Management Systems

On-Demand Solutions

  • Job Portals
  • Food Ordering and Delivery
  • Health and Fitness Scheduling
  • On-premise Restaurant Management
  • Gaming and Sports
  • Price Comparison
  • Music and Video Streaming

To help your enterprise build and maintain a resilient operational model that can inspire positive outcomes, we offer customized and personalized cross-platform mobile app development services for a broad range of industries and market domains.

Industries Served for Cross-Platform App Development

Enterprise Advantages of Outsourcing to Our Cross-Platform App Development Company

Owing to 20+ years of operational expertise as a global IT outsourcing company, SunTec India stands at the forefront of significant technological software solution development via remote operations. We are backed by a consolidated team of cross-platform developers, designers, analysts, project managers, and support staff. Our team is equipped with a deep understanding of advanced cross-platform application frameworks and extensive experience that come together to form our comprehensive suite of cross-platform mobile app development services.

Cost-effective Development International Standard Compliances Zero Billing Guarantee
Industry’s Best Turnaround Time Data and IP Security Complete Workflow and Process Control
High-performance Applications Easy Onboarding of Expert Developers Dedicated Project Manager
Client Speak

Client Speak

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Outsource to SunTec India - A Leading Cross-Platform App Development Company

In addition to being a reputed name in the outsourcing arena since 1999, SunTec India is a cross-platform and hybrid mobile app development company that chases cost-effective outcomes, encourages stellar functional expectations, and delivers solutions of exceptional standards. To know more about our cross-platform app development services and how they can help boost your ROI and bottom line, get in touch with us at


The cost to develop a cross-platform mobile application varies by its complexity, functions, features, and developer expertise. We combine all those features and offer a reasonable quote to our clients. Reach out at to get a precise estimate.

We use a combination of technologies and tools for cross-platform development. That includes the following-

  • Ionic
  • React Native
  • Flutter
  • Xamarin
  • NodeJS
  • PhoneGap
  • Sencha

You can either get cross-platform functionality added to your existing native mobile application. Or, you can get a new app created from scratch with cross-platform behavior.

We provide both types of services.


All our projects involve a non-disclosure agreement for confidentiality purposes, signed by all developers, managers, and any other resources.

We follow a simple and effective process to help you hire the best cross-platform developers.

  • Send your requirements to
  • We will review the project and send developer profiles that suit your needs.
  • You can conduct virtual interviews or test the resource with a sample task.
  • Choose the resources that qualify your parameters.

We ensure complete data and process security with advanced encryption, authorized access systems, and multidimensional quality analysis cycles.

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