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Appraisal Data Entry Services/ Hire Appraisal Data Entry Experts

Real estate appraisers often face challenge in creating, managing and updating appraisal reports on a timely basis, owing to the increasing amount of data and short deadlines. SunTec India offers in-depth knowledge in appraisal data entry to real estate firms, management companies as well as mortgage lenders to help them gain easy access to property listings, deeds and foreclosure information.

As part of our broad range of real estate data management support services, we support you in efficiently organizing real estate database, managing property listings and keying-in appraisal-related information, foreclosure details and deeds in XML file/ spreadsheet, online database as well as client's customized software. We can also research and collect information from diverse sources like county clerk websites, and documents of Deed of Trust & Federal Tax Liens, etc., to draft appraisal reports for realtors , property dealers, property appraisers, businesses and agencies.

Our experts can accurately fill all the required sections in your appraisal reports by performing UAD compliant appraisal data entry such as UAD URAR 1004, Condo 1073, Exterior Condo 1075, Exterior Only SFR 2055, etc.

SunTec India's Broad Range of Real Estate Appraisal Data Entry Services: A Glimpse

Our comprehensive appraisal data entry services include efficient and accurate data entry and database management related to appraisal reports and assessing activities, for instance inspection sheet data, subject details, comps, listings, sketches, etc., thereby enhancing the productivity of Real Estate Appraisers. Our appraisal data entry experts, well-versed with working on all the major real estate appraisal software such as Bradford's ClickFORMS, ACI, Appraise-It, Narrative1, 1Apex 5.0, AreaSketch, etc., make sure that the appraisal reports are created in strict adherence to Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD) specifications and quality standards.

We deliver you accurately hand-typed appraisal reports, complete with all the pertinent details including subject, neighborhood, contract and comparable sales data. As an ISO 9001 and 27001 certified company, we ensure superior quality and maintain complete security & confidentiality of your business-critical data.

Appraisal Report Creation: Key Application Areas

  • 1004 Single Family URAR
  • 1004C Manufactured Home
  • 1025 Multi-Family Houses
  • 1073 Condominium
  • 1075 Exterior Condominium
  • 2055 Exterior Single Family
  • 2070 Inspection
  • 2075 Exterior
  • 2090 Cooperative Interest
  • 2095 Exterior Cooperative Interest

And several others!

We complete the following sections of the appraisal reports, as applicable:

  • Subject section
  • Contract section
  • Neighborhood section
  • Comparable Sales Grid section
  • Prior Sales/Transfer information for Subject and Comparables section
  • Project Site section (if applicable)
  • Unit Improvements section (if applicable)
  • PUD Information section (if applicable)
  • Project Information section (if applicable)

Value Added Appraisal Data Entry Services at SunTec: A Glimpse

Error-free, organized and up-to-date appraisal reports require well-researched, cleansed and enriched information. Thus, we provide the following value added services to make sure that the appraisal data entered is accurate and usable:

Web Research Services

SunTec India delivers web research services to provide you easy access to accurate, current and complete contact details of your prospects. Having an optimum blend of latest automated tools and experienced data entry specialists, we research data from a variety of real estate industry databases and websites and provide you all the required information including names, phone numbers, email ids, postal addresses, etc., to create comprehensive mailing list that help you boost your marketing campaigns.

Appraisal Data Capture Services

To help you capture foreclosure property listings data, residential and commercial valuation information, insurance and tax data, and other details from a multitude of source documents, whether handwritten, printed or scanned, SunTec India provides appraisal data capture services. Our experts can efficiently manage capturing accurate data from loan applications, MLS listings, mortgage forms, customer database and insurance & tax-related data.

Appraisal Data Cleansing and Enrichment Services

With our appraisal data cleaning and enrichment services, we aim to assist you in reaching out to the target audience with accurate and up-to-date contact details of your prospects. Our experts ensure that your database is clean and current with the names, email ids, postal addresses, phone numbers, etc., of your potential clients. Our service spectrum includes identifying and removing obsolete entries, de-duplicating data by using matching, merging & purging techniques, standardization, normalization, gender correction, data validation, and data enrichment.

Appraisal Data Mining Services

Well-conversant with the terminology used in deeds and agreements, our appraisal data entry experts can also help you mine data from databases and resource files like Deed of Trust & Federal Tax Liens. We provide you with information like property details, beneficiary specifics, grantor specifics, loan amount, maturity date, etc. Further, our experts organize the pertinent details in an Excel sheet/ spreadsheet or web-based application, as per your requirements.

We also identify and eliminate errors like misspellings, redundancies, or missing details to enhance the quality of data.

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I just wanted to let you know also how lucky I am to have found a vendor as professional and dedicated as SunTec to help me with this project. I know that I am very demanding and a perfectionist, but my clients expect this from me. Thank you for making the web design and data entry side of my business much more manageable.

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