Digital Healthcare Solutions

Digital, data, and technology support for diverse medical requirements

Integrated Digital Healthcare Software Solutions

Secure market lead in your niche with value-based healthcare software solutions and support from SunTec India. With a comprehensive suite of integrated digital healthcare services, including operational and administrative workflows, next-gen problem solving, and executive-level metrics, we enhance your business capacities and accelerate enterprise growth.

End-to-End Healthcare Software Solutions, Services, and Support

  • Medical Patient and Provider Solutions
  • Instant Access to Certified Professionals
  • Dedicated Resource and Tech Support
  • Internationally-Compliant Quality Analysis
  • Human-Centered, Innovative Solution Design
  • HIPAA and FDA Compliance

At SunTec India, enterprise healthcare services translate into cost-effective operational proficiency and business growth for all our clients. We put innovation at the heart of your applications through a comprehensive suite of IT resources, digital and SaaS systems, data proficiency, and communications. Choosing us extends to you the advantage of flexible processes, scaling efficacy, and desired progress.

Digital Healthcare Services

Modern medical enterprises have a host of challenges to deal with, intensified by several global occurrences. The SunTec India team helps organizations amplify their operational efficiency with full-cycle design, development, consultation, implementation, and managed services.

Medical Data Processing

Completely organized data processing and management assistance for healthcare firms.

  • Hospital/Lab/Medication Record Processing
  • Prescription Data Entry
  • Medical Record Indexing and Scanning Services
  • Medical Transcription Services
  • Image Record Data Entry
  • Patient Appointment/Account Data Entry
  • Specialized Data Support Services for AI/ML Projects

Medical Business Intelligence

Improved care facilities, driven by critical insights, digital transformation, and operational digitization.

  • Healthcare Data Analysis
  • Critical KPI Analytics for Financial, Operational, Clinical, and Administrative, and Population factors
  • International Standards and High-Quality Data Compliances
  • Web-based Technology Assistance
  • Predictive Data Analytics
  • Big Data Healthcare Services
  • Analytics-As-A-Service for Connected Medical Devices

Digital Healthcare Solutions

Disruption through modernization for all your digital healthcare requirements and expectations.

  • DevOps Services
  • Agile Transformation
  • Application Development Service
  • Web and Mobile Design & Development
  • Scalable Healthcare Technology Architecture
  • Virtual Project Management
  • Data-led Business Operational Models
  • Hire Mobile/Web Developers

Medical Retail

Complete Healthcare eCommerce services with custom web app solutions, processing, and management.

  • Healthcare eCommerce Website Development Services
  • Customized Web/App Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketplace Optimization
  • SEO and SEM Services
  • Catalog Management Services
  • Store Set-up and Payment Integration
  • Medical Billing Services

Integrated Healthcare Solutions

High-quality care, optimized cost, improved patient outcomes, heightened system productivity, and personalized services and solutions tailored to every client’s needs, target market, and goals.

  • Process Concept Development
  • Precision Medicine
  • Patient Engagement Tools
  • Virtual/Immersive Experiences
  • Advanced (IoT) Connectivity Solutions
  • Managed Portals for Patients and Providers
  • Single-View Dashboards
  • Medical ePublications
  • Trained Personnel Access

Our value-driven solutions help medical institutions, organizations, and service providers overcome complicated industry and market landscapes with relative ease. Through a string of services modified per client, we mitigate risks like digital cyberthreat protection, data security, and employee & customer management.

Who we Serve

Backed by a multidimensional team with diverse specialties, we strive to serve our clients with impactful solutions and amplified bottom lines. Through state-of-the-art technology, rapid prototyping, prompt delivery, effective resource management, and cohesive service pipelines, we build excellent products and deliver exceptional assistance to a wide range of client categories.

Healthcare Providers

Complete data and digital support for healthcare providers, including home healthcare companies, pharmacies, medical equipment companies, labs, therapists, urgent care centers, etc.

Hospital Systems

Administrative, operational, and financial process support for multi-sized hospitals, with hospital management services, dedicated support, customized offerings, and prompt delivery.

Independent Healthcare Software Vendors

Development and maintenance services for medical software vendors, with full-cycle solutions, module integration, and feedback management.


Outsource medical billing services, medical claim processing, insurance-related data work, information processing, and other development, consultation, or service requirements.

Medical Device Companies

Integrated app, web, and intelligent solution development for medical device companies, inclusive of the latest technological upgrades and customizations.

Specialty Healthcare Providers

Deliver highly specialized healthcare services with completely managed services, opportunity identification, market assessments, and backend support.

Outshine your Competitors with SunTec India’s Custom Healthcare Services and Enhanced Business Capacities

SunTec India is an over two decades-old IT outsourcing company, currently serving numerous clients across diverse industry verticals worldwide. With a collaborative approach to global healthcare automation, we empower our clients with a wide range of services designed to serve their particular objectives.

Why Choose SunTec India

  • 100% Client Satisfaction
  • 25+ Years of Industry Experience
  • Advanced Tech Culture
  • Zero Billing Guarantee
  • Access to Dedicated Experts
  • Healthcare Specialists
  • 24*7 Assistance
  • Clean Design
  • Remote Teams
  • Technical Support

Improve, enhance, and grow with SunTec India’s full-cycle medical services. To know more about our offerings and how they can help your business, reach out to us at

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