ACI Data Entry Services/ ACI Property Listing Management Services

SunTec India provides a complete range of ACI property listing management and ACI Reports data entry services, aimed at supporting property appraisers, management companies, real estate agents and lenders in creating and managing appraisal reports in ACI real estate appraisal software. Our experts are familiar with all the features of the tool, providing you with industry compliant and credible property appraisal reports.

As part of ACI data entry services, we handle all types of appraisal report forms like single family (1004), multi-family (1025), Condominium (1073/1075), drive-by (2055), and a lot more. Our team is capable of using the tool's plug-ins for functions like sketching, mapping, permit data and MLS analysis to generate UAD-compliant appraisal reports.

SunTec's Wide Range of ACI Reports Data Entry Services

With a complete suite of ACI Reports data entry services, we help real estate appraisers in manually entering pertinent details in ACI Reports appraisal software and updating the reports at regular intervals, while ensuring complete accuracy.

Our ACI data entry service spectrum includes:

  • Gathering neighborhood details and public/ tax records
  • Processing order forms
  • Generating and analyzing MLS reports
  • Comps grid data entry
  • UAD compliance
  • Mapping
  • Sketching

Further, our highly well-trained and technically proficient team of ACI Reports data entry specialists review each report thoroughly before delivering you the project, thus ensuring complete accuracy in the property appraisals.

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With ACI property listing management and ACI data entry services, we create and manage your appraisal reports to help you achieve tangible results, including up to 50% in cost savings.

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