Enhance Operational Excellence with Post-Payment Auditing of Freight Bills

Post-Payment Auditing of Freight Bills

Post-payment auditing of freight bills is a critical business process in the logistics and transportation industry. It helps companies validate payment accuracy, acquire deeper insights, reduce overhead expenses, and enhance supply-chain invisibility. In the absence of regular post audits, logistic organizations run the risk of suffering from significant losses.

However, freight bills can be cumbersome and require an intricate assessment of numerous factors if a competitive advantage is to be attained. The complexity, information processing, and cross-boundary regulation-compliance requirements of this process make post-payment auditing of freight bills a labor-intensive and time-taking task.

That’s why it is wiser to hire experts who can dive deep in your freight bills, uncover redundancies, detect mistakes, and simultaneously save time and money.

Control your Freight Expense with SunTec India: A Complete Range of Freight Bills Post-Audit Services

SunTec India- an over-25-years-old outsourcing vendor -has assisted numerous companies worldwide with freight audit and payment services. Our audit experts help recover errors in payments, streamline operations, and optimize costs.

When you outsource post-payment auditing of freight bills to SunTec India, we implement highly customized solutions to suit your organizational requirements while employing innovative ways to reduce your supply chain costs. We make sure that every invoice carries accurate information and gets paid on time. In the process, our data experts work on gleaning significant data to uncover insights and recover opportunities for your business. Our freight payment auditing services include:-

  • Auditing of paper-based freight bills and imported historical data-files
  • Bill-validation against critical pricing aspects, like original tariff rates, cargo classifications, applicable tax & discounts, and any additional charges
  • Freight bill validation against cargo documentation- includes invoices, customer data, bills of lading, etc.
  • Mapping bill nomenclatures like Transaction ID or bill references to detect duplicate payments
  • Data cleansing and identification of clerical errors, inaccurate shipping information, incorrect detention/delayed pick-up charges, delivery charges, re-consignment charges, transportation costs, etc.
  • Identification of the base rate used in the bills and the correct base rate for the same, while incorporating relevant global rate fluctuations
  • Freight bill validation against current tax laws for the concerned regions/states/countries

After a systematic review of your freight bills, we employ a proven Overcharge-Claims module and submit a claim to your carrier with clear instructions about the payable refunds and post-payment processing.

Post-Audit Reporting for Smarter Insights and Better Decision-Making

After we wrap the post-payment audit for your freight bills, the final findings are organized in a relevant report and delivered to you. At SunTec India, we also receive and record all carrier payments after the audit and include that data in the reports to maintain adequate documentation for future references.

With this report, companies can understand the flow pattern of their freight payments, recover trends, perform cost comparisons, and make better tariff decisions for future negotiations. It also throws light on your shipping practices and can be used to identify weaknesses, logistical flaws, and room for improvement.

Enhance the Operational Efficiency of your Freight Bill Processing with SunTec India

Cost Optimization

Using professionals to manage post-payment auditing of freight bills ensures a thorough audit, better management, and higher efficiency while freeing your in-house employees to be used for more critical tasks. Overall, it saves the money tied up in incorrect freight bills and helps enterprises save on resources and logistics.

Better Visibility and Control

Our systematic and standardized operational process provides accurate data, streamlined operations, and an optimal understanding of your supply chain performance. Through this tried and tested methodology, we help enterprises gain better control over their freight functionality and empower them with the right cognizance to drive ROI.

Access to a Dedicated Team

At SunTec India, every client is assigned a team with resources of their choosing, as well as a manager who constantly updates them on any developments in the project.

Timely Payments

We see through the entire process, from bill reviews to invoice management and collection, while culling defects and inaccuracies at every stage.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

We leverage the best data processing practices to evaluate your invaluable freight-bills-related data in light of your organizational objectives. The resultant insights can help enterprises decide on a strategic course of action that can enhance productivity, efficiency, and revenue.

Outshine your Competition with the SunTec India Advantage

At SunTec India, we make sure that all your requirements related to post-payment auditing of freight bills are taken care of in time. When you outsource freight bills post auditing to SunTec India, our experienced auditors facilitate fast results and recover new opportunities for your business.

  • Secure And Reliable freight Bills Post-Auditing Services
  • Complete Data Confidentiality
  • Robust Freight Invoice Data Analysis & Reporting
  • Flexible And Scalable Outsourcing Model
  • Exceptional Customer Services
  • Enhanced Relationships With Carriers
  • Instant Access to a Global Pool of Skilled Professionals
  • 25+ Years of Industry Experience
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified For Data Quality
  • ISO 27001:2022 Certified For Information Security
  • Tighter Financial Controls
  • Competitive Pricing

To know more about our freight payment auditing services and their applications and advantages for your enterprise, get in touch with us at info@suntecindia.com.

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We used SunTec recently and were very impressed with their work. The results were very accurate data in a short timeframe. The staff were professional and thorough. We will not hesitate to use SunTec India again for future work, and would recommend them to other companies with similar requirements.

Adrian Dick, CallPlus Ltd.,
New Zealand
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