eLearning Content Development Services

Enterprise-Grade Custom eLearning Content Development Solutions

Custom eLearning Content Development Services

Inspire richer learning, training, and education with full-fledged eLearning content development services from SunTec India. We help attract, engage, and nurture your audiences with custom eLearning development solutions, legacy format conversions, live streaming solutions, innovative web and app designs, and creative content.

  • Custom eLearning content development solutions
  • Targeted Lessons for Corporates and Institutions
  • Tailor-made Blended Programs
  • Measurable Performance Statistics & Reporting
  • Complete Learning Path Mapping
  • Up to 60% Cost Development
  • 24-Hour Query Responses
  • 99.95% Content Accuracy
  • 95% Client Retentions
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

Capitalize on our custom eLearning content development services to acquire higher conversion figures through a distinctive touch of innovation and delightful learning experiences.

Custom eLearning Content Development Solutions: Our Service Offerings

Engage your target audience with custom eLearning content development services from SunTec India.

Our eLearning and custom content development services have a singular aim- to bridge the gap between your end user’s learning requirements and your knowledge database/curriculum. This is achieved through a custom eLearning development regime that draws inferences from your business drivers and target audiences.

We also use the latest and best technologies to create personalized segments, live video streaming solutions, virtual classrooms, STM, ELT, XML & DTD design services, and high-grade simulation solutions. Before you can outsource eLearning content development services to our team, explore the variety of solutions we have created with precision for our global clientele.

Tailor-made Lessons Improve your learner’s experience with tailor-made content creation, translation, and conversion services. Our copywriters and content developers build courses with relevant, meaningful, and engaging content intermingled with images, media, quizzes, questions, trivia, statistics, and tasks, designed as a two-way conversation to enhance understanding.
Online Assessments Our custom E-Learning solutions come with clear, meaningful, and effective online assessments. To ensure integrated learning, we follow the ‘triple function’ guidelines and build formative, summative, and diagnostic assessments with measurable outcomes. We also use the best taxonomies (Bloom’s, Marzano’s, etc.) to enhance the quality of the assessment.
Learning Paths A learning path is highly user-centered. It empowers personal eLearning through preference and style-based content. As a thought leader amidst the best eLearning content companies, we consider it our responsibility to seamlessly deliver great learning and hence, use carefully curated learning paths to drive our lessons, modules, and custom eLearning development solutions.
Micro-Learning Content For courses that require instant, need-based information dissemination while avoiding information overload, we create short and focused custom eLearning content development solutions, otherwise known as micro-learning content. We drive engagement and ensure higher retention with responsive micro-learning-based lessons.
Game-based Content Grow your returns with a futuristic digital learning program designed by our game-based custom eLearning development. Gamification is an integral part of our advanced eLearning and custom content development services. It does wonders to enhance a user’s learning experience by creating an environment where context, action, and exercises come together to impart conceptual understanding via its application.
mLearning Lessons Take your content to your user’s fingertips with a flexible, cross-device compatible, convenient, graphic-intensive, and interactive digital lesson. Our copywriters and subject matter experts build searchable and small content programs and use appropriate authoring software and tools to facilitate successful learning.
Scenario-based eLearning Lessons Our scenario-based eLearning content development services focus on creating content that nourishes problem-solving and critical thinking. We identify the expected learning outcomes and deconstruct them, thus obtaining the triggers that are likely to increase the impact of the lesson on your users.

Our custom eLearning content development solutions enrich your eLearning endeavors with contemporary UI, high-end security, data support, and high-tech features.

We support cross-compatibility with Android, iPhone, and most smart devices. For every project, we ensure seamless back-end data integration with cloud systems, legacy content and format conversion, and the best standard and process adherence.

This all-inclusive service assortment is molded as per your preferences to build modules that can enhance your customers’ skill set, behavior, and performance.

Micro-Learning Solution Development Services

Improve program efficiencies, reach business objectives, and create a cohesive user experience with our custom eLearning development solutions for micro-learning.

The SunTec India team builds micro-learning modules that propel your learning culture to new and improved heights.

We create easily accessible, highly contextual, and quickly absorbable bites of content that can help your audiences approach knowledge acquisition in phases. These short-term, manageable nuggets are designed for guided and self-controlled training, for corporate as well as educational needs.

Our microlearning and blended custom eLearning development services include instructional animation, high-tech simulation, game-based assessments, autonomous units, learner tracking systems, and engaging visuals.

Custom eLearning Development Solutions: Our Process

SunTec India is considered one of the most trusted eLearning content development companies globally. A lot of credit for that reputation goes to our process that has been perfected over years and keeps evolving still.

With every custom eLearning content development project, we aim for success.

With a flexible process open to personalizations, it becomes easier for our experts to create the results that you desire. At the same time, the integrated quality checks in our custom eLearning development methodology ensure that your solution falls in line with international quality and practice standards.

Requirement Analysis

The first phase of our eLearning content development services is a thorough requirement analysis, target audience research, their learning preferences, and the immediate and long-term outcome expectations from the custom E-Learning solutions.


Storyboarding is a very useful tool that we use to outline the lesson, flow of content, and various elements that can be used to enhance the solution. The map we create in this phase facilitates visually rich custom eLearning content development.

Development in Parts

All custom E-Learning solutions are the sum of different multimedia elements, including text, audio, video, simulations, animations, scenario-based assessments, quizzes, AR or VR snippets, games, etc. We decide the setup and develop each of them separately.


Once all the lesson elements are built, our eLearning content development services put them together in a coherent sequence and publish the final content to see how the lesson would appear to a learner. We use open-source learning management systems and proprietary authoring platforms- whichever you prefer -for this phase.

