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SunTec India is a Cross Platform app development company in India that enables you to build Android, iOS, and Web apps that allow your customers to have full access to the features of native platforms and device capabilities. Through fast development cycles, our Hybrid app developers expertly create native containers that give your apps multi-OS portability.

  • Stable architecture provisioning

  • Native performance

  • Fast debugging

  • Ease of maintainability

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Fully-Featured Hybrid Apps with Native-Quality Performance

Our Hybrid mobile app development services leverage cutting-edge cross-platform frameworks and technologies to develop reusable codebases that can be built with ease for your targeted platform. Experience benefits such as reduced development time, enhanced consistency, near-native performance, and user base expansion with our Hybrid mobile app development company.

We bring to the table some of the following technologies and enablements to fulfill your multi-platform app requirements:

  • Frameworks like Ionic, Xamarin, React Native, and Flutter
  • Programming language expertise across HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and C#
  • IDEs like Android Studio, XCode and various CLIs
  • Testing & Deployment with Appium, Espresso, CircleCI, and AppCenter
  • UI/UX Design tools like Adobe XD, Figma, Zeplin, and Sketch
  • Extensive use of libraries and plugins for all types of app functionalities

Our Hybrid App Development Service Offerings

Enable accelerated development of fully-featured hybrid apps with our cross platform app development company in India that are as performant as native apps.

Hybrid App Frameworks

Depending on your specific business needs and requirements, the most optimal frameworks such as React Native, Xamarin, Cordova, and Ionic are chosen by our Hybrid app developers. We develop the core functionalities to facilitate a high degree of native performance.

UI/UX Design Tools

Our hybrid mobile app development company develops visually appealing designs for your app that integrate seamlessly with the underlying native platform. Some market-leading UI/UX tools we utilize are Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch, Invision Studio, and Zeplin.

Hybrid App IDEs

Our cross platform app development company in India chooses the most fitting Integrated Development Environments (IDE). We help you manage the complexity of your projects using hybrid app IDEs like Android Studio, Xcode, VS Code, and Eclipse.

Native Development Technologies

We possess in-depth expertise in native app development technologies and programming languages for increased access to native device features leveraging HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Dart, Objective-C, and Kotlin.

Hybrid App Libraries & Plugins

Our cross platform mobile app development services intelligently bring together a vast collection of the most effective open-source libraries and plugins. Some of the curated bundles of libraries and plugins we use are Xamarin.Essentials, Flutter Plugins, React Native Hooks, and NativeScript Modules.

Testing & Deployment Resources

To ensure the quality and reliability of the hybrid app we develop, we implement continuous testing, integration, and associated best practices. We leverage the most advanced resources for app deployment such as Appium, CircleCI, and GitLab.

Explore Our Hybrid Apps Portfolio

Our Hybrid mobile app development services have garnered us a diverse portfolio of clients across 40+ countries like the US, and UK and across regions like the Middle East, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Learn how we develop cross-platform mobile and web apps using a single codebase and fast development cycles.


Luxury Bath Supplies

We developed an online luxury bath supplies store for Jaquar Group with an integrated user location-based dealership finder and a comprehensive catalog of their luxury brand Artize’s bathware products.


Online Retail App

Mawady is a one-stop solution for buying all kinds of home improvement products including construction equipment, raw materials, gardening, lumber, bedding, and electrical appliances.

Powerland Commercial

Power Conversion Company

Empowered Powerland Electronics' customers with a mobile-first experience through a feature-rich app store. The app's seamless onboarding, checkout, and order management processes significantly improved customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

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Why Work With SunTec India Hybrid Mobile App Development Services?

SunTec India brings a team of experts in cross platform mobile app development services who can create immersive apps that perform equally well across multiple platforms and devices. We build apps that perform seamlessly with several devices and screen form factors so that you can grow your app’s user base across iOS, Android, and web platforms.

Strict adherence to NDAs
24*7 Timezone Advantage
Fast time-to-market
Maintenance & support post-launch
Multi-platform compatibility
Several engagement models to choose from
App optimization for multiple marketplaces
Automated app updates

Accreditations & Recognitions

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Learn why Hybrid app development would be the right choice for your cross-platform business goals. Find out about code reusability and practices for adherence with Android and iOS app UI/UX style guides, and other app marketplace trends.

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High-Performance Hybrid Apps For Business-Specific Needs

Our Hybrid app development company creates apps that make the most of your business through feature integrations based on comprehensive competitor analysis.

