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WinTotal Data Entry Services/ WinTotal Property Listing Management

Well-managed and up-to-date appraisal reports are critical to know the insurable value, investment value or market value of a property as of a given date. And considering the expertise required to create real estate appraisal reports in WinTotal software, it calls for an experienced WinTotal data entry company.

SunTec is well-equipped with an expert team of seasoned data entry specialists, conversant with WinTotal real estate appraisal software, who can assist you in accurately entering data in this powerful and user-friendly form filling and management solution. With our comprehensive range of WinTotal data entry services, we support property appraisers, mortgage lenders and management companies in creating and updating template-based appraisal reports with accurate and complete information. Furthermore, we can assist you in migrating your valuable data from one software to WinTotal, while ensuring zero data loss during the process.

Our WinTotal appraisal data entry services experts ensure that each task including MLS reports creation, order forms data entry, public/ tax records creation, comps grid processing, location maps upload, etc., is performed with utmost precision.

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We can create and manage the following forms in WinTotal appraisal software:

  • 1004 - (URAR) Uniform Residential Appraisal Report
  • 1004C - Manufactured Home Appraisal Report
  • 1004D - Appraisal Update and/or Completion Report
  • 1004MC - Market Conditions Addendum to the Appraisal Report
  • 1007 - Rent Survey Schedule
  • 1025 - Small Residential Income Property Appraisal Report
  • 1073 - Individual Condominium Unit Appraisal Report
  • 1075 - Exterior Only Inspection Individual Condominium Unit Appraisal Report
  • 2000 - One Unit Residential Appraisal Field Review Form
  • 2000A - Two to Four Unit Residential Appraisal Field Review Form

And several others!

WinTotal Data Entry Services at SunTec India: A Quick Glimpse

Familiar with the back-end of WinTotal appraisal software and its smart shortcuts, our experts can help you create and manage a variety of forms including URAR 1004, 1025, 1073, 2055, or 2090 precisely and in quick turnaround time.

We are proficient at working on the latest version of WinTOTAL, Aurora, to create and manage your appraisal reports, including:

  • MLS and comparable data
  • Public/ tax record data such as property details, transaction history, etc., from National Data Center (NDC), RealQuest, the property and ownership search engine or County Assessor's website, etc.
  • Sketch - For cross-referencing of property floorplan, living area, lot size, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.
  • 1004 Market Conditions (1004MC) Addendum

As part of WinTotal data entry services, we key-in MLS data, area details, property tax record, comps data, assignment data and onsite inspection data with 99.95% accuracy, ensuring that the appraisal forms are correct and complete to the last detail. We provide you with credible property value and appraisal report.

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To learn how we can assist you in managing appraisal reports in WinTotal software, please drop us a line at We also provide free trial on no-cost-obligation basis to help you gauge our quality of WinTotal data entry services and turnaround time.

"We used SunTec recently and were very impressed with their work. The results were very accurate data in a short timeframe. The staff were professional and thorough. We will not hesitate to use SunTec again for future work, and would recommend them to other companies with similar requirements." Adrian Dick, CallPlus Ltd., New Zealand