Data Entry & Processing Services for Travel Industry

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Data Entry & Processing Services for Travel Industry

With millions and millions of people traveling across the globe for both business and leisure purposes, the amount of data that the travel industry deals with is gigantic, to say the least. Now, this data must be correctly keyed in, processed, and managed for an enhanced traveling experience. As for travel agencies, metasearch engines, and other travel-related businesses, the very same data could hold the key to strategy creation, market research, targeted marketing, and whatnot. But then again, with too much data at their disposal, these businesses often find it difficult to maintain accuracy or say, dig deeper for better insights. And if they do take the matters into their own hands, they lose out on valuable time and often fail to ensure the desired level of productivity.

Thanks to our know-how and the fact that we keep ourselves abreast of the latest technology in use, we at SunTec India, address these pain points without any difficulty. We offer data entry and management solutions that are in tandem with what the travel industry requires. Our custom solutions help travel businesses cut down on counterproductive tasks and are specifically designed to improve efficiency. The end result is relevant, error-free and up-to-date data, which they can put to some good use.

How SunTec India Helped a Reputed Hotel Search Engine Drive Growth

The Client

A travel metasearch engine based out of Germany. The company compares prices for over 730,700 hotels from more than 200 booking sites, such as Expedia,,, and Since its inception, the company has shown phenomenal growth and today stands tall as the preferred hotel search engine for customers across the globe. Partnering with hotels, resorts, motels, lodges, and B&Bs around the world, they offer a seamless booking experience to their customers. The search engine also helps travelers find the best price for their choice of hotels. Over the years, the company has become synonymous with hotel search.

Problem Statement

The business model of the company requires accurate and prompt processing of big data. They have to collect and process a humongous amount of data from a wide variety of hotels, resorts and all sorts of accommodations around the world. Collection of data from such diverse sources was a big challenge for the client. In addition to this, the collected data had to be processed and managed on a large number of parameters. Almost every aspect of data processing and management had to be handled with utmost accuracy. Whether it is database updation, data cleansing, data analytics, address management, or data deduplication, every sub-process called for specialized skills and real-time coordination among the resources. Being a dynamic hotel search engine, the client wanted strict adherence to tight deadlines. The major challenges of the client can be summarized as:

  • Need for diverse skill sets related to big data, data management , and processing.
  • Access to the latest technology to collect, update and process data related to hotels.
  • Hands-on experience of handling data for hotel and travel industry.
  • Handling all aspects of data - collection, processing, and management.
  • Real-time collaboration among the data experts working on the project.
  • A quick turnaround time for services was an absolute must for the client.


The team at SunTec India analyzed the client's requirement in detail and suggested a customized solution. Given our highly diversified talent pool of data experts, finding the right skill-sets to meet the needs of the client was not a problem at all. To devise a solution in sync with the client's needs, we divided the whole process into four sections - data collection, accommodation identification, duplicate matching, star rating, and data verification.

1. Data Collection for Hotels:

This process involved a lot of primary data collection from hotels and it had to be done with utmost accuracy. To meet this challenge SunTec India experts analyzed official websites of the hotels and other major third-party resources (,,, before finalizing an entry. In the next step, the data was uploaded into a pre-defined format such as MS Excel, Word, client's portal or Google sheets as per their preference. This data included:

  • Hotel Name, Address and its Website
  • Services and Facilities offered by the hotel
  • Room Name
  • Room Category (Standard / Comfort / Deluxe / Apartment / Villa / Studio / Penthouse etc.)
  • Occupancy of the room (Maximum number of persons which the room is suitable for)
  • Bedroom/Bathroom Count
  • Bedding (Single/Double/King/Queen Bed)
  • Other Features and Amenities of the room

2. Assigning an Accommodation Type to a Hotel

In this process, we categorized accommodations by reading the descriptions available on their websites and other major third-party resources. Our experts categorized the properties as:

  • Hotel
  • Resort
  • Motel
  • Apartment/Serviced Apartment
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Vacation Home

3. Duplicate Matching

Duplicate entries of hotels and accommodations in the client's database was a major challenge for them. To overcome this stumbling block, our data de-duplication experts thoroughly analyzed the information of similar hotels to identify duplicate entries. In turn, we submitted a detailed report to the client in excel format to enable them to merge the duplicate entries. As the client's database was huge and kept increasing in size, a dedicated team undertook data deduplication at regular intervals.

4. Star Rating

Maintaining accurate star ratings of hotels in the database was a business imperative for the client. To meet this business-critical requirement, our data experts searched into the official websites of the hotels and major third-party resources(,,, They assigned the star ratings only after thorough research.

5. Hotel Data Verification

Wrong or incomplete hotel information in the database could impact the business in a big way. To get rid of this impediment, our experts verified the information from the official websites and major third-party websites and updated it accordingly. Both automated as well as manual data verification and validation techniques were applied to identify and rectify the inconsistencies.

Business Outcome

The team at SunTec India was able to meet all the requirements of the client well within the stipulated time frame. The client was happy to get all their data-related needs fulfilled under one roof. Our dedicated data experts worked in close coordination with the client's in-house team which resulted in the seamless delivery of services. At present, a large team of FTEs works exclusively for the client. Our services enabled the client to:

  • Capture accurate data on hotels, resorts, B&B, and a host of other rental properties
  • Have easy access to the desired skillsets under one roof
  • Collaborate with the remotely working team of data experts in real-time
  • Maintain an accurate and easy to access database
  • Verify and validate hotel data within a quick turnaround time
  • Get rid of duplicate hotel entries in the database
  • Focus on their core business - sales
  • Enhance productivity and conversion rate

About SunTec India

SunTec India is a reputed name in the data processing and management industry. As a well-diversified outsourcing company, SunTec India has been providing dependable outsourcing solutions to a worldwide clientele since 1999. We specialize in data entry, processing, and management services. Fortified with a team of over 1200 professionals, we deliver a complete gamut of business process outsourcing services and solutions. Being an ISO 9001:2015 company, we provide world-class services and unmatched data security to our clients. Over the years, we have served industry verticals across the board and have a large clientele of satisfied customers including Fortune 500 companies. The aim of our services is to enhance process efficiency and ROI of business and enable them to drive growth.

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