Testing & QA

While our eLearning and custom content development services involve integrated testing to ensure functional excellence, we also run a User-Acceptance-Testing cycle after publishing the digital learning program. It involves a target group of users and cross-checks the solution against the requirements.

Launch and Analytics

We are one of the few eLearning content development companies that also provide client training. We make sure you are aware of every element in the lesson, its objective, and the best way to carry it out with your target learner audiences. With analytics, we help you assess learner response and performance.

Custom eLearning Development Services: Solutions By Industry

Our teams design custom E-Learning solutions to suit the intended audience groups. We provide various learning paths to assist enhanced learning. These mainly include but aren’t limited to the following.

  • Pre-assessment - For accurate audience capability measurement
  • Elaboration navigation menu - for self-guided learning
  • Animation and simulation - for effective real-life understanding
  • Gamification - to test understanding via interactive challenges
  • Live video and audio streaming solutions - for guided teaching
  • Creative assessment modules - for user understanding evaluation
  • Motion design modules - for improved explanation

Through these eLearning content development solutions, we ensure better user engagement, knowledge retention, and optimized processes. They are complemented by our ongoing performance support, measurable reporting, and quick scalability which in turn promotes cost-effective efficiency for your business.

Explore The Primary Range Of Our Custom Elearning Development Solutions

On-the-Job Training Programs

Get your team on the same page and keep everyone updated on the new and advanced practices with our enterprise-grade eLearning content development services.

Distance Learning Programs

Never let the learning stop with our eLearning and custom content development services. Give your students the benefits of classroom learning with interactive programs.

Instructor-Led Training

Increased interaction; better comprehension. That is what we promise when you outsource eLearning content development to our experts and specialists.

Self-Paced eLearning Programs

Let your users learn at their speed with simulations, examples, and assessments. Our custom eLearning development services create the right environment for such experiences.

Leverage our industry-specific and user-centric eLearning content development companies to fulfill your business objectives, save time, and stay within the budget.

Grow With Your Learners: Outsource Elearning Content Development Services to SunTec India

SunTec India is a two-decades-old IT outsourcing and support company and one of the leading eLearning content development companies worldwide.

What sets us apart from the rest is the tendency to identify requirements, recognize gaps, and overcome those obstacles with human-centered yet automation-supported design. When you outsource eLearning content development services to our team, you get to leverage several benefits simultaneously.

  • Advanced Tech Culture
  • Zero Billing Guarantee
  • Direct Access to Subject Matter Experts
  • Specialist Copywriters and Content Creators
  • Dedicated Project Managers
  • 24*7 Assistance
  • Complete Control over Remote Teams
  • Post-Publishing Training and Technical Support

When you join hands with us, the road ahead is always paved with success.

Reach out to us at info@suntecindia.com to know more about our eLearning content development services. If you want more information on how we can boost your eLearning ventures with enhanced efficiency and profitability, book a risk-free and free-of-charge demo of our custom eLearning content development solutions & services.

Custom eLearning Solutions: Frequently Asked Questions

Custom eLearning content development refers to the process of content creation for training and learning programs. With bespoke lessons designed to enhance retention, it becomes easier for enterprises and institutions to keep their trainees, employees, and students engaged.

Bespoke eLearning content development services can assist you in this case by creating custom E-Learning solutions. All you need to do is share your requirements, expectations, and target audience goals.

The four fundamental stages of eLearning include:

  • Prepare: Create an adequate learning environment, foundation, and flow.
  • Engage: Achieve effective learning via presentation, demonstration, interaction, and visualizations.
  • Integrate: Allow the students to test out their understanding through assessments.
  • Perform: Test the knowledge through course evaluation and testing.

At SunTec India, eLearning and custom content development services follow this stage-wise methodology to create solutions that positively impact user experience and the business bottom line.

However, it is critical to check the PDF to Fixed Layout ePUB converter before using it on any file since there are nuances that an algorithm (that isn’t proper AI) might not catch appropriately. Accurate and quick transition is a prime reason why most enterprises choose to outsource this task to a good Fixed Layout ePUB conversion service providing company.

The best custom eLearning content development solutions are built on a few principles to ensure high quality and effective outcomes. Those include:

  • Match the audience’s learning requirement
  • Always make space for self-paced learning
  • Test custom E-Learning solutions before launching for the market
  • Keep it simple but engaging.
  • Organize your lesson content to push towards performance.
  • Avoid repetition in your custom eLearning development solutions.
  • Include assessments throughout the lesson.
  • Always create a course storyboard.

Choosing one from several custom eLearning development solutions can be a challenge for businesses. Therefore, when you start wondering about the best eLearning content development companies, use the following criteria to ensure that your choice is the right one.

  • Total industry experience
  • The types of courses they design
  • Evaluate their expertise
  • Check for references and client feedback
  • Assess scalability and flexibility
  • Look for competitive pricing

If you want to outsource eLearning content development services to a reputed vendor like SunTec India, make sure to know what they offer. In our case, you can easily book a demo and assess our worth without any extra charge.

Custom eLearning development is useful to numerous industries and enterprises, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Digital Media and Advertising
  • Publishing
  • Real Estate
  • eCommerce & Retail
  • Education
  • Finance and Banking
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Travel & Hospitality

Custom eLearning content development solutions can be categorized into many types.

  • Lesson-based
  • Instructor-led
  • One-on-one
  • Group-based
  • Course-based
  • Self-paced
  • Dedicated app-based
  • Game-based

As one of the leading eLearning content development companies, we provide custom solutions for all these types and more.