Hybrid Travel Booking Apps

Our cross platform app development company in India is experienced in creating customer-first digitized flight and train booking experiences across multiple mobile and web platforms. We build Hybrid apps with features for better user engagement and revenue generation using the right libraries for features such as loyalty programs with points and rewards redemption, real-time flight and train location updates, in-flight shopping, self check-in, and concierge chatbots.

Hybrid E-Learning Apps

We help you take your e-learning business to multiple app marketplaces and grow your user base with e-learning app feature integrations such as intuitive interfaces, flexible curriculum development templates, load-balanced live streaming for video content, gamification, and online instruction calibrated for poor connectivity. Our hybrid mobile app development company brings together the right mix of cross-platform development tools, SDKs, and plugins.

Hybrid Telemedicine Apps

Our expert Hybrid app developers build HIPAA-compliant telemedicine apps that streamline healthcare workflows and enhance patient care delivery. We ensure that patients regularly engage with the telemedicine app, irrespective of the OS or touchpoint, for well-structured consultations and follow-ups. We strengthen patient data security by boosting patient trust, implementing AI-based imaging analytics, including provisions for doorstep delivery of pharmaceuticals, and ensuring smooth onboarding.

Hybrid Banking & Finance Apps

Our Hybrid app development team has empowered both large-scale established financial institutions as well SMEs with comprehensive AML and FTC-compliant finance apps with easy-to-use interfaces. Our app developers understand the importance of secure personal financial data and payment gateways as well as user authentication using protocols supported by each OS and platform. We integrate features such as robust biometrics, financial transaction cataloging, and real-time debt assessment.

Hybrid Supply Chain Management Apps

We develop hybrid apps for the management of supply chain, cold chain, or logistics workflows with ease and in a centralized manner with users spread across multiple platforms and devices. Our cross platform app development company in India ensures that functions of SCM like procurement, manufacturing, inventory, demand planning, warehousing, etc. can be handled uniformly. We leverage advanced SDKs for just-in-time inventory management and streamlined product tracking.

Hybrid ECommerce Apps

Our Hybrid app developers create cross-platform eCommerce apps that sync user journeys across platforms with clean bifurcation between catalog screens, product information, cart, and payment screens that a user can easily navigate. We conduct comprehensive and controlled testing to determine your best possible mobile channel strategy. Our team can build eCommerce apps that include fully native checkout solutions, legacy CRM migration, product discovery through push notifications, and marketing personalization.


SunTec India’s Hybrid app developers write a single shareable codebase using web development technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, which can then be deployed across platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, or web platforms. Frameworks such as Flutter, React Native, and Xamarin are used to develop the core functionalities and add external dependencies and plugins to enable full access to native platforms and device capabilities.

Our Hybrid app development allows businesses to leverage their existing resources to develop applications that provide a degree of performance that is similar to if it were developed through native app development methodologies. For instance, if the business has already released an app on the iPhone App Store, there is no need for these businesses to hire an entirely new team to develop apps for the Google Play Store. All they need to do is ensure that the app’s codebase is platform-independent and shareable so that it can be developed into an Android app using a framework such as Flutter. This way the time-to-market is far shorter than if the business were to develop apps separately for the respective native platforms.

Native apps are developed to perform over one particular platform and not another. They facilitate high performance for the app through native access to the platform and device capabilities.

On the other hand, hybrid apps are developed using a single codebase that can then be compiled and executed across several distinct operating systems or platforms. Hybrid app development leads to more cost-effective outcomes and faster turnarounds when compared to native app development.

The differences between the two are summarised below:

Feature Native apps Hybrid apps
Development approach Platform-specific app development Multi-platform shareable code in native-specific containers
Time to develop Takes longer to develop apps separately for separate operating systems Comparitively shorter turnaround, because of a shareable codebase
Maintenance Separate platform-specific updates need to be rolled out for separate codebases Updates are rolled out only for the single shareable codebase
Device compatibility Most or all the features of the device hardware are accessible for the app May not have access to certain device features

We provision contracts before the app development lifecycle begins so that the client receives full ownership over the app’s code, and also commands ownership over all the documentation prepared for the app and all the related assets.

While many mobile app development companies roll out their services at rates that go up to $25/hour, SunTec India offers their services at a reasonable $15/hour. You also get to choose from a wide variety of flexible engagement models and hire native or hybrid mobile app developers who can drive your app idea to fruition ensuring in-depth feature enrichment and high performance. To learn how we can best implement your mobile app idea, you can share your app requirements with us and our experts will get back to you.

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